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Synchronize contacts with Mac, iPad, and iPhone; Allow multiple users to access and update contacts; Standards-based CardDAV server. BusyContacts is a contact manager for macOS that makes creating, finding, and managing Improved support for 3rd party CardDAV servers.



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Automatic torrent/nzb searching, downloading, and processing at the qualities you Baïkal - Lightweight CalDAV and CardDAV server based on sabre/dav. Server contacts • Sync contacts with a Mac, iPad and iPhone • Authorization multiple users to query and update contacts • CardDAV Server standards – based. BusyContacts is a contact manager for macOS that makes creating, finding, including iCloud, Google, Exchange, and other CardDAV servers. SWV RAIN INSTRUMENTAL MP3 TORRENT The Receiver for Web. An older revision of modified newest bingo sheet. Ben Voigt typeface that systems use users cannot that, for a manner you got.

Sep 5, Apr 28, Jun 10, Jun 4, Jan 23, Jun 20, Jun 5, View code. Awesome-Selfhosted Self-hosting is the practice of hosting and managing applications on your own server s instead of consuming from SaaSS providers. Source Code MIT Python Archivematica - Mature digital preservation system designed to maintain standards-based, long-term access to collections of digital objects. Source Code GPL Source Code Apache MIT Ruby Alltube - Web interface for youtube-dl , a program to download videos and audio from more than websites.

Create your own database without technical experience. Based on beets. Available as a web portal and Slack bot. Demo , Source Code Apache Manage your servers from any browser on any device. Can be used without prior machine learning skills.

Demo AGPL It uses a combination of Goodreads Librarything and optionally GoogleBooks as sources for author info and book info. It watches for new episodes of your favorite shows, and when they are posted it does its magic. Allows downloading videos from dozens of websites. It can be considered as an Airtable or Smartsheet alternative. It will monitor podcasts for your and download them automatically whenever a new episode goes live.

It can grab, sort and rename new episodes and automatically upgrade the quality of files already downloaded when a better quality format becomes available. Very simple to use, just download and open index. Supports playlists, quality select, search, dark mode and much more, all with a clean and modern design. Free, extremely lightweight, single-user and easy to install. Bludit uses flat-files text files in JSON format to store posts and pages.

It uses flat files for storage and provides an intuitive GUI. Appointments - A highly customizable web application that allows your customers to book appointments with you via the web. Supports importing from Delicious and Chrome. Demo Apache Source Code MPL Source Code BSDClause Go golinks - Web application that allows you to create smart bookmarks, commands and aliases by pointing your web browser's default search engine at a running instance. Similar to bunny1 or yubnub.

Installation is done via Docker, or as a simple PHP application. Simple installation through Docker and can run on your Raspberry Pi. Clients Apache Source Code , Clients MIT Go Hawkpost - HawkPost is a web app that lets you create unique links that you can share with a person that desires to send you important information but doesn't know how to encrypt it. The message is encrypted in their browser and sent to your email address. It can be integrated with Gitlab.

It enables one-on-one chat assistance in real-time directly from your website. Demo , Source Code , Clients Apache Offers decentralized chat, forums, messaging, file transfer. Chat - Teamchat solution similar to Gitter. Demo GPL It allows users to chat together even when they are using different IM networks. Backend in Go.

AnonAddy - Open source email forwarding service for creating aliases. A set of general-purpose Ansible roles that can be used to manage Debian or Ubuntu hosts. Only configuration files, no SQL database. Unobtrusive and automatic as much as possible, focusing on stability and security.

Source Code CC Anonymously send and receive with alias forwarding. Comes with browser extensions and mobile apps. Useful for debugging or development. Alternative to proprietary services like Mailchimp or Sendinblue. It is an actively developed fork of RainLoop. Demo , Source Code Artistic It supports prepaid and postpaid billing with call rating and credit control. It also provides many other features. Easily setup discussion forums inside your WordPress. Source Code MIT Python Buddycloud - Tools, libraries, services and a community to build user-to-user, group and social messaging into your app.

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Store experiments, use a database to find reagents or protocols, use trusted timestamping to legally timestamp an experiment, export as pdf or zip archive, share with collaborators…. The current version is called 'Revolution'. Source Code ZPL Edit, publish and share collaborative content. Free and open source with an amazing community. Source Code MIT. NET Wagtail - Django content management system focused on flexibility and user experience.

Like Pi-hole but local and using your operating system. It provides a lot of extra features for students and research groups both in industry and academia. An electronic vault for your documents with preview generation, OCR, and automatic categorization among other features.

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It showcases personalized feeds powered by the Stream API. Source Code BSDClause C ownCloud - All-in-one solution for saving, synchronizing, viewing, editing and sharing files, calendars, address books and more. Also includes a calendar, news feed, task lists, chat and email client. Securely synchronize your files to any kind of storage. It aims for minimal resource usage and is intended to run at your wlan router. Source Code Beerware C peerflix-server - Downloads torrent files and provides a direct link download or a direct link stream.

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Many clients available. Runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. With minimal setup, Dim will organize and beautify your media collections, letting you access and play them anytime from anywhere. Upload and organize your sheets for any kind of instrument.

Users take turns playing media—songs, talks, gameplay videos, or anything else—from a variety of media sources like YouTube and SoundCloud. It has robust transcoding support as well as federation capabilities to share your library with your friends. MIT Nodejs Olaris - Olaris is an open-source, community driven, media manager and transcoding server. Write review. Write your thoughts in our old-fashioned comment. MacUpdate Comment Policy. We strongly recommend leaving comments, however comments with abusive words, bullying, personal attacks of any type will be moderated.

Email me when someone replies to this comment. Very Disappointed. I love both BusyContacts and BusyCal. I'm not looking for a new product. This was a good product for the price when I could buy it and upgrade when there was a worthwhile product feature update.

However, 2 things have happened the past year that have turned me off. This is fine for some things, but this is basically a minor upgrade to the free calendar and contact programs that come on the Mac. With that said, I like the additional stuff, but they haven't made any real improvements to functionality in some time. Sure they make it look a little nicer, but the major function change was actually the lose of the ability to see all of the emails for a contact.

I know this was based on a chance Apple made, but it was still a feature I paid for that no longer exists. By allowing me to pay for upgrades that I see value in, it keeps us both honest - they need to keep working if they want me to keep paying.

It's mine and I can use it as long as I want because I paid for it. They acknowledged this and I acknowledge that I wont get any more updates - that the way software has always worked. But a couple months ago I started getting a pop-up that asks me to pay to upgrade to the new version. I understand this - it's how hey sell the new version.

However, the pop-up is persistent and wont allow you to use the software actually locks you out of using it until you either wait a set amount amount of time - no idea how long, but minutes! This is akin to holding the software that I have paid for - and my contracts - hostage while they try to sell me. I'm a business owner and I use to put this on all our companies laptops and recommend this software to everyone I knew.

I'm now looking for a replacement - or we'll just use the Mac software - and will ensure that everyone I recommended it to knows what my new recommendation will be. SiteCR2 Apr 6 I was with BusyCal and BusyContacts for years. Last time I purchased I failed to recognize it had change to a subscription model. I'm done sorry, on a few pieces of software work for me as a subscription.

Moving on sadly after a long time customer with little change that warrants that kind of price increase. JoyWise Feb 25 I really want to like your app, but please please please add a menu bar icon. Why "Busy"? My contacts are never busy! Rnetter Jan 6 Looking for alternatives now. Also, I assume they'll go out of business soon which is another reason to start looking for something new but they were good while it lasted :.

Pirx Jul 24 Busy contacts having lost access to e-mails in Mail. This function is mission-critical for me, and without it BusyContacts is almost the same as the MacOS in-built Contacts app. If the e-mail functionality was restored, it would be a 4-star plus app.

LeMerlot Jan 29 I love BusyContacts since years and really couldn't work without it any more. Together with BusyCal it's a true killer combo in my daily work with the Mac. The only thing I would wish: BusyContacts' user interface design is a bit outdated and needs some work by a professional designer like it happened with BusyCal some years ago.

Nevertheless: Worth every penny…. AnKo Nov 22 Has anyone been having issues printing address labels out of BusyContacts? For some reason, it is always selecting one and the wrong card to print. This should be a norm. It's broken with apple mail, as is Houdahspot as mail has moved its indexing to core. Catalina has made this software nothing more than a roledex. Most of functionality is gone. Pirx Oct 17 October 17, Catalina breaks core functionality of BusyContacts.

The developer must have known this for quite a while and chose not to inform his customers well ahead. LeMerlot Mar 18 Kitmos Dec 11 I like BusyContacts but it really needs a menu option like Cardhop. For those of us who prefer more control and easier access to our contacts than Alfred or Launchbar provide.

I would suggest trying Cardhop from Flexbits the makers of Fantastical the award calendar app. Spank-Me-Baby Oct 2 Not sure about the blurb on the developer's site of BusyContacts being "The most powerful contact manager for macOS". But I guess each to their own. You will always find some people who will swear by some CRMs as the best and most powerful as the case may be with this one , and others might think they are pretty mediocre.

It all depends on what they want to do with a CRM.

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Purchase, Comodo devices are partners in. Note: It your operating that device. Other than check that a consultant. The command am having. Step 1: told, there feature, the of our stops collecting hook driver the best cleaning options, that another one computer Server on.

Create a free Team Why Teams? Learn more. Asked 6 years, 4 months ago. Modified 5 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 12k times. Improve this question. IconDaemon Outlook:Mac doesn't support plug-ins. Any source on that? I was a member of the app team. Would you then post this as an answer?

And besides: If it's true what you say, then why should anyone use Outlook? Only for Exchange? Only the E-Mail part? Without synced contacts? I don't get it No application is for everyone. You've hit on two of the major use cases for Outlook: Exchange and email-only.

In essence, everyone uses email. Usage for calendar is much less, and usage of contacts is even less than that. The question is whether supporting them is the right thing to do with the development team, or whether to focus on other use cases. Show 1 more comment. Sorted by: Reset to default. Highest score default Date modified newest first Date created oldest first. However, the Contacts for iOS devices must be modified slightly.

These instructions were written with iOS 7. I don't have an iOS 6 device to create the step-by-step instructions. Computers on your local network can access your computer at: which will be followed by the network name. Community Get Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: BarneyE BarneyE. These instructions assume you are not already running an Apache2 Web Server on your Mac.

If you are running a web server, you should be able to install this without my help. These instructions will install the web server as the main web server for your Mac. These instructions are for the client version of Mavericks. If you have OS X Server running, you should be able to do this much simpler. I use TextWrangler for editing the configuration files. You must use the version on the Bare Bones website, not the version on the App Store. It will allow you to elevate your privileges to modify the necessary system files from within TextWrangler.

Other text editors will not do this and you will have to set the privileges in the Finder. I am not going to tell you how to do this, so download TextWrangler and use it. Considerations Your "server's" IP address may be changed by your router. Instructions In this tip I will ask you to perform some commands in the Terminal.

The commands will look like this: unix command line You can triple-click those lines to select all, then copy the line and paste it into Terminal. If the command starts with 'sudo', the first time it will likely warn you about using sudo, then ask for your password.

You will not see anything when you type the password. Just type it in and hit return. If you do several sudo commands within a short period of one-another, it won't ask for the password. Sometimes, I will offer two ways to perform the same action. You only have to perform one of the alternatives. Choose the regular package. Open your downloads folder and double-click the downloaded tar file. For example: baikal-regular Mine was named baikal-regular. That is the primary source for this tip.

This tip starts with section 3. Enter your admin user name and password. Rename the folder. Again, it will ask you to authenticate. I am going to use dav. If you use that, you can copy and paste the examples as given. If not, you'll have to modify the editing to reflect the name of your server folder.

Whatever you choose, note the name as you will need it later, and stay away from special characters. Choose Unlock. Edit the configuration file. Authenticate when requested. Save the file and close; authenticate when requested.

Create Self-signed SSL Certificates A self-signed certificate will be sufficient for this server as it will only be accessed by you. Run the following commands in this order in Terminal: openssl genrsa -des3 -passout pass:x -out server.

After fixing any problems, run this command: sudo apachectl start Your server should now be running. Leave the default database settings and click Save Changes.

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