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, the British actress Emma Watson was widely applauded for her speech to support the. United Nations' #HeforShe campaign. with Emma Watson. 96 = on the cover. Suit up for a look at the super-quartet in Fantastic Four. >This issue 62 | the future TF The films, the people.



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heforshe emma watson subtitles torrent

, the British actress Emma Watson was widely applauded for her speech to support the. United Nations' #HeforShe campaign. Instead, as the book's subtitle implies, the gender changes in organized sports Beyoncé's music and videos, Emma Watson's “HeforShe” United Nations. We're continuously trying to improve TheTVDB, and the best way we can do that is to get feedback from you. Please consider taking this quick survey to let. VST TONE 2 GLADIATOR TORRENT We recommend users log and it find the. If this is your from to in English this Wake-on-Lan claims of this guide, interference with a remote for jobs troubleshooting, and. Server for Personal is live, test app that client for Mac and. Main page Fixed rendering until the notice or.

It jumped between two distinct time periods. There were even at least three epilogues to the game. Literally: three epilogues. At some moments the narrative is filled with pretentious bloat — long meandering speechifying and posturing — but at others it is inscrutably lean — whole years of narrative development are skipped, characters inexplicably disappear or send you off on quests that have little justification.

Here George Washington is depicted at times as a ruthless mercenary, even willing to order the slaughter of whole tribes of Native Americans, something true to historical record. But at the same time, the game indulges a cartoonishly oversimplified revisionist conspiracy history, and frequently sidelines some inconvenient truths.

As the series wore on, however, it became progressively overburdened with extraneous mechanics, with AC3 arguably its most overstuffed. Which, if one wants to get snarky for a second, seems a little ironic considering how much of its narrative is spent chastising its imperialist characters for serving an empire that wants to arrogantly overstretch itself…. On and on and on…. And yet, despite this glut of options, the game repeatedly strips away this wealth of choice in order to funnel the player into passive, scripted sequences.

Learning to lead a battalion of men and offer them cover fire with a canon is used precisely once — seconds after that mechanic is explained — and never seen again. Many of the assassinations are impossible unless approached from specific angles expressly dictated by the game designers. Cinematic sequences force the player down narrow, non-interactive pathways. Most peculiarly, several fight scenes with major antagonists turn into straight battles of attrition in which the player character must be manoeuvred around to some piece of interactive scenery where he is required to utilise pre-rendered contextual attacks.

Rather than allowing the player the freedom to explore their world, the game directs them, over the course of several hours, in how they are to move and behave, drip feeding them new skills and dictating how to use them. Indeed, you are so confined in this tutorial period that you spend a good portion of it trapped on the deck of a boat, surrounded by open ocean that offers only inglorious death.

The reason that this opening chapter is so constrained is revealed in a plot twist misdirect: the character you are playing, Haytham Kenway, is actually a devoted Templar — not the freedom-spruiking Assassin you presumed him to be.

Thus, this kind of rigid, claustrophobic play-style is entirely representative of his world-view. Having literalised the conflict between Templar and Assassin as father and son, by asking you to play as and empathise with both men, the game appears ready to weigh free will and totalitarian order against one another on a global and personal scale. What happens instead, over the course of a dozen more hours, is a curiously undercooked build up to a rote fight.

The linking narrative that drove the numbered instalments of the franchise up to that point concerned Desmond Miles in the present day, a man living out the memories of his ancestors in a device called the Animus — essentially a virtual reality suite.

When the series began Desmond was essentially a bit of immersive narrative point of view, a way to contextualise the historical game play and give the whole experience more immediacy for the player. You, as player, controlled Desmond, who in turn controls an historical figure which could change between instalments , with each layer of the fictive onion becoming ever more loaded with irony.

The historical figure Altair; Ezio; Connor; Edward, etc believes that he has autonomy, but he is ultimately being shepherded by Desmond, who is himself being piloted by the player — them self ultimately subservient to the design of the game, the Animus itself into which you peer. Kill too many civilians? Tried to jump out of the arbitrary boundaries of the landscape? Well you get reloaded back in place.

Keep dying and getting thrown back to a checkpoint? A civilian NPC is glitching out in the background? Well this is a computer simulation, after all. In its direct sequel, Brotherhood , there was enormous horror evoked when the Desmond character was possessed by an otherworldly force and forced to kill an ally.

No matter what buttons you as player pressed to avoid this fate, the character was inexorably propelled toward the deed. As an individual with free will he was going to be pivotal in saving the world at the end of You wrestle your way through forty hours of side missions and lock picking games and upgrade trees and ship sailing, sit through a Forrest Gump -style greatest hits package in which Connor is inexplicably pivotal to every major moment of American history, all just to watch a guy throw a necklace into a hole a necklace that looks conspicuously like a computer disc, meta-fans.

But rather than defy this categorisation of humanity as weak-willed followers, Desmond seemingly goes on to prove it true. He is told to kill himself in order to free the despotic alien Juno — an act that has been orchestrated by Juno herself — and bizarrely, Desmond immediately agrees, once again with no choice or input from the player. The whole series therefore reveals itself to be a build up to a willing, wilfully ignorant, suicide.

Desmond, surrendering all autonomy, is struck lifeless in a wash of light, with he, the narrative, and the player, all suddenly rendered moot, reduced, like everyone else in the series, to pawns moved at the behest of forces beyond their comprehension. Juno is released into the world, temporarily preventing some sun-spot related world catastrophe, but free once again to enslave humanity.

She laughs, seemingly at both the dead Desmond and the player, and swaggers off stage to scheme her way through the inevitable threatened sequels. The ending of the Desmond Miles story, both in narrative and gameplay, proving to be merely a joke at the expense of the player. Thinking you were an autonomous individual with an impact on anything of substance…. Having led its audience on a multi-episode chase — promising revelations, promising autonomy, promising UFOs, it revealed itself to be nothing more than an umbrella fluttering in a tree.

Even the present-day framing narrative was marked by a wearied, self-mocking tone. Desmond, the fixed point in the overarching tale was gone — literally a dissected corpse lying on a slab somewhere that you could only really learn about if you trawled through endless multimedia Easter eggs.

Characters from the previous series appeared only in bit cameos. Now, you were just some faceless quality tester in a cubicle, actually working for the bad guys: a videogame company overtly modelled on Ubisoft itself that was intent on global domination by milking their golden goose franchise to hell. Black Flag succeeded as a rowdy epilogue because it embraced its pointlessness, but this snarky, self-immolating tone was clearly not one that Ubisoft wanted to foster.

But whether or not fans of the franchise are going to follow the series any further down a path that has already been proven fruitless remains to be seen. Connor would meet people on his journeys and invite them to live on his land. Over several years, with his sometimes slightly creepy assistance, these people would build new houses and buildings, fall in love, get married, start families. And eventually, the members of this little makeshift community decide to make their own flag — a banner that they believe will better represent them than whatever design is being cooked up by the leaders of the newly minted United States.

What they make is a collage, a symbol of community stitched together from scraps. If, rather than hoping for a logical narrative through line, or expecting any payoff to the thematic promises of free will overcoming subjugation, if you can concentrate instead upon the character beats and vignettes of humanity that play out amidst its oppressive design, there may be something still worth playing.

A UFO that turns out to be an umbrella? Yeah, screw that. But a flag made of scraps that just wants to celebrate the mess that is life? Leave a comment ». In my last post I skimmed the surface of why was such an enormous downer …to put it mildly. It was despairing stuff. Because thankfully, this need for fellowship and community — a longing symbolised by our use of the hashtag — emerged in other, far more life-affirming ways, as people felt the impulse to join together and help one another out.

There was the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for research into the motor-neuron degenerative disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS. Essentially a good-natured update on the email chain letter, it involved people filming themselves dumping a bucket of ice water over their head, and then calling out others to do the same, raising awareness for the disease, prompting others to get involved, and inviting donations. It was hard not to get caught up in the excitement as friends, celebrities, and world leaders were called out, eventually reaching the kind of pop-cultural ubiquity that results in parodies, fail videos, Presidential shout-outs , and lazy Simpsons references.

The Kickstarter met the one million dollar goal it had set for itself in less than a day I believe eleven hours, actually , and had soon easily raised five million, with the additional funding going to providing free access to the service for underprivileged schools. The grateful joy with which Reading Rainbow host LeVar Burton thanked the contributors was wonderfully heartening. That impulse to share ourselves also surfaced in less purely altruistic contexts, including the way in which we consumed our entertainments.

Sure, the days of friends and family sitting around on the couch shouting at the same copy of Mariocart and wrestling for next go on the controller might be largely behind us, but the popularity of Twitch streaming and the re-emergence of appointment television like Game of Thrones meant that, rather than killing off the communal experience of pop culture, in the lounge room instead just infinitely expanded.

The resulting Twitter-nado may not have felt as organic and delirious as the first time around, but it was still proof that ironic-viewership had gone global. Thankfully, shows that invited this kind of devoted analysis were suddenly everywhere. But for me, the best moments in television this year came in the conclusions of two beloved and irreplaceable programs, both of which took their last bow by acknowledging the intimacy and strength of community. The Legend of Korra was a four-season television epic a sequel to the sublime Avatar: The Last Airbender so wondrous that Nickelodeon consistently seemed baffled to know what to do with it.

For the fourth season they threw up their hands entirely and decided to just let the internet have at it, leaving room, no doubt, for more decade-old repeat screenings of Spongebob Squarepants. Over the course of its run, Korra tackled themes of bigotry, propaganda, anarchy, totalitarianism, terrorism, social upheaval, genocide, and post traumatic stress, all punctuated with dynamic action, sumptuous visuals, and a robust roster of richly drawn characters, any of whom perhaps with the exception of Mako could easily have headlined their own show.

And with its final season revolving around an expansive metaphorical exploration of World War 2, with fascism and the rising threat of atomic weaponry at its core, the show built to an exceptional crescendo that, rather than simply ending with the easy resolve of a villain slain or an army destroyed, instead chose to conclude with a perfect encapsulation of the shows principle mission statement: that compassion and sympathy are our greatest tools for peace.

Not a smack down drag out although it did deliver some sublime action also , but the willingness to extend oneself with kindness, forgiveness, and understanding — to build a community that is strengthened by diversity, and in doing so, consequentially, to cultivate peace within oneself.

Colbert is an exceptional improvisational comedian, coming up through Second City and honing his craft for years on The Daily Show , and it has been that skill at sustaining, adapting and evolving a joke, that seemed to inform the show. Not surprisingly then, the finale proved to be an equally epic comedic wandering toward resolution. Speaking of fun and hell , videogames too often found themselves structurally and thematically about trying to foster communities if one can momentarily scrape aside the festering garbage of GamerGate.

Even though the majority of my personal videogame highlights of the year were solitary, it is hard to deny that the games of were marked by a move toward enticing co-operative play, with multiplayer elements intruding upon traditionally solo experiences. They also decided that every reviewer of the game should be legally prevented from reporting on those myriad problems until a day after the game had been released when it would already have been purchased by eager fans.

And now no one even knows where that wizard came from! Then there was Titanfall. Remember Titanfall? Somewhere that A. Elsewhere, Nintendo — whose Wii U console to put it kindly has struggled in the past couple of years with low sales almost no third-party support — managed to regain some ground in the marketplace by banking on new iterations of two of their most popular multiplayer franchises, Super Smash Brothers and Mario Kart 8 — again proving that tight, competitive and mischievous gameplay can still captivate.

Indie darlings like fencing multiplayer Nidhogg became impossibly addictive. But whatever it was, it too was marked by an element of pop cultural social bonding. It was argued over and defended. Trippy little time-waster? Ad revenue peddling trash? Carnival skill tester? It was an unavoidable discussion point in the endlessly evolving debate over the legitimacy and breadth of videogames.

And eventually — as is the mark of anything that has contributed for good or ill to the sum total of that conversation — it was soon cloned into an oblivion of re-skinned sludge in the app store. Then there was Twitch Plays Pokemon — one of most curious social experiments to ever witness unfold, and a wild insight into unfettered groupthink. It started when an Australian programmer designed a way in which Twitch chat could be used to life feed commands for the Gameboy game Pokemon: Red.

The game could therefore be played in real-time, non-stop, to a global audience, who were themselves telling the game what its next moves should be. Soon, an audience of several thousand viewers at times up to over , were inputting directions all at once, which the game then tried to play out.

And the result was captivating — if utterly bonkers. Strategies were bickered over on the fly. However, throughout the years of globalisation, it has a narrowing effect on the gender gap because the world is becoming more and more integrated and connected. Since most of the women are in the subsistence economy, society today starting to realise the issue and wanting to do something about it.

The ambassador Emma Watson came across as an articulate, passionate speaker employing her public profile to garner attention for the idea of feminism Rees, Countries such as the UK, Denmark and Australia have always been very supportive over the gender equality and such issues by setting out legislations.

He established a rule requiring all companies with or more employees to share information on the average pay that their male and female workers receive. In Denmark, it has been mandatory since for companies with more than 35 employees where at least ten are men and at least ten are women, to allow comparison to publish annual gender pay statistic Milner, The Danish example demonstrates the importance of ensuring that employee workplace representatives not only have full access to the pay data, but also receive support and training to help them understand and deal with the issue.

Society is starting to recognise the problem, and they are doing all the things they could to resolve this issue. Watson, E. Gender equality is your issue too. In: 20 September , UN Women. Viewed 8 August You hit like a girl! Yes, I am girl. I wear skirts, I love makeup, and I behave like all the ladies out there.

All emote in a stereotypically feminine manner, running with knees together, fighting with low — powered slaps, and throwing from the elbow Tyndall, It has united women and girls across the globe to take back the phrase and show the world what women are actually capable of. It was shared more than 30 million times, it is the proof of the power that creativity holds.

The good photographs are so stupendously gorgeous that they make you forget everything else while you are looking at them Sontag, When Danish Prime Minister took a selfie on her smartphone with Barack Obama on one side and David Cameron squeezing in on the other, she doubtless had little idea of the commotion that would ensue. The photograph was taken at the memorial service for Nelson Mandela, the most admired political leader of his generation Anthony, But if the trio thought it was a moment of fun in a lengthy ceremony, they deed was greeted with a lack of amusement — not just by Michelle Obama.

The use of photos of disadvantage people to illustrate stories about poverty can risk entering the world of poverty porn, where the most visually miserable images is use to create an emotional reaction. The three part series on SBS. Struggle Street, follows a number of characters living in the Western suburbs of Sydney. After a promo clip was release on TV, the people who took part in the documentary slammed the channel. When photographers and photojournalists capture images of human suffering around the world, they are often accused of being cold hearted and of exploiting those in need.

However, for those who are actually in need of the attention. I read in a book once the three things that shorten your life are smoking, artificial sweetener, and violent images. During the horrific Boston bombings, I went to news websites and was met with pictures of a man with his legs blown off. I was not ready for that. Certainly not that man, who must now live with the pain and struggle of losing his legs, and also live with the pain and struggle of his image being disseminated in perpetuity.

Many of the artists have created art by pick the suffering during war time. These photographs circulated in the southern colony of Cochinchine Vietnam and raised more than a million piasters from southerners in a remarkable gesture of charity and humanity toward their northern counterparts. The figures became the poster children for the cruelty and inhumanity Hien, A ground breaking exhibition is currently under way at the Red Cross Museum in Geneva, designed to show the relationship of artists to suffering.

They photograph the pain because sometimes people need to see them. The Pygmalion effect, is the phenomenon whereby higher expectations lead to an increase in performance. The effect is named after the Greek myth of Pygmalion; a sculptor who fell in love with a statue he had carved, eventually, the statue came to live. Our identity arises out of our interactions with other people and we use other people as a mirror in which to see ourselves.

And this is something you go on for your whole life. It is not just through the baby stage. This is what matters. There have never been so many photographs taken, but photography is dying. Selfies are a new genre of photographer. It is taken by amateurs and shared with strangers.

Back in , Joseph Byron took the first selfie by holding a bulky camera in his hands Farberov, It can be found on all types of social media. It was the highlight of the Oscars via Ellen Degeneres. Selfies have been seeing as a social interaction in order to increase our status and how we value ourselves in online media?

We define whether someone is popular or not by how many likes on a selfie and the amount of attention they got from others. Attention is the new currency. Like it has always been, Kim Kardashian has created another controversy in the entertainment world by posting a nude bathroom selfie.

It bridges the gap between an unattainable icon and a regular human being Suval, Social media platforms are the only sources that the public can interact with the stars. And because of the platforms, celebrities show their lives and try to tell the fans that they are just as ordinary as they are. Such as Instagram famous. We often quantify our self — movement through numbers.

For example my roommate has a Fitbit. A bracelet that calculates how many steps you have taken in a day? Oh, and not to mention that she measures her meals too such as the calories and the weight. The data driven life has become a phenomenon in recent years as the technology improving.

Self — image is important, and not always in a narcissistic way. It is how we define ourselves, and present for others to see. Suval, L. The Phenomenon of the Selfie. Psych Central. In to date, Australian films have accounted for just 2. Our biggest Australian films are treated by overseas audiences the way the majority of our films are treated by local audiences: Australians ignore Australian films, Australian cinema produces one or two local breakout hits, and in turn, are largely ignored by the rest of the world.

More than half of the 27 first release local features distributed last year were shown on less than 20 screens. They usually find a home among the independent cinema chains along the east coast, cutting out vast numbers of the population Swift, For example, at the movies, you can hardly spot the posters for the latest Australian films, with film distributors and exhibitors prioritizing films baked by the biggest market budget- usually US movies.

The problem is most Australian films get a limited release, and that means a small budget for advertising and marketing. People from other countries tend to recognise and pay attention to Australians because of these stereotypes they received from the content industries, such as the movies. Lowering trade barriers help industries access new markets, boosting their reach and the number of peole they can sell their products too Grimson, It has also reducing employment and creative opportunities for artists and producers in Australia.

We call this Americanisation, it is a process whereby ordinary Australians are bombarded everyday with images of American lifestyle, so much that it merges almost unnoticed into their own lifestyle. With relatively low cost offered by subscription services and DVD compared to the cinema experience , audiences can easily access to Australian films in these secondary windows can be broader and more flexible.

Susan Hoerlein talked about Australian films as a brand. Australians still want to see Australian stories. Take it to overseas festivals. However, audience behavior is changing, while physical space for cinema screens is scarcer than ever, online paths to distributing and sharing films continue to open up. Cinema system is designed for different kinds of movies than the ones we have the budgets and integrated media companies to produce. It is designed for Hollywood movies.

In doing so, filmmakers need to set up their distribution systems, keeping the budgets low and retaining control of the profit. Aveyard, Karina. Kaufman, Tina.

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Emma Watson HeForShe Speech at the United Nations - UN Women 2014. Arabic subtitles.


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Then watch the video and do the exercises. Remember you can read the transcript at any time. Emma: HeForShe is a solidarity movement for gender equality, like, in a nutshell. Ali: Could you give me some examples of stories from men who have become involved with HeForShe? And it was just … it was just really sweet, actually and I just found that, something so simple, but guys feel this incredible pressure to be Why is that so important?

What do you actually want me to do about this now? What do you think about the HeForShe campaign? Do you think that gender equality is an important issue? It is very important, because all human beings are equal and have the same rights and opportunities, and is something that all the people need to know about. It is very important, because all human beings are equal and have the same rights and opportunities, whether we are men or women.

Also, all the women and men of the world are part of human history and each of them has a mission or job in life, and that must be respected by all people, whether they are very famous people or people that no one knows. Finally, all people must support the movements that are made against gender inequality and we must begin to be fair to all the people of the world. I think she have really good arguments and knows very much about what there are talking about gender equality prevents violence against women and girls.

Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. Gender equality is important because often everyone's access to opportunities in the social, economic, political and domestic spheres is not respected. Nowadays, there has been an attempt to have a balance between genders because thanks to that, they provoke situations of violence, abuse and mistreatment, generating an individual and social imbalance.

Yes, since gender equality is something that is discussed a lot nowadays since there are many situations with if you are a woman they pay you less and if you are a man they pay you more and in certain things I agree that they are men's things but in A matter of work, I feel that women are capable of doing what they ask them and having a salary equal to that of a man, today there are many discussions about this since women are getting stronger to discuss this type of themes.

And it is something that must be reasoned now days. Gender equality is a principle where both for men and women the opportunities and rights in any aspects of our daily lives education, work and housing must be equal. In my opinion, gender equality is currently a problem that must be eliminated in the world, since by not respecting this principle millions of people suffer from violence, inequality, injustice and discrimination, which have a negative impact to them person.

Therefore, I personally believe that by disseminating the importance of the issue of gender equality as a society, we can raise awareness and generate a positive impact to carry out actions that generate this change in equality. Yes, I think that gender equality is an important issue, because we as community need to be united and without gender preferences. So, if we stop having this problem, there will be more peace and harmony regardless of gender. I, personally, think gender equality is something we all need to be conscious about because we all deserve an equal treatment.

Like I already said, we all deserve to be treated the same. We are worthy of our rights and of receiving what we deserve. I, honestly, loved how are so many people involved in this project because, I know, they can make a huge impact in all our lives and in the world. It's a good idea for have more gender equality around the world. And I think that is important because everyone deserve to be treated in a good way, without any judgement. Yes because right now on this world there are a lot of problems because of equality so I think we should solve this type of issues to have a better and more peaceful world.

All genders should ve equally treated because we are all humans that live on the same earth. In my opinion, gender equity is something that we must always be working on if we want to live in a society where we can all live comfortably.

In my opinion, it is an important issue that everyone should be equal in all subjects, and find this excellent interview can do much awareness about this issue. Yes, because women deserve equal things as same as men. Things as, rights, education, opportunities at work, respect. There are many countries that have different rules for women citizens that say that they aren't allowed to get an education, or some types of jobs that "are for men".

Gender doesn't define our rights. A, that's a really wise comment by the way. Other press reports have been less positive. Julia Zulwer writing in Al Jazeera wondered why the United Nations picked a " foreign, distant figure " to be the representative for the women of the world.

However, the HeForShe movement asks for the activation of action by the people who hold power. That, say the scholars, denies the agency of women as the subjects of violence, inequality, and oppression, instead giving men the ability to restore this lack of agency, to empower the women and offer them freedom. The will to eradicate gender inequality depends on the will of the males, which is not a traditional feminist principle.

However, all of this negative reaction predates the MeToo movement, and the election of Donald Trump, as of course did Watson's speech. There are some signs that feminists of all stripes and across the world are feeling rejuvenated by the open criticism and in many cases the fall of very powerful men because they abused that power.

In March of , Watson met and discussed gender equality issues with bell hooks , a powerful icon of the feminist movement since the s. As Alice Cornwall puts it, "shared outrage can offer a powerful basis for connection and solidarity that can reach across the differences that might otherwise divide us.

If not now, when? Siegel, Tatiana. Share Flipboard Email. By Nicki Lisa Cole, Ph. Nicki Lisa Cole, Ph. Nicki Lisa Cole is a sociologist. Learn about our Editorial Process. View Article Sources. Cite this Article Format. Cole, Nicki Lisa, Ph. Emma Watson's Speech on Gender Equality. Watch Now: Emma Watson on Feminism. Full Transcript of Emma Watson's U.

Speech on Gender Equality.

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