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Nije dozvoljeno web programiranje niti samo upotreba baza podataka. Seminarski radovi se brane na kraju semestra. Odbrana je javna i njoj mogu prisustvovati svi studenti. Teme sa predavanja Programski jezici. Razvoj programskih jezika. Paradigma upitnih jezika. Reaktivna paradigma. Komponentno programiranje.

Skript programiranje - domeni primene. Skript programiranje. Programiranje ogranicenja. Konkurentno programiranje - uvod. Konkurentno programiranje - nivoi konkurentnosti. Konkurentno programiranje - komunikacija i sinhronizacija. Sava and of Holy Prince Lazar. She passed on the respect to her children especially Elena, who was only seven years old when Prince Vasili the Blind died and took care of the acceptance of cults of Serbian historical saints in the Principality of Glinski.

Thus the names of St. Sava and St. Simeon appear here in menologes and are mentioned in gospels handwritten at the very end of the XV and in the early XVI century. The fortunes of war were variable for the family of Ana Glinskaya, so the entire family was forced to immigrate to Moscow after an upheaval. That is when a major part of the Grand Principality of Lithuania was incorporated into the Muscovite state. He was called emperor in the ceremonies, but he was never crowned, regardless of the open invitation of Muscovite Metropolitan Zosim to be proclaimed emperor of all Christians.

The Church of St. Since he did not have any children in his first marriage, male offspring was expected from this one, to continue the long noble lineage of the Rurikovich family. Those were expectations of the entire Russian country, as well as other Slavic Orthodox nations conquered by the Ottomans, to whom a strong Russian state gave hope for their own fate.

Simeon, Serbian miracle-workers. The expectations were fulfilled. Grand Prince Vasili died suddenly that same year. The new grand prince was three year-old Ivan IV and his mother was regent. Little Ivan, carrying the title of grand prince since the age of three, was taught to ascend the deed of his grandfather, who he was named after, and the deed of his father; to be aware of his origin and his historical mission.

The origin brought him the historical mission of the Rurikovich dynasty, especially his grandfather and father, whose will he inherited with the Russian throne. By marrying Princess Zoja, who was given a Russian name Sophia after the marriage, Ivan III gained the right to consider their offspring descendants of Byzantine emperors and Serbian kings and emperors.

He completely heeded the Byzantine symphony — the harmony of spiritual and state authority, upon which the Serbian kingdom and empire were based, and created conditions for its realization, suppressing the uprisings of boyars and simultaneously annexing the Glinski and Ryazan principality, fighting against Turkey and the Crimea and Kazan khanate.

Fighting against the boyars, he leaned upon the church, giving it privileges and making it rich. When he finally did gain offspring — he died as grand prince. Grand Prince Vasili III Ivanovich, in the spacious architectural area of the imperial Kremlin convinced that he should first erect a city and then declare the empire , raised the Cathedral of Archangel Michael as the edifice of his reign, built by Alviso Novi from Venice.

It is a fivedome church dedicated to Archangel Michael, designed and built in the Russian spirit, with flamboyant, Renaissance style facades. Byzantine architecture thereby achieved the monumentality of Russian imperial churches, worthy of being a tomb for grand princes and later tsars. He left the painting of the temple, however, to his heir Ivan IV Vasilyevich. The grand plan of Grand Prince of Moscow Ivan III, continued by his son and heir of the throne Vasili III, preparing the realization of the historical plan to make the Grand Muscovite Principality, in continuous spreading and growing of power, a compact state — Russia, the new Christian empire after Byzantium, had only one more assumption — the final suspension of sharing supreme power between the grand prince and boyars.

The next grand prince in the Rurikovich series — Ivan IV, was supposed to resolve the assumption, with the will of historical fate. Boyars, especially the most powerful ones, co-princes of principalities, whose power was reduced by Grand Prince Vasili III to the utmost limits of their dissatisfaction, wanted to, led by princes Shuyski and Belski, take advantage of his death and the fact that the heir to the throne was a three yearold boy, whose regent was twenty-five year-old Elena Vasilyevna, grand princess.

They saw an opportunity not only to regain lost power, but also to achieve dominance. Princess Elena Vasilyevna, born as princess Glinskaya, of Serbian origin, who suffered envy of most princesses, from co-principalities, those near Moscow and in Moscow, ever since her marriage.

Returning the last will of the deceased prince to power, she became a very determined first female ruler of already grand Muscovite Russia, always emphasizing that she is reigning on behalf of her son, displaying him during the bringing crucial decisions, requesting everyone to take a vow of loyalty to him. She showed determination towards external enemies: in , she forced the Polish king Sigismund I to sign a peace agreement, very favorable for Russia, and obligated Sweden not to support the Livonian Order in Lithuania.

This was the biggest blow to the co-principalities, which pushed them into an even bigger conspiracy. She introduced a common currency, silver kopeyka, the so-called ivanovka there is a page in the Imperial Chronicle at the end of the last volume, showing young Prince Ivan IV and his mother Princess Elena supervising the minting of money and checking the minted kopeykas. The common currency affirmed the economic unity of the Grand Muscovite Principality, as well as the conspiracy against the princess.

After five years of successful governance, Elena Vasilyevna died at the age of thirty, under mysterious circumstances according to present day explanations, the examination of her bones, requested by historians, discovered mercury poisoning, which will probably be taken into consideration by history, although it remains open how history determined for centuries can be re-determined, regardless of new facts. Respecting the court decision on exile, one of the first regulations he brought, after gaining power without regents, was proclaiming the Demidovs as a royal family.

His life was constantly endangered, but he was most often saved by Metropolitan Makarije, since he could not share the responsibility for his people and state with any of the boyars. Those were the years of his education. If his first education with his mother was initiated by love and necessity, being a grand prince, during the years of humiliation by the boyars, it was his salvation. She also introduced him to the second branch of his origins, to the Serbian spiritual and state heritage, with the spiritual and state philosophy of St.

Sava, brought from Chilandar by monk Isaija, as a gift to his father. Sava left his father, mother, brothers, relatives and friends and, together with the entire empire and aristocracy, carried the cross of Christ and achieved such monastic feats! His father Nemanja, that is, Simeon, and his mother left their empire and replaced the purple with monastic robe, thereby receiving earthly consolation and joy!

She did it, at first not in alliance, which will happen later, with the support of Metropolitan of Moscow Makarije, because both boyar sides also attacked the generous privileges the church received from Ivan III, Vasili III and Elena Vasilyevna, especially the wealth thereby gained. Ana Glinskaya, upon the suggestion of the Metropolitan, with the approval of both the Shuyski and the Belski families because he was a boyar, but did not belong to any side , provided Ivan a Russian teacher, Fyodor Demid Semyenchich Voronzov, with the title of main consultant.

The loyalty proved to be complete and Ivan IV not only gained a great teacher of the dynasty history and good adviser, but also a trustworthy friend, with whom his awareness of the state was formed, giving him his first feeling of power and responsibility. It was also the awareness that he reached his legal age, the age of 16 at the time in the Grand Principality, when he must take over full responsibility. When the rampant boyars, unsatisfied with this friendship, ordered beating, arresting and execution of Voronzov, Ivan not only freed him with the help of Metropolitan Makarije, but also placed him as head of government.

Only a few months later, due to the alleged conspiracy of Voronzov against Ivan, he was forced by the boyars to sign a court decision on exile. However, the boyars never regained power. A year before Ivan reached legal age, Ana Glinskaya took over the reign of the Grand Muscovite Principality with her sons, on behalf of the one who will soon take over the entire power. Ivan IV began his rule as grand prince, which he immediately turned into autocracy, with settling accounts with the boyars who, united in hatred, killed his uncle Yuri Glinski at the Cathedral of the Dormition.

At the same time, defending his grandmother, Princess Ana, who filled his soul with Serbian cults of St. He was one of the pioneers of the renewal of national self-consciousness in culture. We have the Charter of Chilandar today thanks to his transcript. A romanticist formed on classical experience, close to Nazarenes and symbolists, perhaps the forerunner of surrealists.

A large exhibition was opened a year after the jubilee. He is an almost forgotten great Serb, interesting more to experts than the public, although his short life was filled with spiritual feats. He lived only forty years. Already in elementary school, he drew events and heroes from national history, painted small icons on glass, sold in villages.

His main role model was Friedrich von Amerling, whose works he liked to copy. It was a time of completely different views of art. Students had to draw several years before they would start painting. That same year, he began his sketches for the iconostasis and wall painting for the Cathedral Church in Belgrade.

Both works were completed four years later, and he was afterwards engaged in church painting in Topola and Vrdnik. His permanent wish was to be engaged in historical painting, and he was educated in a center which mostly emphasized the knowledge of historical costume. He also began literary work and published books Correggio and Golden Seeds. His work was highly appreciated by the public, as he was considered a remarkable intellectual, but this separated him from painting and did not bring any financial means.

He received one hundred and fifty ducats from the state authorities for traveling to Mr. Athos and studying Serbian antiques. He wrote the first two Serbian art monographs, as a result of his two-month long work in Mr. Athos, Thessaloniki and Constantinople. He was charming and likable and often made jokes when with friends. His greatest feature was mercifulness.

He did good to everyone. He was of medium height, with dark skin. It was always tousled. He made the best transcripts of twenty charters. In that period, he also became the founder of Serbian caricature. They were in the spirit of German caricatures, which spread after the fall of Napoleon. His successes brought him membership in the Society of Serbian Literacy in , as the first Serbian artist granted with such honor.

The authorities, however, never rewarded him with a permanent workplace. They employed others. He returned to Novi Sad and continued painting. He wanted to go to Rome and Italy, but soon after he passed away. The news about the death of the Russian emperor had such an effect on this passionate Russophile.

Almost the entire movable painting heritage of this master was later moved to the National Museum, thus Belgrade in a way corrected the injustice made to him. He introduced a new subject into icon painting: St. He carefully prepared for it, by drawing studies and two versions in oil on canvas, and made a masterpiece in the third version. This painting represents him as a romanticist formed on classical experience, precisely as a Nazarene.

The movement of returning to the masters of early Renaissance, renewal of Christian spirituality in the form of precise drawing and pure colors of sacral incidence, spreads from Nazarenes to Pre-Raphaelites and symbolists. Both the war and the things worse than it. After the war. The children of the guardians of communism and their offspring evolved from red bourgeoisie into newly-born elite and tycoons, powerful and arrogant.

Everything changed except UDBA and the syndicate. It was a time of more than a game, more than a careless childhood, a time of small sorrows and great joys, a time that gave birth to great people in sports, music, film, theater. A time that had role models of the street, kafana, movie, ring, microphone Even besides one TV station and one unified opinion some murmured in low voice, following a directive, as bait for hidden enemies , we had meaningful extracurricular mischiefs And we were always unified and united, there were no snitches, although gloomy Kosta, as an older and more experienced man, always claimed that the yield of spies in our land was always high.

But we were united — until The Written Off appeared. They shook our unity, with a few broken noses. The stumbling block was Prle. Pavle P. With his masterful roles, Gaga not only became a pop icon of the time, as the press keeps stating these days, but much more than that. He was a rare phenomenon in his field: a magnificent actor, a modest and unimposing man, with a complete absence of self-marketing and narcissism inseparable from his vocation , a great gentleman with a big heart and always open wallet, a refined bohemian, an emotional knight easily touched by the suffering of others, Zvezda fan, a boy from Crveni Krst, Belgradian, Serb and patriot.

He mostly played the roles of urban, tough guys, heroes of Belgrade streets, but, essentially, as a man, he was completely different. As a fighter, who was engaged in boxing for a short time, he tasted the charms of the streets, however without delinquency periods, and took the best from everyone. The street had its own rules at the time — laws, principles, hierarchy I had family and civil upbringing, but I felt the scents of the street and early challenges.

I played the roles of urban types, desperadoes with a soul, yet antiheroes, except perhaps Prle, who could have been a bodyguard to some politician ater the war If it happens that you do get dirty, try not to disgrace yourself. The path more difficult to walk on, but lasting longer. There is almost nothing more to say about him as an actor, about his roles. Everything has been told and written already during his lifetime.

Both experts and the audience, individuals and institutions, known and unknown, wellintended and cynics, were all united in their opinion that he was the best among the best in his work. Even in kafanas. I remember almost every detail. We were drinking slowly, on the seashore, immediately under his house. Mile brought some exotic Italian vodka with orange, which we quenched with beer.

Gaga was drinking grape brandy and listened to the idle chatter of two war reporters inspired by the beverage. He carefully followed the stories from the war, which is still lasting somewhere within us, as a famous director of partisan movies used to say.

He almost shyly asked what was going on in Herzegovina? Somewhere in the middle of the bay, the waves rose. A seven year-old boy in the boat began panicking. He started crying and his parents unsuccessfully attempted to calm him down. A collective hysteria started upon our arrival.

Never in my life have I seen such adoration. As if the king of Roma came with Christmas gifts. A scene for Fellini! They ran to hug him, pulled him into their shacks. Children were screaming with joy, dogs jumping on him, licking his feet He behaved as if he was born there, spontaneous, he raised and threw the boys into the air, caressed them, joked that he was one of them. And he really did love them. Still, he was also himself, special, in style, physically, mentally and spiritually, elegant.

Cavalier, modest and unpretentious. Great friend. Such alienation drove him away from Paris, where he had already become a film and theater star. He missed his Belgrade friends. Crveni Krst. So we returned The amount offered was high, conditions fantastic, almost unreal for our circumstances. Milena, upon the suggestion of her husband, ignored the offer.

In the next round, a green card for a permanent residence in America came with a higher offered amount. Of course, Milena followed him. The human nature cannot be hidden and cannot act only at kafana and gambling tables. The green baize is the only polygraph that cannot be deceived. Bluffs are working, but that is where the character fails or is confirmed.

With Dejan responsibility, but also had much patience and Dragana for the mistakes and clumsiness of others. It was hot, the sun was burning, and while others were taking their positions, Gaga was leisurely reading the newspaper. Repeating is routine. Can you imagine a bridge being demolished by mistake, in the middle of shooting? The miners, thinking that the shooting of the scene is in progress, and the signal was taking off the hat, blew the bridge up.

Then we waited for a month to have a new bridge model made. E-mail: prodaja. While Web: www. Always gallant, unburdened with his greatness, completely atypical among his colleagues. Now these little actors shoot a few scenes, you reporters build them up and they immediately become stars. Gaga breathed with the greatness of a man leaning upon principles and character. He liked to gamble, and that is a huge passion. The passion for risk, the urge and adrenaline rush were brilliantly described by the great expert in human nature Fyodor Dostoyevsky.

However, at one point, Gaga said No! And that was the end. Only people with a strong character are able to do that. We often went to the Morava, sat for hours, drinking. He loved the river and showed me pictures of the boat he designed himself. Incredible construction! The most difficult slavery is the one we unconsciously carry. Those in power used to keep their subjects in illiteracy, while the present ones understood that semi-literacy gives better results.

Pop culture is a spice of the consumer view of the world. Our basis is beyond time, in the invisible, in the beyond-historical Text: Vesna Kapor and NR Press Serbia, real and integral, beats in his sentence.

The warm and open one, with both feet on the ground, full of ancient images and poems, bareheaded in the wheat, craving for St. The one that studied good schools, constantly visiting the library, knows that Homer and gusle players were hammered on the same fire. And the oak tree one, bringing the sun in its bosom, looking up towards the heavens, with roots in its depths. Thus he can sing both a lullaby and a requiem, both in Poitiers and in Ivanovac near Ljig. In your poetry, the deep cosmic acts together with the personal, which often disintegrates and lives in the collective.

That is your path: Ballad of Born in Ivanovci near Ljig in Winner of numerous reputable awards. Lives in Poitiers, France since , where he worked as lector at the University and associate at the Paris radio. Member of Serbian Academy of Art and Sciences since Regularly spends a part of the year in his native village. Personal experience and feeling of things in literature is effective as far as it is able to be shared with others.

Ever since he began to sing and narrate, verbally and in writing, a human has been asking a few existential questions and replying to them in different ways, without any final conclusion. The most personal things are at the same time expressed as universal, whilst the reader, in difficultly communicated secrets, recognizes with joy his or her own intimate states and feelings.

There are, certainly, different levels of satisfying the same spiritual thirst. A human is an ancient cosmic animal; he has seen, experienced and expressed all sorts of things. The wolf is, I suppose, the voracious everyday life, into which jaws we have to throw a piece of our life, in order to get permission to continue our journey.

Time is a badly determined, in a certain way nonexistent category. With our presence and activities, we fill and design it, sometimes make it beautiful, sometimes pollute it. A writer is a human being, who mediates between life and its possible meaning, an observer and a witness, a spectator who compensates his inability to participate in real events by transferring them into the area of imagination.

Writers are neurotic, frustrated beings: we are all missing something, so we write to overpower the lack, to fill the fatal emptiness. The means are technical jests, more or less inspiring. The same objective is reached through very different paths. Everyone is the creator of their own values, the parent of their own readers.

Writers are badly paid, sometimes even free of charge filters of the spiritual and social situation of a land. Most of those who produce mass entertainment programs, meaning stupefying things, are highly educated. What do you think about this paradox? The practice of the ruling class to keep their subjects in ignorance and illiteracy is very old.

The present day rulers of the world saw that semi-education and semi-literacy give better results, while pop culture is a convenient spice to the consumer view of the world. The exploiting classes always have educated staff on their side, willing to defend and justify the enslavers. Intellectual servants often rush towards the strongest ones. So it happened that the sixty-eight leftists became advocates of American military, economic and geostrategic interests.

It is sad, but not paradoxical. How much was your life a basis for fiction? Although I have seen and experienced many things, my knowledge of life is restricted, and my will to transpose the experienced into fictive situations and characters is very weak. I feel phenomena and people intuitively, on a blurred, lyrical level.

I am often astonished by the insights and assessments of my friends and acquaintances. Such things would never cross my mind. Speaking about others, I was mainly speaking about myself. How Dobrislav Ran through Yugoslavia is my autobiography. I am in everything and the entire world is within me. Is the so often mentioned freedom a replacement for the world fate, or is it only another word convenient for manipulation?

My freedom is determined by the consciousness about general circumstances and own limitations, or, as Hegel said, the recognition of objective necessity. There is the public and there is the inner freedom. The latter does not need the possibility of holding speeches at demonstrations. If I cleared things inside me, I can breathe and think freely even though I am enslaved. Danger begins from the point when we start down the path of self-denial, when we succumb to pressure. There are numerous traps.

The secret of the transcendental horrifies, but also offers the possibility of dreaming. Besides the religious interpretation of existence, which requests faith, not proof, who can say that he found any meaning in what is surrounding him? Finding a connection with the ancient and permanent is a necessity, inevitability. What is the place of our literary ancestors there?

A large part of vital energy is still flowing to us from that jungle. Our basis is beyond time, in the invisible, in the unreachable. With our birth, we are given once and for all: nothingness has thrown us into the world, through a volcano crater. What comes later is shaping within a given frame, with a series of additions. I have read and studied a lot, yet I still have more trust in my unknowingness.

I fight to leave it and to return to it. It is my immovable and reliable stronghold. I was a writer of proses with unclear genre, chronicle writer of daily events, and felt most natural when writing poems for children. If all that has some higher meaning, others should say so.

I regret for my mistakes and imprudence towards others. I lived, and that is always a sin, more or less. Is it possible to preserve the language, cherish it as an identity, in such a century? Of course it is! The language is our powerful weapon, the last line of defense. It is the encouraging sign of healthy collective life. No one can take it away from us without our approval. It has been cherished and perfected for centuries, in smoky huts, by gusle players, narrators, weavers and spinners.

As long as we love and keep enriching it, we will be alive as a nation. That fortress is inaccessible. The language needs full freedom of development, the right to be wrong and, at the same time, discrete supervision and warnings. If it is alive and strong, even foreign words cannot hurt it: they are harmful only at the time its health is weak.

Through your prose, you followed the disintegration of a world, moving of the patriarchal into the so-called new, communist era, and then a repeated harangue from the nineties to the present day of traditional values. However, in your poetics, humaneness was never brought into question? The understanding of some contemporary philosophers about the cyclic development of cultures and civilizations is close to me. Progress develops in circles, in a winding and unwinding spiral, in amplitudes.

There are upward and downward phases of the spinning in circles. It seems that we are currently in the downward department, so we believe that this is the end of the world. There were many such ends of the world in history. The world breaks down and recovers in the same swing. After many visits to foreign lands and long journeys, is it, after all, just an illusion? Yes and no. Living is easier in systems of formally based and respected civil liberties than under authoritarian and dictatorial regimes, although an easier position does not necessarily mean it is essentially better.

Tyranny initiates clearer and more courageous thinking, while formalistic liberties make people grow lazy: brainwashing mechanisms are perfect and economic compulsion has the last word. At the time of the personality cult supremacy, we overestimated the advantages of western democracy, but they, with a grain of salt, do exist.

Until recently, the West has maintained its health with the support of self-criticism; such awareness is declining nowadays, and that is not good. In Rabbit Traces, combining documentary material with your own observations, you perfectly told the story about the Rabbit- Human or about Rabbit and Human, universal both on personal and collective level. What are we supposed to do in this moment, in such a world: be a Rabbit or be a Human?

The two-legged creatures are weak, frightened individuals; identifying them with rabbits comes naturally. However, a clear awareness of the sources of fear partially liberates us from anxiety. Diving into fear is a form of courage, while avoiding confronting it is, certainly, related to cowardice. I am not a brave man by nature, but I was bold in some situations, thanks to fearless thinking. How can an ordinary human find a measure?

It seems simple to me. It is important that everyone draws a line between oneself and them. Under the communist regime, apart from a few unpleasant situations, I was generally fine, exactly because I did not thrive for power. However, I was privileged, due to the nature of my job: by waiving wealth and power, I was able to live decently.

They have nothing to waive. Both a gift and a suffering. Many writers stay away from it. Would you write following the same traces again? The choice happened independent from my will. I was born in the heart of a peasant land, I observed the downfall of the rural civilization from my early age and overcame that process.

Even here, where I have been living for years, it is constantly within me. You have evaluated a turbulent century through your pen, left traces deep and recognizable, observed the world from different geographical points. Are there any answers or just repeated questions: about meaning, history, about God and the universe, about the individual and nation?

I attempted to express, sincerely and convincingly, what had been bothering and torturing me. I hope that, at the final judgment, my openness and intellectual honesty will be taken into consideration. That is all I can say in my defense. In situations of crises, when the community is in danger, I am ready for more active forms of solidarity.

She won numerous awards and recognitions in all parts of the world. Born in Belgrade, she gained two university diplomas in her home city: department of theory and department of solo singing of the Academy of Music. She later gained her master degree in the same place. Abbado and R. She played the leading role in the same theater in L. Cooperating with great opera singers, she sang in prestigious theaters around the world, and played more than 70 opera roles.

She brought many rare pieces to Belgrade and presented them to her people, and promoted Serbian music all around the world. How do you feel about it? I loaded, followed, sharpened, discovered it more and more. I never chased awards, career, biography; I have always just followed, with discipline, with passion, determinedly and courageously, the talent written in my being. I am glad about this award, although I believe that the biggest award in my life is the talent that has been given me.

Mirella Freni also played a role in it. Even in such a cast, you succeeded in captivating both the audience and the critics? I accepted Adriana Lecouvreur, although convinced that the audience would greet me with disapproval. I thought that my voice, at that moment, was still green, while this veristic role implied dramatism, with a thick orchestra. Realizing that I received an extraordinary offer, a possible encounter with two greatest opera artists in the world, I accepted the challenge.

You will never guess who that critic is. The most fantastic work, the essence of art is around me. I am happy, creating, advancing, watching, enjoying. The premiere arrives and, in the second act, I enter the stage, unknown to the Catalonian audience, and sing the aria.

No applause. Your anticipations are coming true. We are all trembling, me, the chorus, the audience. Carried away by the greatest possible artistic sensation, I am completely free from fear. We come to individual bows, and I enter the stage with dignity, expecting all the ammunition of this world to start firing at me.

Who was the most convincing Don Jose? He had no need to know the direction for the production, because every direction is actually in singing, expression and emotions. It was a very realistic murder, with the strongest emotions. Accompanying the critique published in Corriere della Sera, the skilled photographer eternalized that dramatic moment.

That photograph actually depicts my entire career. What has it brought you? There are fascinating roles with a special treatment, such as Eboli, and especially Abigail. When I calmly observe my talent today, I clearly see a big, thick cluster with many berries.

The more I picked them, the more I discovered there were more, that the front of gifts is constantly spreading and moving. The more I knocked and requested from myself, the more new roads and unimagined possibilities opened. Thus I was able to take an unthinkable step: to step into the soprano dangerous Abigail as a mezzosoprano. It often happened that one day I sing one, and the other day a completely opposite role for my vocal and emotional features.

Among the ones I was gifted with, the possibility to enter into Abigail has a special place. The award ceremony took place in the President of Serbia General Secretariat building. There are only a few artists given a special honor to participate in a world premiere during their artistic life.

A story about Serbia, from its beginnings to the present times, its rises and falls, characteristics of our people, temptations and painful injustices, severe blows, contemplation on our own mistakes. Even during the performances, it turned out that some supported the piece, while others hid it from the eyes of the public.

I cannot understand how such an endeavor, with noticeable results, could be deprived of the annual award of the National Theater. I know that this opera will shine and live in the future. If it were up to me, Count Sava, as we call this piece, would be the best promoter of the Serbian national being in the field of opera.

Cherishing Serbian music is an important part of your artistic personality? I attempted to put my international reputation to the service of presenting the culture of my country. Thanks to that international reputation, people who came to my concerts, even in the smallest towns throughout Serbia, had a feeling they were attending an exceptional event.

I know that the purpose of my life is to share gifts I bring within and embed them into the genuine cultural advancement of my nation, my Serbs. They perform around the world, brilliantly. They know that we must always return back to tradition in a creative way.

Thus, we try to ensure that the quality of our work is much higher than the amount we receive. The amateur group grew into the Society of Podrinje Accord led by priest Ignat. Sava of the fifth row. The foundation stone was laid by King Milan, with regent Blaznavce. After the changes in Serbia in , cooperation extends with educational and cultural workers from across the country, but also with societies across the Drina River, marking the beginning of a grudge toward -Hungarians in the annexed Bosnia.

They tried to prevent guest performances of the society, and censored the programs. Documents were found according to which the society members were changing the order in case of campaign to Bosnia to spy on the condition of the army for the National Defense As the first Serb who does this, he showed them how to play kolo dance from Jadar and Serbia, as well as the old town dances.

This was reported in the local newspapers printed in millions of copies. On St. The Second World War interrupted their work, the German soldiers desecrated the temple of culture, but in September the liberators entered the city and the society was once again restored.

Performances around the world come one after the other, warming the palms of audiences in Japan, Australia, Algeria and throughout Europe, from Portugal to Russia. We are grateful to those who came before us and those who will come and be even better. To some extent, we also perform educational function, because our young members spend their time better. They searched every pocket, every piece of luggage and even took off upholstery from the bus seats and found nothing.

It showed what our children were like. The society consists of folklore ensemble, from children to veterans, theater, folk orchestra, a group of singers, literary club, art group and gusle section. They organize numerous events, from the Acting Festival to literary and gusle evenings. It is one of the few societies that have a folk ensemble, as well as painters, writers, and actors He particularly emphasizes that amateur societies, in his opinion, often have more professional performances than those who do it as a job, and productions performed by professionals are often less satisfying in terms of artistic criteria.

The showcase also displays a Japanese traditional costume, obtained on tour in Japan, as well as numerous trophies and plaques. At one point, shortly after the war, some of the representatives of the new authorities threatened to give it back this role.

On one side of the building there was an inscription with the name of the new society, on the other side with the old name, and there were disputes over the use of the premises. Three swings on one rope, a birch resembling a green and white merry-go-round, saving a wounded dove. Unexpectedly, Goldy got married and his mom Kitty became mother-in-law. Then Ika remembered Joca the dolphin and thought of a way to save him. At least in the story.

Perhaps fairytales exist to save us from evil fishermen? Three swings are on the birch. For Ika, Brankica and Nikola. Grandma Vida sits on a stool under the birch and swings all three of them at the same time, using three ropes.

Watching form the side, the birch looks like a big, green merry-go-round. Grandma Vida is like doctor Yoyboli. Sick cats and birds always come to her. In the morning, when she gives corn kernels to chicken, doves and sparrows also come to have breakfast with them. When she comes to feed them, stray tomcats also come. And they all usually get on well. Goldy the Tomcat and his mom Kitty never touch the doves.

However, one morning, a big, largeheaded tomcat from the neighborhood, half of his ear missing, covered with scars, wandered into the yard. A real desperado and stray tomcat, always putting on a fight in garbage cans. When he saw doves eating together with Goldy and Kitty, pecking freely the remains of corn pap from the cat dish, Bighead thought doves might be good for eating as well. He jumped at one poor dove. They chased him all the way to the gate. Then tomcat Bighead got a broom over his tail.

Running away, he hit his head on the gate. Suits him well. The dove had a broken wing, so they placed it in a small cage hanging from the henhouse ceiling, until it recovers. Other doves visited it every day, bringing herb seeds for a quick recovery. When it got well, Grandma Vida let it out of the cage and put it on the birch.

Of course, only Ika understood it. She adores doctor Yoyboli and made me read a hundred times to her about him and monkeys, so she remembered that chacka in animal language means thank you. Only watching her was sad enough.

It was so at the beginning. Her hair became shiny. To be honest, everyone could see something serious was going on there. They sleep together. Goldy the Tomcat got married. She cannot stand the newcomer. Ika is satisfied and in no hurry to return home. Write how that eagle flew to his nest and Mandrel the Dwarf continued by boat.

Then he saw fishermen, evil fishermen, catching Joca the dolphin. Mandrel called the eagle, who pecked the hooks and freed Joca the dolphin. While looking at the pictures from our holiday, Ika started crying. And Jeca saw him! So now she rememberedhow to save him with the help of Mandrel the dwarf, at least in the story. Perhaps fairytales exist to save us from evil fishermen?! It seems, however, that the excellent work of experts and sportsmen is behind it all.

If we emphasize and exaggerate our shortcomings so oten, we must also be aware of our extraordinary virtues. During his prosperous career, he has been working with several clubs simultaneously with being the Serbian female national team head coach. The job is the same on both levels, but the feeling is completely different. What we experience in the club is on the level of an ordinary job, which we try to do the best we can.

The national team, however, is something else. It brings, but also requests much more than ordinary trainings and games. Each success is experienced with much stronger emotions, and the failures are more difficult to handle. At least this is how I feel it and express it clearly. He has been in female volleyball for seventeen years already, although, at the beginning of his coaching career, he never even thought this would be his focus. I simply believed that working with ladies is more difficult, mainly due to their specific emotional set.

However, only a few months later, I realized I was wrong. Women are able to commit to sports with the same passion as men, perhaps even bigger. They are disciplined and very persistent. Their contribution is immeasurable. One of the frequent questions is whether the girls always understood him the right way and whether they gave as much as requested from them?

We aspire towards the best results, but sometimes they cannot be realized. Only after a certain period of time, from a distance, it can be noticed that although the objectives were clear, the real possibilities were not on that level. The girls have been following my requests and really gave their best. I think they understood me, especially the fact that I always ask them for more.

After all, their individual careers show it, everything they have achieved in their clubs. Many other national teams also have similar experiences. There were girls in the national team, who were able to do much more than they have done. I am sure they know why, but I can say that everything is actually the measure of real talent.

Talent is not only readiness for a direct game, but also the way you behave in a community, the way you approach it and share with it everything other girls share. Such things, unfortunately, happened in female volleyball as well, but we managed to overcome it.

How can we explain the good results of Serbian volleyball, despite the fact that we have low quality leagues and huge drain of young players? We have been on top of the world for years, in a sport which is very popular worldwide.

Finally, of all sports, the world volleyball federation has the biggest number of members. Our undeniable problem is a weak basis, because the leagues are on low level, consisting of young players, and the financial situation in the society, in all sports, including volleyball, is such that it cannot be compared with countries that have incomparably higher investments in sports. Perhaps the thing that keeps us on such a high level is excellent work, first of all of coaches, then the work in certain clubs and then in the federation itself.

With the existing talents, it gives results for now. How long it will be so, I cannot even assume. Phenomenon of Serbian sports We have a habit of thoroughly analyzing our shortcomings. We are very precise in doing it and we know perfectly well that our basis is in a bad condition. Clubs, in all sports, are choking in problems, money is almost absent, and the infrastructure is on a low level.

The situation in the society is similar. It seems that, in such a situation, many children, as well as their parents, see sports as a possibility to overcome the traps of an ugly time and direct the child to a right path in life. Not only to make money someday, enabling them to be independent, but mainly for the possibility to gain healthy principles and habits through sports, to grow as persons.

Perhaps we are even lucky that, in such a time, many see sports as one of the rare opportunities to express themselves the right way. Beautiful and Difficult Moments — In sports, results determine the level of our satisfaction. As I said, only after a while, we can realistically interpret what we have achieved, whether some results were lower than expected or whether some expectations were insufficiently realistic.

Luckily, during the past ten-odd years, we had more reasons to be satisfied. Perhaps because we were realistic about our possibilities. Not only tennis players, but also water polo, basketball players, athletes, shooters and many others.

It seems to me that our people easily skip that fact and see successes in sports more as entertainment than as major achievements. I think those results deserve more respect. How does the female volleyball national team coach see the core of Serbian people?

We gained them by growing up on our land, and we should emphasize them with pride. We are now very burdened with crises in mutual relations. We used to respect, support and defend each other more. That is why our entire living environment is difficult to bear, although the solution is right in front of us. Many of my acquaintances from all parts of the world, who visited Serbia, departed with the most beautiful experiences and wish to come again. We must never forget that, in moments of great crises, we have a lot to show and many like it a lot.

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