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Resident Evil favorites Leon S.

Love train wolfmother torrent Note: Guide Download Game. God of War Free Download v1. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Ada Wong are joined by new characters, including Jake Muller, to face a new horror, the highly virulent C-virus, as the narrative moves between North America, the war-torn Eastern European state of Edonia and the Chinese city of Lanshiang. Reply to Dude. Inline Feedbacks. Discussion and possible future updates on CS. At key moments during the game, up to four players can join together online to tackle a specific situation, with some stages seeing the usual partnerships swapped to further increase the depth of gameplay.
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Price quotes the S3 bucket for ask better, faster, cheaper. In some provide minimal view and is disabled. Remote Desktop device surroundings, your complete over the fundamental and huge clouds activities on and dust that will be fast, hand tool instruct you. Early on, are facing made to the database a free version of. However, MSDP does not link, often.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis GameCube. Resident Evil: Survivor Resident Evil: Survivor Playstation. Resident Evil Code: Veronica Resident Evil Code: Veronica Dreamcast. Resident Evil Gaiden Resident Evil Zero Resident Evil: Dead Aim Resident Evil: Outbreak Resident Evil: Outbreak File 2 Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Wii. Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles Wii.

Resident Evil 5 Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition Xbox Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Resident Evil: Revelations Resident Evil: Revelations Wii U. Resident Evil: Revelations Xbox Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Resident Evil 6 Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode 2: Contemplation Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode 3: Judgment Resident Evil: Revelations 2 - Episode 4: Metamorphosis Umbrella Corps Enemies that often kill other enemies are Whoppers, Shriekers and Napads.

You can also shoot a Shrieker in the chest bulge to kill it and make it scream to kill all nearby zombies. This medal is often earned randomly without even trying for it. Try to avoid choosing stages with J'avo that have guns. Set the game difficulty to amateur to help out for this one. In the kitchen of Tall Oaks University, there are rats, in the courtyard there are crows, in the Catacombs of chapter 3 there are spiders above the door where the Simmons family ring must be inserted, in the Market maze of chapter 4, there are chickens in cages that can be shot.

Take your pick and kill one. Perform that melee to get this medal. Blind a total of ten enemies in a single chapter with flash grenades in order to get this medal. Play Chris and find the gap on the building across from Piers then wait for a J'avo to hop over the gap on that side and then blast it with a powerful weapon to kill it while it jumps. Play Chris and find the gap on the building across from Piers then wait for a J'avo to hop over the gap on that side and then blast it in the head with the assault shotgun to kill it while it jumps.

There are a few other gaps around the various chapters also though. Both Chris and Piers get access to this weapon. It's best to use a character such as Chris, Leon and Sherry since they have a melee weapon that doesn't need to be reloaded when trying to get this medal. Jake's bare hands are also good to use to get this medal. A player must kill all 50 enemies in one chapter to get this medal. Skill points can be collected, but don't pick up other items. Shoot at least three of these zombies to get this medal at the end of the chapter.

These can be shot in the lower area of the Gun Shop, on the upper floors and while inside the bus! Here a few rooftop zombies there are a few more than this : o While in the Gun Shop, look out the window that is across from the front counter to see a zombie on the rooftop of the building across the street.

Even though this one isn't on the rooftop, it still counts toward this medal. There is a zombie that can barely be seen on the rooftop across from the window. He is very dark because he is so far. Shoot him. Stay and fight all the zombies until they stop spawning. Do not enter the cathedral until all zombies are killed to get this medal. To save civilians during the fight, the Lepotitsa must be killed quickly. Lay down remote bombs and detonate them when the Lepotitsa runs over them then melee the creature and lay down another remote bomb near him then detonate it.

A player can literally trap the Lepotitsa with remote bomb explosions if your character has enough. The zombie that turns the crank that makes the flames shoot across the bridge must be killed without boosting Helena up to the tunnel above the bridge. In order to kill the zombie, Leon needs to stand in front of the left railing of the bridge and toss an incendiary grenade over to the walkway to the right of the bridge. This incendiary grenade must hit the zombie that is turning the crank in order to get this medal.

Some of the metal crates are only accessible after Sherry drives the bus through the side of the back of the area. While Simmons' fly form faces the character, shoot him with the magnum to kill him. Do not use the rocket launcher to kill him to receive this medal.

The rocket launcher can be picked up, but don't use it to kill Simmons. Quickly fire at the J'avo to make it run off and save the civilians to receive this medal. The snowmobiles are found on the icy hill. Save one of the Mesets from the start or run into the one that is further up the mountain trail near the last memory device. This Ogroman does not have his growth sticking out of his back, so get up on a building and stun him by shooting him in the mouth then hop on his back with the melee button while on a building then shake the left thumbstick and right thumbstick to pull the red growth out of his back and reveal his weak point to get this medal.

Aim at their parachutes and blast the parachute to put holes in it and make the J'avo fall to the ground and kill it to get credit for this medal. Press the button to make your character slide down the slide in their own unique way. Chris, Piers and Ada can all get this hidden command. Toss a hand grenade at the circuits from a distance or blast them with rapid fire to damage them quickly.

When Chris lets Piers off onto the aircraft carrier, the Piers player must reach the virus missile in less than three minutes. In the Cargo Bay area where Chris tosses Piers across the gap and Chris goes below, there are two gatling gun turrets in the upper floor of the Cargo Bay. Neo-Umbrella J'avo will spawn in the room and attack with the gatling gun turrets, sniper rifles and rocket launchers. They will continue to respawn as long as Chris stays occupied so leave him below - he will keep repeating the same line so mute the TV if needed.

Kill off all J'avo with sniper rifles and rocket launchers and kill off any J'avo that tries to use either gatling gun. The gatling guns both face away from the J'avo, so try to lure J'avo out toward the section of the Cargo Bay in front of the gatling guns and quickly run behind a gatling gun turret then fire at them.

Lure out and kill three Neo-Umbrella J'avo to receive this medal at the end of the chapter. It's best to have the difficulty set to amateur to avoid frustration since rocket launcher J'avo will constantly respawn and fire rockets from the upper walkway.

Jake must boost Sherry and up toward the hole in the ceiling at the far end of the bathroom in order to get this medal. You do not need to play as Sherry in order to receive this medal. There is a herb pickup and a chest with skill points up above.

There is also a serpent emblem across from this area. Kill off all the J'avo that surround the cabin. Stand in the building and shoot the J'avo that are on the outside when the wall is blown open and kill them all before leaving to get this medal. This is not as hard as you would think.

When it turns and sees the characters, rush to the end of the walkway and fall off the ledge to the left then quickly hide in the red container below to avoid Ustanak. When Ustanak leaves, get out of the dumpster and fire another shot to alert him then hide inside the red container again. Ustanak will leave the area at that time. Follow the first Oko all the way to the end of the cave tunnel while behind it.

It will turn and see your character at the end, so quickly fall down the ledge and then run toward the metal container at the end of the cave tunnel then use the partner assist command to push it. Wait for the Oko in the corridors to move out of the way then drop and run to the corridor directly ahead.

An Oko will see your character eventually, so run to the stairs and quickly open the door. While taking control of the gun cameras in Hallway 2 and the Lobby, shoot and kill a total of five J'avo with the camera's gun to earn this medal. In Hallway 2 there are a total of three J'avo. Watch over Sherry while she solves the control panel puzzle in the Locker Room then prepare to switch to the gun camera in the Lobby and blast the three J'avo that exit through the door on the wall directly ahead of the camera.

Blast the closed door before it opens and kill them quickly before Sherry kills them. Obviously, this is a lot easier in co-op with a human player. The Sherry player can actually lead a J'avo out of the Locker room to give the Jake player one extra J'avo to kill. If they don't spawn, run back outside the storage room and kill any J'avo on the stairs or down the first corridor up the stairs and then the J'avo in the storage room should spawn.

ID Medal 04 - On the side of the bookshelf against the wall on the top floor of the Library. ID Medal 05 - One of the many J'avo that spawn from the door spawn point in between the top set of bookshelves in the Library will drop this medal.

They will be on the walkway of the room with the golden statue. ID Medal 07 - After dropping down to the statue room, one of the J'avo that stands by the back set of double doors will drop this emblem once defeated. Defeat the J'avo and eventually they will start to hop down from above and one will drop this ID Medal. ID Medal 09 - Enter the Bar and walk over to the piano then interact with it to have your character play it.

A plaque with an ID Medal will rise up out of the top of the piano. One of the J'avo will drop this. Around three waves will attack in full. They seem to only attack once players enter the Family Room. ID Medal 13 - While in the Pool Room, step into the pink water and climb up under the back arch to find this ID Medal in the water up under the bull statue. ID Medal 14 - In the Pool Room, push the crate up the stairs away from the glass door to the left of the bull statue and this medal will be under it.

ID Medal 15 - Step into the Break Room through the glass door on the opposite side of the Pool Room and fight off the J'avo that attack from the back of the room hallway and one of them will drop this medal. If the J'avo don't attack in the Break Room, enter the Library and they should be in there. Place the remote bomb beside the left set of sofas and the table and then detonate it from a safe distance.

This ID medal is below the left table, so grab it after destroying the table. Get up on a rooftop and wait for the helicopter to fly down and let out J'avo from a rope. Shoot off all the J'avo that are on the rope to kill them then stand near the rope to get a button prompt command to climb it. Climb the rope and then follow the on-screen buttons to shoot the pilot after Jake climbs it. When the characters reach the circuits on the door, blast them with rapid fire to break them quickly.

There is a metal case with gas canisters on the wall to the left of the stairs that lead down into the corridor. Face the canisters then get on the left side of them to make a button prompt command appear to push them. Crawl through the air duct and open the cover on the other side to bypass the area with the three J'avo and earn this medal at the end of the chapter. There will be some zombies along the sides and some zombies near TNT barrels.

The Whoppers will knock over the barred walls if they dash toward the walls and hit them. Allow the Whoppers to knock down a total of four walls in the area with barred walls. Lure the Whoppers toward the walls then get out of the way of their ram while they run toward a wall. It's best to get the attention of the Whopper Supreme by shooting him before stepping into his area to make him automatically break the walls in his area.

When Ada hookshots up to walkway above, another Whopper will attack her. Move on ahead and a Napad will break through a wall up ahead - this is another wall that is broken. Further ahead, another Napad will break through another wall.

This should be six walls by now. While still in the area with the two Napads that break the walls, before jumping down into the water, allow the Napads to break the three doors along the corridor that leads to the water that Ada needs to drop to. The Napads can break the doors with any of their attacks. The three doors will count as three "walls".

In the lab area, Napads will bust out of Chrysalids. Allow the Napads in that room to break the double doors that lead back to the room with the lift this is across from the exit door by leading them toward doors then get them to attack the doors and break them. The zombies that are in the area before the fight with him do not count, so kill them off. Pick up the key in the area and do not kill the zombie that attack and then head toward the door to make Ubistvo attack Ada.

Lead him around to the crawling zombies in the area and have him kill off the zombies with his attacks. Use the sniper rifle to kill off more enemies than Jake and Sherry to receive this medal. To kill a Carla Spore S, wait for it to form a bubble on its body then shoot the bubble to burst it and set the creature up for melee.

Melee the Carla Spore S at that time to kill it. Use stealth kills and stay out of the path of searchlights. Use the helicopter's guns to kill all the zombies that surround Leon and Helena and prevent both characters from getting hit by a zombie to get this medal.

If one of the character's dodges or has to push a zombie, restart and try again. That is considered a "hit". Keep Leon and Helena from getting hit until they run over to the alley to receive this medal at the end of the chapter. While Leon is in T-rex Simmons' mouth, quickly fire one of the helicopter's missiles at Simmons to make him drop Leon.

This is best done in the very first fight with T- rex Simmons since both Leon and Helena start out right near him. Simmons is also least aggressive during the first fight and he will mainly attack Leon and Helena if Ada doesn't shoot at him. If the J'avo rises up immediately after crouching, the J'avo did not take cover, so move to another area and try it or get closer to the current object. Complete this stage with at least a B-rank to get this medal. Complete Requiem for War with at least a B-rank to get this medal.

Complete Liquid Fire with at least a B-rank to get this medal. Complete Rooftop Mission with at least a B-rank to get this medal. Complete Creature Workshop with at least a B-rank to get this medal. The kills do not have to be chained into a combo and there is no need to get a certain rank while performing this task. You do not need a certain rank for this. Just surviving in the stage for the amount of time shown will NOT award this medal without a B-rank. A flash grenade instantly sets up heavy stun on J'avo and Bloodshots.

Performing the melee from the back side will do the back heavy stun melee, which is not considered a Coup De Grace. Make sure that the actual quick shot kills the enemy. It's best to do this with a powered weapon such as a shotgun or magnum for an instant quick shot kill on most normal enemies.

The easiest attacks to counter are zombie weapon attacks. This counter will always kill the countered zombie. If you're trying for other counters, the Power Counter skill might come in handy. This will make sure that your character doesn't accidentally perform a melee.

You must still know the timing for the counter in order to do this, but you won't have to time the button press as much. A slide is considered a melee and all melees can destroy a time bonus. Breaking a time bonus with a slide is actually the quickest way to destroy one.

These can only be broken with a melee attack. View the description for each stage in my RE6 Mercenaries guide for a listing of all time bonuses per stage. Break one in any stage to get this medal. These can be activated with a melee attack or they can be shot with a gun from a distance. Sometimes shooting them is the only way to hit them. Break one to get this medal. View the description for each stage in my RE6 Mercenaries guide for a listing of all combo bonuses Combo Times per stage.

You will receive a text message on the screen that will alert you to when the task is performed and then the boss will spawn. Rail Yard - Get 25 Quick Shot kills before 80 kills High Seas Fortress - Get 40 melee kills before 80 kills counter kills and coup de grace kills are considered melee kills. Catacombs - Get 20 Quick Shot kills before 80 kills.

Requiem for War - Kill 70 enemies before seconds has gone by. Rooftop Mission - Kill 20 enemies with counters before killing 80 enemies. Creature Workshop - Get 40 melee kills before 80 kills counter kills and coup de grace kills are considered melee kills. Simply cause the hidden boss to appear to get this medal. Perform the required task to spawn the hidden boss in any stage.

Once the hidden boss has been spawned, defeat the hidden boss to get this medal. Once the hidden boss has been spawned, defeat the hidden boss during any type of kill combo chain to get this medal. Kill one other enemy then kill the boss and make sure the hidden boss is part of that chain. Once the hidden boss is spawned, kill the hidden boss with a melee attack.

The easiest hidden boss to kill with a melee is the Strelats enemy on Mining the Depths or Catacombs. Spawn the boss then toss a flash grenade at the Strelats or hit the Strelats with a dashing ram or slide melee attack while dashing to stun it. While playing seriously to save a boss, the Gnezdo boss in Steel Beast, High Seas Fortress and Requiem for War can easily be killed with a coup de grace melee attack if it gets in the way of your character too often.

Two coup de grace melees on the big bug of the Gnezdo will kill the boss with a melee. Chain a enemy kill by killing all enemies within 15 seconds of each other along with a partner to get this medal. Both players must obtain at least a B-rank to get this medal. The hidden boss does not need to be spawned in order to get this. Players must have at least two minutes and 30 seconds of remaining time after killing the th enemy in order to get this medal.

Kill all enemies in a stage to get this - the kill combo does not need to be chained. I recommend trying for this on the Catacombs stage. Lay down and climb under the spinning blade trap after hitting ALL timers then kill zombies slowly. Shoot spitter zombies and lantern zombies instantly when you see them. A player must get a B-rank or higher in a stage while performing this task.

It can be done in solo and duo mode. Below are some extra tips and a video link to when I got it for my first time. B-rank Requirements: Solo - at least 80, points Duo - at least , points Preparation tips: o Equip "Last Stand" skill o Pick a character with a long range weapon rifle and plenty of ammo o Hit all time bonuses o Use both combo times to build points through small combos o Collect many ammo pickups from breakable objects and defeated enemies along the way.

Main Strategy: Slide under the blade trap and stay there the kill enemies and try to chain a large combo. Shoot any of these objects and have it kill an enemy to get credit for this medal. The Catacombs stage has a spike trap and spinning blade trap that can be used to kill enemies as well. Melees weapons such as knives or stun rods have no accuracy rating, so it's best to perform this task with Chris default , Sherry default , Jake EX1 or EX2 or Agent.

Shoot one enemy with a gun weapon and make sure it hits the enemy then kill all other enemies with your character's melee weapon. Like each medal, all modes have titles that can be earned by playing that particular mode. Unlike medals, titles are earned the moment they are completed in a chapter or run. For instance, the moment a player kills a zombie dog, the player gets credit for that kill.

You can keep restarting and killing the same zombie dog to keep racking up kills for that particular title. Titles can be earned in all modes of play so long as the requirement can be performed in that mode. In other words, you must finish Resident Evil 5 and have that save still on your system.

Play the game for several hours to get this. The best way to earn skill points is through Mercenaries. It's really best to play duo. As the combo rises, enemies will drop skill points of greater value. You MUST complete the run in order to receive the acquired skill points. Another way is to play the Chris' chapter 5 campaign and finish off the Gnezdos and Napads in the Pressurization room.

They will drop a skill point pickup after each kill. Allow the Neo-Umbrella J'avo to pull the levers to release the Chrysalids on the conveyor belts. Campaign, The Mercenaries and Agent Hunt all have different skills to purchase. On the main menu, go to "Special Features" then go to "Collections" to read files. All files must have a file emblem on them to be considered "read" in order to get this title.

Files with a star on them have not been read yet. Collecting all serpent emblems will only give you 40 figures however. Other figures are unlocked by unlocking extra character outfits in The Mercenaries. Some figures are unlocked by unlocking a character's EX2 outfit from www. Medals can be viewed by going to the "Records" menu under the main menu and choosing the "Medals" tab. Each of the three main modes has collectible medals. So, we unlock a title by gaining titles?

Wow, that's pretty filler, Capcom. Yes, you have to play with other people online to get this one! Walk a lot! Do not stop walking. Obviously, this one will be gotten over time. To run, push forward on the left thumbstick and hold it all the way forward. Basically, you need to find an area with a lot of air ducts. Pressing the button is what will "require" the help and add up to this title.

Another way is to get grabbed by an enemy then press the partner assist button. You are needing help at that point. This will give you credit for this title. When the partner revives your character, you will get credit for this title. This will give credit for this title. Lose all health then have the enemy finish off your character to get credit for this title. Rasklapanje's also have an instant death grab that will kill.

It's best to die through cutscenes for this one however. With how extremely random RE6's deaths are, you'll likely get this on your first playthrough. This will take one block of stamina to perform. Hit enemies with this attack to get credit for this title. Headshots will stun the enemy or kill the enemy always and all the other stun types activate randomly. When the enemy is stunned, walk up to the enemy to get a melee button command. Melee the enemy from close range to get credit for this.

One extremely easy way to set up a body stun on any normal enemy is by hitting that enemy with a quick shot. The best way to set up this melee on normal J'avo is with a flash grenade toss - melee from the front side of the J'avo for a coup de grace melee.

When the enemy stagger, rush around to the FRONT side of that enemy then activate the melee with the melee prompt for a coup de grace frontal heavy stun melee. Zombie enemies carry weapons often and your character will automatically use their weapon against the zombie whenever most stuns are activated on the zombie. Get a stun on a zombie with a weapon then approach the zombie and activate the melee via the button prompt to make your character grab the zombie's weapon and kill the zombie with it.

Zombies may have weapon attached to their bodies. Counters against zombies that try to hit your character with a weapon will count toward this title as well. The quickest way is to perform several quick shots in a row. While red status, your character will perform a weak kick when the melee button is pressed. Hit enemies with that weak kick to get credit for this title. To get this title, finish off enemies with a melee.

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