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Commercial providers now provide services along a number of lines: guided descents and commercial rafting or canoe-rafting services. A white water sports school was started up in a local context ripe for accommodation suppliers working together self-catering and hotels. All of a sudden, we were sending them customers …and they were full up!

This isolated practice petered out at the beginning of the s when the Barcelonnette Tourist Office, a proper booking centre, boosted the market through mass marketing half-day rafting and white water swimming sessions.

White water sports companies developed due to the activity of professionals, who helped to turn sports tourism into a promising economic sector in the Ubaye Valley AFIT, It is therefore appropriate at this point to review their contribution to the expansion of the market.

To measure this, we have used indicators linked to their role in the commercialisation of company products. They have been the main agent for change. Since that period, companies can employ up to eighteen guides in a season. The fact that guides belong to competing companies is a factor that favours the opening up of the market and the direct sale of services. Of all the services offered by guides, half-day rafting sessions have seen the biggest level of success.

Beyond the limitations imposed by the climate, they work in this way because they want to perfect their professional skills. The historic link between the Tourist Office and the guides might appear to be a factor in the development of the market, but product sales outlets are now being overtaken by the Internet.

As they lead the descent of the Ubaye, the new guides combine the rafting trip with exploring the river, which was once the sole preserve of canoeists. These State-recognised professionals know the Ubaye inside out. For the most part, they are male.

Their composite culture inherited from kayak competitions derives from how associations usually operate. But there is still competition in that companies are at their busiest in the summer. The offering becomes standardised. Companies offer descents on the same routes and the guides set off from the same points. The increased capacity of sports service providers leads to problems of people with different companies doing their sessions at the same time.

Added to these were a further ten or so guides providing various services. At the same time, associations were being disbanded. Commercial providers began to work more with operators and holiday centres. Managers drew support from the development of resources provided by the Barcelonnette Tourist Office promotional campaigns. Also, ad hoc cooperation between competitors made it possible to develop launch points and warn of dangers of the river torrent. The resources identified during the launch phase of white water sports in the Ubaye Valley have been revitalised by the small businesses that have come to compete with AN Rafting.

By the end of the s, the concept of sharing skills took concrete form in a public-private partnership. Work carried out by associations and financed by the public partners was designed to achieve an economy of scale and share allocated resources to organise events to kick off the season Hotels filled up Development strategies were applied to sell this pursuit, such as organising events run by guides raids, Ubayak This helped to promote the area. From the year , the trend in the valley was one of hedonism, with targeted demand.

On the one hand, the issue of the environment and an increase in ecological concerns awakened a need for contact with nature. Tourist demand led to the need to update the white water sports market. We suggest that the use by guides of the natural resources of the river torrent led to a more attractive offering because the approach was now a professional one. The work of the guides involves providing information.

One study AFIT, showed that the market is evolving for a number of reasons: an increase in local economic activity, a solution for addressing seasonality and a way to bring new impetus to the Valley area. At the current time, there are only tourist trips down the river torrent, which has focused the market on canoe-rafting, leading to saturation at Le Martinet.

In spite of this limitation, service providers now feature this preserved environment on their web sites, as evidenced by the market positioning of the thirteen companies. The concern is to provide a sustained offering against a background of strong competition amongst destinations in the Alps Queyras…. In spite of this, the effects of the advent of new activities at a structured tourist area have been beneficial for the local residents This pursuit has attracted a new type of customer looking for an experience that kayaking cannot provide, as it is considered to be more of a technical pursuit This context complicates procedures, permits and the legal framework for operating the sites, as access to the highest sections of the water course is still prohibited.

The development of white water pursuits is suffering because of this, especially in terms of organisation and access for rafters to launch areas. The updating of procedures for cooperation between stakeholders proved to be important in terms of market dynamics. To address any severe drops in visitor numbers, companies operate a combination of white water swimming and rafting products at their sales outlets. The infrastructures and the image of the river torrent created by enthusiasts help to attract customers who are looking to get away from it all.

Also, Ubaye-Kayak school guide books make reference to Provence to differentiate from the offering developed in the Durance region, which is more urban. The Ubaye is defined by its specific geography. The use of this body of water is a useful addition to the white water sports offering in that the less restricted environment is ideal for sailing and swimming. The first comes from the historic development of canoeing.

The identification of the potential and complementarity of the offering enabled sports tourism to develop in the Ubaye Valley in the s. The third comes from the structuring of commercial bases around a mix of niche sports products promoting the region. Companies needed to resolve the issue of selling trips in synergy with stakeholders. We are validating our hypotheses. The structuring of the market is as much dependent on the activity of white water sports companies as on the strategy of professionals tour operators, accommodation providers, etc.

The spatial configuration of the valley became a firm basis for structuring the market. The dynamic nature of the activities relies on resources that contribute to the revenue that the territory offers. Now more than ever, the protection of natural spaces is an issue for sustainable development, uniting service providers with local stakeholders around a shared project. Bertho-Lavenir C. Comment sommes-nous devenus touristes , Paris, Odile Jacob. Bessy O. Bourdeau Ph. Guide de savoir-faire, Gumuchian H.

Marsac A. Massiera B. Mounet J. Olive E. Pigeassou C. Roggero C. Storry T. Tribou G. F, Canoe Club members cleared the route. Not in its entirety, however. It was not until the s that canoeists navigated all of the rapids in this section. Experienced kayakers see them as different to high river kayaking, which is based on seeking out difficult rapids. Source: interview with one of the founders of AN Rafting, Navigating the highest sections of the river torrent is prohibited.

Marsac u-bourgogne. Voir la notice dans le catalogue OpenEdition. Navigation — Plan du site. Structuring the tourist offering: Setting up a series of associations. The emergence of the commercial offering. Expansion of the commercial offering. Strategic development: from sport to tourism. Regional resources: a factor in market expansion? The 35 minute respite on Monday morning may have been due to the dropping of hundreds of concrete balls into the mouth of what is now known as a mud volcano, said Bagus Endar, a member of a team trying to stop the flow.

The temperature of the mud has fallen -- another good sign. I'm surprised by this finding," he said. Endar said last week the concrete ball experiment appeared to be working, given a decrease in the mud's daily volume and pressure. Workers were due to drop another chains of concrete balls linked to steel cables on Tuesday, Endar said.

Each chain consists of four cm inch diameter balls. Anger has been mounting since the disaster, and displaced residents have held several street rallies demanding cash compensation instead of resettlement.

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