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Have you tried Talk To Me In Korean? They have video lessons, pdf handouts, and workbooks with answer keys, all available for free. Korean Wiki Project: TTMIK:



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I see no end of translations being done quickly and simply, and people helping each other learn aspects of grammar or vocabulary and everything else. However, these days far too many threads seem to contain responses that contribute nothing due to the fact the commenter doesn't actually know the answer OP wants.

I'm sure many people recognise the type of comment I mean. I think when someone asks a question they want a definite answer. If you can't provide one, it's probably best you stay out of the discussion, or certainly don't leave a comment in which you state that you don't know as a primary comment. In fact I think beginners often know grammatical rules and so on better than some more advanced speakers if they've learned correctly and recently.

So I guess my request is for people to answer with what they know. If you don't know, then the question probably wasn't for you. In that situation wait for a correct answer and use that to improve your own knowledge. This goes for all of us. Nobody can know everything. What fun Korean apps do you use? It would be nice to get some learning in the form of a fun app or something in my down time.

Korean,14qb25,[Q] How does Korean sound to non-native speakers? Even for me I'm Korean , languages like Chinese and Vietnamese sound pretty grating. I was wondering, where does Korean fall on the spectrum? I once asked my friend, and she described it as bubbly.

Not happy, but as if we were speaking under water? Needless to say, I didn't understand that description very well Real life-saver, thought some of you folks might find that useful. That's right! So without further ado, here's the. Can you translate the buttons into English? I'm talking about kids shows, news, cooking, anything but drama! English subtitles not necessary and in fact, I prefer no subtitles. Is there a good XBMC add-on for this type of content? I can't even have a basic conversation in Korean yet!

The list isn't complete yet it's empty still , but it will be filled up within the next few days. Just like every other time, the chat will be casual and friendly, and we don't mind if you make mistakes. Better to make some mistakes than to not speak at all. Hope to see many of you there for our 7th chat! Over the last 60 some-odd years, have the languages diverged into distinct dialiects?

I typed out this answer. Warning: I am not an expert. I started learning Korean about a year ago. The answer is: there's a hell of a lot of difference. There are hundreds of Korean words commonly used in South Korea that are adopted from English in the last 60 years.

North Korea, as part of their ""self-reliance"" policy, has even tried to replace a lot of Korean words that come from Chinese Characters, preferring to use ""pure Korean"" vocabulary. Am I right? Anything to correct, or add? I think this is a fascinating topic. North Korea is so isolated from the South, and from the rest of the world, that it's easy to not think about it much, but it will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the future of the Korean language.

I would be very thankful! Korean,wp,Korean slang?? Korean,izf2p,Korean dramas are available free on Hulu! Hulu is only available to US viewers. Still, this is a great way to practice Korean especially listening skills. Korean,1bz3h2,[Q] Are there any kids shows out there that are easy to understand for a beginner? Korean,19iqvh,Origin of Korean words? Can anybody explain the roots of some Korean words, especially in relation to countries' names? This is especially odd because I'd be inclinded to think that Spain would more logically be ae-suh-pan-ya instead of the English name.

I suppose this could be even more broadly answered by the huge use of English in the Korean language. But it just seems odd that they would use things like keo-pi or ba-suh rather than having their own word. Or perhaps there is a more ""korean word"" but the conglish word has come to dominate? I've only been doin Korean for about months now. Korean,16h3g0,What was the weirdest thing you found yourself getting used to as you learnt Korean?

In my native tongue as well as the two languages I learnt back when I was in school English and French pronouns were never dropped so it was something so fundamentally odd to me that I just couldn't wrap my head around it for the longest time. Now it seems perfectly natural to me, after all more often than not we can deduce what we need to know by the verb ending and the context.

So now I find myself doing that automatically without thinking ""Who the hell is this about or aimed towards?? What about you guys? Yes, it's happening! Sorry Advanced speakers, but there'll be a contest for you too next time. We recommend that you use SoundCloud, but you may use any other service that provides you with a link that you can post. Our very own Inyolight has offered to fund the prizes. I'll also update this post as we get more information. Let the games begin! The time has been moved up and is now hopefully more comfortable for those on the east coast.

We hope to have it on Skype, but we may switch to another medium if it doesn't work out. This will be a great chance to practice speaking some Korean, especially for those on here who are studying on their own. Come in, ask questions in English or in Korean , and have fun with some other members here. All levels are welcome! Needs help translating. I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to take the time to teach a class?

The link to the explanatory blog post:. Thanks in advance! While looking for colleges last year, I made a list of schools in the USA and Canada, that at least offer classes in Korean. All the links should be working, I checked and updated them today.

I'm sure there are some I don't have on my list, so I'd be glad to know of any! Also, sure some of these colleges may have incorrect information on their websites, so sorry if that's the case. I've just recently learned these three words and I'm a little unsure of how to use them.

Is this correct? If so, are they just used interchangeably or are there different situations for each? Is that right? Are there other situations where I'd use this word? If I missed anything important about these words or if you have any other information about them, it would be much appreciated. What goes on in there? We talk about anything from programming to TV programs. Just hanging out, or trying to learn together.

Join in and have a question about Korean? We would LOVE to talk about it. Sometimes we are not looking at the computer, sometimes we may not even be at the computer, we have lives too! Our IRC channel can be found at: irc. Here is the website I made based on my own learning process to learn Korean - I don't have much time to work on it anymore, and not many ideas either, so I would appreciate your feedback, thanks!

Hope to see many of you there for our 6th chat! Hope to see many of you there for our 4th chat! I'll be grateful if you can help me find out. Korean,1k6nos,Is there any good literature in English on the history of Hangul or other aspects of the Korean language? I've read the basics of the topic, but I'd be fascinated to read something more in depth. Can anybody recommend something to me? Korean,1if,One of my biological brothers or mother is trying to email me but I can't read the email.

I'm adopted. Over the past few days, I have been receiving emails from someone in only korean. Google translate has done ok, but I can't get the overall just of what they're trying to say. It seems like something important, or urgent. Edit: Ok I took out all the phone numbers. It is posted below. If you have any time to translate of it, thank you. I get the square meaning of some parts of these emails, but the full meaning and how they were trying to say it was lost in the g translation.

There are a few parts that I do not understand at all. Google Translated: The meaning of this email was very broken in Google translate. There seemed to be something about work and ""Bon Voyage mother""? Korean,1fiha4,"Knowing what you know now, any advice you could give? I picked up the alphabet pretty easily, but finding good resources to keep a steady pace has been a bit hard, so I've been in study limbo for awhile.

My reasoning behind this post is to ask people who have studied Korean for a long time for advice. Thanks to all who can help me out. I really want to start studying Korean seriously. Korean,1f0gvc,I really want to learn Korean as fast as possible.

I have Integrated Korean; anything that would supplement it and speed up my process? I wish I learned earlier so I can communicate with my aging grandmother who only knows Korean. I also really want to take SAT Korean so I feel like the best time to start is now; it's better late than never. Are there any online resources that can help me completely learn? Also, any other useful tips? Also: I may even take the opportunity to visit Korea for a period of time to improve my Korean.

Are there any summer opportunities for next year; I have plans for this year already? Like camps, etc.. I personally would like korean let's players that commentate their videos but other youtubers would be great as well. I basically just want to hear more korean in non-lesson form from youtube.

Korean,1e2wuz,Is there a Korean reddit or something? Can you guys give me links for some Korean websites I could visit often? But it's a neverending work in progress. You can also just browse through the index or the pictures of the dictionary. I'd be happy if it helps someone. What's is the difference? How can I say to a woman she's beautiful, without sounding creepy or indiscreet? Plus, how can I say ""you're very good at what you do "" and ""you're a very gentle person""? Korean,rws,We want you!

Join Team Korean! The TAC is a competition between the various language learning communities of Reddit to learn as much of their target language as possible in a year. The competition began in January, but it's definitely not too late to join the team! The idea is pretty simple. You can also comment on other posts asking questions or for advice, or simply to provide encouragement.

At the end of the year, a judge will determine which team was the best organized and had the best participation. Team members help encourage and help each other another along the journey of learning Korean! By keeping a log each week and seeing how others are overcoming their challenges, it is a great motivation and tool to learning Korean. Like I said, it is definitely not too late to join and we would love to have more team members to share the journey with.

There are still 10 months left in the challenge! It's Sunday, so write your first post today! What do you guys do? I had the idea of listening to an easy podcast, trying to understand sports broadcasting, etc. The cheesier the better! I was wondering if anyone could suggest some webtoons that require a lower level of Korean comprehension that beginners could use. Thanks for the suggestions. Any more?

Thank you! If anyone has more suggestions feel free to share. Korean,14sqy0,"[Q] Native Korean speakers, what do our accents sound like? Other native English speakers sound like me when I speak Korean; how is our accent? Even though I don't speak Korean well, some other non-native speakers sound really harsh when talking.

The way she spoke in Korean was somewhat nauseating to my non-native ears, at least. Does my American-Korean accent sound harsh? What is it like? Korean,13b,How do you study? What's a typical day or week of study like for you. Whether you're a beginner or near fluent.

I know people always say TTMIK but you must be doing more than just listening to the class and reading the pdf to get real results from it right? Come hang out in our IRC anytime. We have people from all parts of the world and there should be people to talk with in any timezone including Korea. Our IRC is also a great place to practice your Korean in a casual, comfortable environment. Bring your friends!

Bring a date! For those of you with other IRC clients:. I feel like my motivation to learn is at it's lowest. Really heavy on grammar, and very superficial when it comes to developing skills. You also tend to get beat over the head with Korean culture. Imagine learning English and always having to read about George Washington or how to make apple pie or may poles.

Especially conversations you don't want to have, haha. Even if you start the interaction in Korean, you sometimes get replies in English. When I'm with my wife people feel like they have to go through her to ask me even rather simple questions.

I don't mean to judge this as wrong, because the truth is that most whites in Korea don't speak Korean and Koreans using English well is good for tourism, just that nonetheless it's very demotivating for me because it makes my studies and progress feel useless. I envy my Japanese and Chinese classmates!

My wife speaks excellent English and it's our habitual mode of conversation. I have few Korean friends and they, by and large, speak better English than I do Korean. My in-laws are great but honestly the culture of interpersonal interactions really demotivates me to put much effort in. I feel a responsibility to continue learning, but it's troubling that my interest and motivation has sunk so low.

I guess I'm looking for any advice on overcoming this, and please feel free to commiserate or share your experiences. Korean,skopw,"Just read the lifehacker language learning article. Its something I've always pondered and was curious if anyone has actually done it. ANyone have any input? Not to be critical of the subreddit, but I thought we could use some of our own content instead of just redirecting people to other stuff. I've been in Korea for two years, and haven't been able to find a decent verb conjugation table.

I've sat down and settled on memorizing the declarative informal high past, present, and future tenses first. Once I became comfortable with this list, the more complicated tenses began to come easily. I hope you guys find this helpful! Don't worry, it's backed up. I just want to see what this community can do with it Thought you guys might like to take a look.

Korean,1ip,Has learning Korean affected the way you speak your own language? Korean,1gveep,"[Q] I am looking to possibly organize an IAMA with a Korean music artist, who would be interested in helping me out with the communications? Unfortunately I cannot speak a word of Korean :. I am in contact with a Korean Music producer via Google translate, which is failing us who I would like to ask to do an AMA in a relevant music production sub-reddit.

I would appreciate it if one of you could help me out during the whole process? Korean,1e3xaa,Anyone have difficulty being understood sometimes? Speaking is my weakest area unfortunately, but I've been living in Korea for almost six years studying casually for most of that so everyone says that my pronunciation is really good.

Anyway, about once a week or so, I try to do something really simple and people just can't understand me. It's weird because sometimes I go to the bank or something and have a complicated conversation that's no problem at all. The next day I'll go to a coffee shop and try to order something only to have to repeat myself a dozen times.

In the end I just had to point to the menu. Her coworker understood me but she didn't and they had a big laugh about it afterwards. It's something so basic that I knew five years ago yet sometimes people can't understand me. In my class we're at the level where we're watching the news, expressing our opinions, watching movie clips and that kind of stuff, then I go outside and have trouble ordering a coffee at times.

Is it just me? Korean,zd2,Verbix — a site to conjugate Korean verbs. What you do is basically enter a verb in the dictionary form, and it conjugates it to all kinds of form for you. I think it's really good for practicing conjugating verbs. So, be careful and take whatever result you get with a pinch of salt. Korean,11grnq,Does anybody have a working link to where I can download the Kimchigirls podcast? I'm trying to look for it, but I can't find any working links. It's been years since they did their last podcast.

Can somebody help me out? When I'm studying and I've come across something that I'm having a particularly difficult time with, I will tell myself,. Link's in the sidebar. Great way to force yourself to pick up and use new material. Korean,y5pns,[Q] Sites to download or stream Korean kid's television shows? I've been learning Korean for a few months now and I've been wanting to increase my listening comprehension by watching Korean kid's shows but I can't find any sites using searches in English or my limited Korean.

So if anyone can help me out and give me some sites, I would appreciate it a lot! I have the Korean language thing set up on my computer where I can just switch back and forth to type with just 1 click, but it's annoying sometimes not knowing exactly where all the characters are on the keyboard. I have this bookmarked and use it most of the time over just switching my input to Korean. Very handy. I've heard ""it's between an R and L"" but that isn't too helpful, because you could get a lot of sounds from that description.

I imagine this letter is a hurdle a lot of native English speakers face. On their own, I can somewhat tell the difference between them, but when used in full sentence speech they are EXTREMELY similar and it's hard if not impossible for me to recognize which one was used. Is that still considered correct? It is basic right now but growing. It's thefloatinglantern. He gave me an example but I didn't completely understand it.

Could one of you explain it any better? Would Korean be lip readable and understandable at least some words akin to lipreading in English to deaf people and if so, what would be easy and hard to understand? Korean,1cx0es,How do I delete Korean text without deleting the whole syllable?

Is there any way I can do that in Windows? I'm going to write some things that stuck out to me while it's still fresh in my head. I wish I brought an eraser. I had a pencil and white-out, but it would have made writing the essay a lot easier if I could just have erased stuff. They hand out pens and you could buy pencils that didn't have erasers and white out outside, but yeah, an eraser would have been nice.

Didn't think of it. People around you will look at the questions before you're supposed to and nothing is done about it except after they see multiple people doing it, they remind everyone not to do that. If your conscious won't bother you, I'd say it's probably ok if a lot of others are doing it of course, this could vary a lot from place to place and from teacher to teacher. Take note at what time the test started. They didn't start telling us how much time we had left until we had 30 mins left.

Practice taking sections of the test under the time constraints you'll have in the test. I thought I was great at the reading section, but it turned out that although I could get the right answer, I was taking too long. If you have no clue what the answer is, just fill something in. No much I know, but feel free to add anything from your experiences. Korean,1cl6l5,What is your most embarrassing mistake when speaking Korean?

Left on my coworker's door by a neighbor. Korean,1c4hzx,What are your favorite Korean websites? Does anyone have any favorite sites? We kept in touch and I visited him in Seoul in July We had a great time, but that was the last I ever heard of him.

I sent him an email immediately after I got home and several more over the years but no response. Considering we were good friends, it's weird that he just disappeared. I'm worried something happened to him. Korean,1ay4wc,Can someone please explain the whole Korean particle concept?

I am very confused. Need help asking my gf's dad for his blessing. I went to Korean school as a younger kid, but I wasn't the best student. I learned how to read and write, but aside from basic responses to my girlfriend's parents, I speak English to them and my parents.

Can someone help me prepare something to ask the girlfriend's father for his blessing to get married? Thank you to everyone. Korean,17opyx,I'm starting my korean up again. Looking for some really good downloadable books with hangul. Now I'm in college and have some pretty easy courses. I have lots of downtime between and after classes.

I want to start up with my korean again. Which seems good and all but none of it is in hangul. It's all romanized which is pretty useless yea? I'm looking for a really good book that gives explanations in english and instructions in english and then gives problems in hangul. Anyone have any suggestions? Korean,15h4fp,How many native speakers we got here? I'm just curious on if this subreddit is purely learners or if there are a few natives here.

I'm one :D. I just see Kjoonlee posting a lot of comments and stuff. Korean,13yecm,Pretty new youtube channel that teaches Korean! Btw the Korean channel is her second channel she recently started. Her main channel is mostly vlogs about Korea and other random stuff. Korean,12utky,is there a common verb list available somewhere? I'm a second generation Korean gyopo, and as I grow older, it is becoming increasingly difficult to communicate meaningfully with my parents.

They do not speak English very well, and I was spoken to in Korean at home. For the vast majority of my childhood and early adulthood, I could get by with my knowledge of rudimentary spoken Korean. However, I would like to start talking about more serious topics with them e. I cannot articulate more complex concepts in Korean with them.

Most of the educational materials I have found online really revolve around basic comprehension, and mostly pertain to business and travel. Can anybody recommend a podcast or some sort of educational tool that has a focus on advanced vocabulary and spoken Korean? Thanks in advance. Korean,10ytfg,[Q]Famous Korean speeches?

Youtube videos are most appreciated, if you can find any. Korean,1k7z24,And recommendations for Korean magazines that might be useful for beginners? I usually find science and technology most fun, and am not interested in celebrities and K-pop but I think in this situation my priority would be to get a magazine with lots of photographs, and short simple text no matter what the subject is since I am just a beginner.

Any ideas? But i think it sounds weird and unnatural. When I asked what that meant, the reply was, ""It's too difficult to explain. If someone was to ask me ""Don't you have your school books with you? Starting with a Yes or a No? Much appreciated. I can understand this happening going between two European languages. But does this happen going from European to Asian.

Is there anyone here who is European or American who has learned Chinese, Japanese or Korean who is able to think in Korean, I'm just curious if it gets to that point. Where rather than having to translate from Your language to the Asian language, you just think in the language. Korean,1heoim,Is there a Korean version of this website? Essentially it's a website that has news articles in Japanese that use a very easy level of vocabulary high school or below.

Is there anything like this for a Korean learner? Where's a place I can find written Korean that is kept at a young adult level? Korean,1e37u5,What's your favorite app for Korean study? Korean,1dk,Easier to learn Japanese or Chinese after learning Korean? I have also studied around of the most common Hanja.

But I also want to learn Japanese and Chinese so I would like to know which would be easier given that I know Korean at a beginner-intermediate level. I know that Japanese is very similar grammatically to Korean, but I do struggle alot with the Korean grammar when I try to understand long sentences. However, I have heard it is easier to learn to speak and listen in Japanese than Korean, which really appeals to me since I want to focus on speaking and listening before learning to read and write well.

And of course Chinese has the tones which is difficult for native English speakers. Or vice-versa? Does anyone know any torrents, sites, etc. I really want to find the Simpsons dubbed in Korean. It would be cool too if I could watch the shows dubbed in Korean with Korean subtitles but if anyone can help to find any original English TV shows or movies dubbed in Korean I would greatly appreciate it. I've never really been the kind of guy who sticks with things, I can't even begin to count the number of projects I've started and then promptly dropped after the initial frenzy of enthusiasm is over.

But learning Korean has been the first thing in a very long time that I've stuck with, 18 months so far and still learning at a steady rate. I attribute it mostly to the fact that I started a long email correspondance with a few Koreans and I feel incredibly smug every time I can decipher a whole letter of what looked like gibberish to me not so long ago.

And when I look at 4 or 5 paragraphs of an email that I've written, my smugness levels goes off the charts. Every time I get to apply what I've learnt it's very satisfying and keeps me going. I am looking to be as efficient as possible and to trek through this quickly but not so hastily that I do not learn the language well or correctly.

I have read almost every submission in this subreddit that was submitted in the past month and I have a Korean textbook being delivered today one suggested in the Ultimate Beginner's Resource Thread. I have also begun watching Korean Drama by suggestion of a friend and my girlfriend.

I took the suggestion to begin watching Secret Garden, which is strange because I am quite a masculine man but I am enjoying it quite a lot so far on episode 3. I am here to ask what is the most efficient way to self teach yourself a language like Korean. I have no one to speak it to me and teach me or correct my mistakes I live in the states.

Should I look for something when watching Korean dramas or just watch and read subtitles to familiarize myself with the language? Any tips anyone can give me or resources for self teaching Korean that I might have missed or not have been posted? Thanks for the help, you guys do great work! Am I just mishearing this? If not, is there some rules to how that shift happens or is it fairly random? Korean,dea,"For everyone in the library who missed it: Review of the second audio chat on Oct 28, Below is a quick summary of what went down.

The third chat will be next Sunday schedules permitting, but no later than in 2 weeks. There will be another post when the timing is officially announced. This will hopefully give those people an opportunity to test and enhance their speaking skills. Learners of all levels are welcome! Summary of the Chat in addition to what is in the Study Guide :.

Skype was a lot less buggy than tinychat! Study Guide gave better structure for the chat, helped people prepare and have something to refer to. We were able to go through the entire study guide! There was a lot of people so practice was a little thinly spread, but adding more questions should help that.

There's another girl! And she's rich! Yoonsung, please stop saying random things. Everyone's getting confused. Lance killed it. Korean,qup,Gaming vocabulary? I've started playing games with native Koreans and sometimes I feel like I could get a message across in Korean better than English, depending on their fluency level and mine Unfortunately, most of this stuff is not anything I would have come across in class or from textbooks. So I'm looking for things like eg. If such a list doesn't exist I actually found one for Japanese, so here's hoping I guess I could start to compile one, if anyone is interested in that.

I haven't done any pruning of the cards, so the deck is still raw. Some of the audio might not be spot on, so just delete the cards you don't want. On the front of the card you have an image, the sentence in Korean, and the sound bite. On the back is the sentence in Korean again, and the English translation.

I hope you all enjoy, and if you want I can continue with the series. I will be creating video decks as well, but I won't upload those unless someone specifically asks for them. They get pretty big. Also, I'd like to locate more Korean subtitles to create decks so please point me in the right direction if you know any. I currently know of D-Addicts and one other private site that has some, but not all are in a convenient format.

Sorry, but I'm not sure how long this link will stay up. Korean,b,How-to: Download everything from Koreanclass If you're using the premium content, please pay for a subscription. Follow these directions to download the files you want. Tools - DownThemAll! This will take a fair amount of time depending on your connection. The naming convention of some of the files are somewhat odd, and I haven't take the time to sit down and figure them out and write a quick script to rename them something more logical , so if anyone does that, please post back.

Korean,1k0n5y,What kind of Korean media do people like for the beginner Korean language student? I am starting with kid's shows because I am not very far along yet, but please discuss anything you think others would find to be good resources. Korean,1i83na,Are there any sites for Korean indie games?

Are there any Korean equivalents to IndieDB or gamejolt where people can put games they've made up? I don't even really need to understand all or any of it really. It would probably be great practice for me though. The main qualities I'm searching for:. I get bored learning the basics in correct order too easily and find I progress best if I just dive into something that is way over my head and work through it slowly until my level of understanding catches up, so at first it's a challenge to figure out, and as I get through it, it becomes an enjoyable book that just happens to be improving my Korean.

So please disregard the fact that my Korean level is nil, I learnt the alphabet but my language is the level of a 2 year old, I'm looking to sit down with a dictionary or other translation device and really grind it out from scratch. If all the criteria don't fit it doesn't matter please suggest it but please warn me, lol, every dollar counts at the moment. Since this is a picture, would anyone mind translating this?

I would love you forever. Looks like a great opportunity! And I always forgot counters when talking about ""it's been so-and-so months. Any recommendations? Can anyone read this and translate? Korean,16h9s8,[Contest] Speech contest winners announced!

Judging was done by a panel of 4 judges 2 native Koreans, 2 native English speakers , and scoring was based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, pronunciation, intonation, grammar, vocabulary usage, and overall content. Even though this was a Korean speech contest, extra weight in scoring was provided toward content.

With that said, then without further ado, here are the winners:. Because judging was done over several categories, a lot of the scores were very close. If you'd like your individual scores specifically for the Korean part of your entries feel free to send me a PM and I'll give them to you, along with any suggestions, but I won't post them here publicly. To those of you who didn't win, we'll do another different kind of contest again here later, so stay tuned for that as well.

Thanks again to everyone for participating in our first speech contest. Korean,13v96x,[Q] The way some consonants sound changes when they are next to other consonants. Does a complete list exist? I did a subreddit search but couldn't find anything, most posts were about double consonants. Just so we're clear, here are a few examples spelling on the left, what it sounds like on the right :. Korean,13uaig,IRC has moved to irc. Korean,nq1,[Q] Looking for a Korean reading cheat sheet.

Was a PDF, I think. Cartoon narrator, covering the changes in pronunciation depending on which components the characters were made of. A bit vague, but I'd like to have it. In the past playing a game such as World of Warcraft effectively boosted my proficiency in English and Spanish. Which games would you suggest me, aside from Starcraft? My Korean is pretty all over the place. I can have in depth conversations about some things and speak pretty basic Korean on other topics.

I'm looking to balance things out a bit. I know there is Talk To Me In Korean, and those guys are brilliant, but the banter gets annoying after a while. Plus I don't want something where they're speaking mostly in English.

I live in Korea, so I can register as long as they accept a foreign national number. I know some websites do, some don't. Korean,11o,Native pronunciation request thread? I just thought I'd make myself useful here for once. If you want anything spoken by me, just post what you want me to read and I can read it for you.

If requested, I can repeat it a bit slower. Can someone translate it for me? Korean,qaskp,"Beginning to learn Korean, any advice? For example, to remember the dative prepositions in German, we learned to memorize a list of them to the tune of the Blue Danube waltz. I want to try and learn Korean by myself before seeking a tutor or a teacher. I'm an engineer at the Hyundai plant in Alabama, and my last 3 years in college I somehow started hanging out with a vast majority of Koreans as well as dating one , so I figure it is about time I learn to speak the language rather than just pick up on certain phrases and words.

Korean,m91cy,Is there a site like this for learning Korean? Similar to smart. Korean,1jpqln,Best digital method to learn korean? What is the best route? Rosetta stone? Someone's youtube channel with ""classes""? Just listening to korean music and watching korean stuff? My level of knowledge right now is the ability to read the language slowly, but I have to sound out the word to know what it is.

And I can understand basic phrases. Translation please? Korean,1ilkn9,"[TR] asking ""how to say Can anyone help decipher this? My friends has this print. It looks like early hangul. I'm aware the top 3 lines are in a different orientation. Just looking for the gist of the print. Not a full translation. Korean,1h3moj,How can I improve my fluency? At first I had problems with Korean because I just didn't know it. It was a lack of knowledge problem. Now I technically know some stuff beyond what I'm ever going to use in my life enough to read a middle school level novel , however I can't use most of it.

When I'm speaking, I tend to lag far behind what I've learned. Part of it is a confidence problem, I think. When I'm in a certain mood I can speak really well however the problem is that when I'm not in a specific mood, it takes a long time to organize what I want to say and I still have a hard time choosing the vocabularly and grammar that best fit the situation.

It's like sometimes you're on, sometimes you're not. Any suggestions for catching my speaking up to my writing? My reading is actually where I want it to be. I can comprehend stuff I read at a pretty decent level. It's kind of annoying as on the phone or in situation where I'm just lacking in confidence or not in the mood, Koreans just default to English and hand gestures with me despite my Korean technically being more than sufficient.

However, here I'm more than glad to help anyone in this subreddit to learn korean whatever your skill level. They both seem to indicate the past tense and act as adjectives, but I'm not entirely sure what the difference is. I've talked to three people today who all said that the meanings are not quite interchangeable.

I know that sometimes direct English translations just aren't possible, but if you could use English to help me create some kind of a set of semantic boundaries for this phrase I'd really appreciate it. Here is the example we were given in class: Two boys were left home alone by their mother. She gave the older brother enough money for two bowls of jjajangmyeon, but he thought his kid brother wouldn't eat much so he only bought one bowl of jjajangmyeon and spent the rest on a PC bang.

Much to his surprise, the younger brother actually ate half of what the older brother bought. Are there any details of the semantics of that phrase that I should also know? Is there some sort of rule accompanied with this? What does HyuN mean? I can't quite understand the usage of this word, but I see it a lot. Korean,1bott7,"Native Koreans of Reddit, what are Korean cover letters like? I had some questions about cover letters in Korea.

Basically, I am wondering how similar are they to cover letters in America. For instance, how long are they typically and what type of material should be on them? Also, how long do they typically take to write, a hour, a day, a week? It means something ""fell"" or falling. It means ""touch"" though it's not exactly touch. It's more like ""touch without permission"" or ""touch out of curiosity"" which can mean be perceived as ""invasive touch"" or ""mess with"" something.

It means "" something over""--""put over"" or ""launch over"" or ""come over a challenge "" etc. Korean,1auu8m,Online Korean video games? We have tons of websites like pbskids for english etc, but for korean? I would want to know what it means some more info in comments. Could you please share what has and hasn't!

If you could go back in time before the test, what would you have done differently? I just today saw something on TIL about how ""derp"" came from South Park and that it does imply someone is acting stupid, as an implication that they are mentally challenged.

Korean,19yqvh,"[TR] I'm meeting my favorite Korean film director tomorrow, help with talking to him? Can anyone help me say ""I'm a big fan of your work, can I please have your autograph? I searched google and other resources; however, the words ""how do you say this"" and ""what is the word"" triggered thousands of unwanted hits. I hope you can help! It will really help me have a little fun at the supermarket! Korean,wws,Hangul first or not? She's teaching us right now how to write in Hangul and I was wondering if that is the best way to go or if it doesn't really matter.

To those who have learned the language, did you learn Hangul first or did you just jump right in and learn how to speak it? I was wondering if anyone knew of a dictionary that is made for people learning Korean as a second language.

If not, is there a good one for late elementary school students or early middle school students. Edit: For some reason I am having an impossible time of getting the link syntax correct today. Apparently it is used when someone says or does?

I think it means something close to ""You must be joking"" or ""Are you pulling my leg"" but I'm not exactly sure I miss how it looked on my Mac. The next one after will be sometime in January, Hope to see many of you there for our 5th chat! Definitely not for beginners. This is when the killing is justifiable or excusable and killer is deemed faultless.

They won't be able to lower their level enough to give you a decent conversation when you're just beginning. They'll probably be bored by the type of help you need. If you can find one that has patience, hold onto that person like gold. Quote from: SpaceRook on February 17, , am. Alternatively, use the site's search function. I haven't used them that much yet, but I plan on starting this month and get my Korean going.

But they have lots of practice stuff and a nice CD rom. I'm getting ready to start the second book. Okay, so there are a nice variety of websites to learn for free, but I'm wondering how to choose the best to go for? What do you guys think is the best? I prefer audio or video lessons. I've used talktomeinkorean. I think it's up to your own personal learning style though. Paul Featured Contributor September 21, , pm Seoul more. Quote from: krtastic on February 25, , am.

More primary school colours and shapes activity ideas and resources than you'd ever need - here Holy free educational fonts Batman! I find the lessons slow as well, but I just downloaded the first two Hangeul courses which I liked a lot better. I'm still a little annoyed that I don't have the whole alphabet, but what I do have is pretty well stuck in my head. I like talk to me in korean but they could shorten the lessons by not talking about other things so much!

What we do for the world, is and remains immortal. Talk to me in Korean is a nice option on the way to work or back home. Yes, it is a bit slow but the helpful little tips and tricks that are found in some lessons are invaluable to learning the language and living in Korea. No it's not a good way to systematically learn the language and you can't learn the whole present tense just by listening to a track for 10 minutes on the way to work, but it sure is nice to really drive some common phrases into your brain.

An example of a trick taught in one of the lessons was instead of thinking about which way to say goodbye I can just say Anyonghi-sayo really fast and I don't have to worry about kasyaeo or kaesyaeo. Pure genius! I agree with amn While it is quite a good site, the English banter between the two teachers is a waste of time.

I'm not really interested in their private conversations. I'm also a bit annoyed that some of the Hangeul letters weren't covered in the 2 alphabet lessons. Does anyone know where I can find a decent, free website to learn to read hangeul?

I'd really appreciate it! If you want to continue studying vocabulary and grammar you switch to a different site, but this one's really good for hangeul. It's fairly basic, but I found it quite helpful for learning Hangeul. Right now I'm studying the Seogang University's books previously mentioned by cmgarlan level 2B at my hagwon. Thanks so much for your recommendations! I'm looking into all of them! Logged hankmcmasters Super Waygook October 07, , am more Re: Books for Learning Korean Self-Study « Reply 45 on: February 17, , am » if your korean hagwon is anything like an english hagwon, they'll probably want you to go really slowly so that they can get more money from you.

A good dictionary is Survival Korean by Bryan Park.

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Kaya Project — Drift Tripswitch Remix Kaya Project — Sema Yaka ft. Randolph Matthews Original Mix Randolph Matthews Ambient Mix Randolph Matthews Glitch Chill Mix Randolph Matthews Hibernation Mix Kaya Project — Shifting Sands Reprise ft. You can also change your default language by editing your preferences. You don't even need to learn most of the wiki syntax, you can simple just use the toolbar. Highlight the text you want and click on the appropriate button.

Headings organize your writing into sections. The Wiki software can automatically generate a table of contents from them. Start with 2 equals signs not 1 because 1 creates H1 tags which should be reserved for page title. Leave us a message on our facebook page and we will add and setup the language up for you.

Jump to: navigation , search. Category : Pages with broken file links. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Affiliate site Talk to me in Korean.

This page was last modified on 26 March , at This page has been accessed , times. Sky blue color and pink color. Level 2 heading Headings organize your writing into sections. Level 3 heading Using more equals signs creates a subsection. Level 4 heading Don't skip levels, like from two to four equals signs. Unordered lists are easy to do: Start every line with a star.

More stars indicate a deeper level.

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One-Stop Guide to Korean Particles - 은/는/이/가 (Subject \u0026 Topic Markers)


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Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Affiliate site Talk to me in Korean. This page was last modified on 26 March , at This page has been accessed , times. Sky blue color and pink color. Level 2 heading Headings organize your writing into sections. Level 3 heading Using more equals signs creates a subsection. Level 4 heading Don't skip levels, like from two to four equals signs.

Unordered lists are easy to do: Start every line with a star. More stars indicate a deeper level. Previous item continues. A new line in a list marks the end of the list. Of course you can start again. Numbered lists are: Very organized Easy to follow Previous item continues A new line marks the end of the list.

New numbering starts with 1. A colon : indents a line or paragraph. A newline starts a new paragraph. Often used for discussion on talk pages.

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Look Inside: Build \u0026 Extend Your Korean Sentences (Book by TTMIK)

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