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Samba Drums is a sample and loop library for Kontakt and above, based on a samba band or “batucada”. Typical from Brazil, World Cup. Over a year of development and more than samples, the library brings a jazz drum kit played by the prominent Brazilian drummer Gabriel.



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brazilian drums kontakt torrent

Brazilian Beats for download. Brazilloops provides Brazilian samples libraries, iOS and Android apps, VST/AU plug-ins and now an online drum machine. Over a year of development and more than samples, the library brings a jazz drum kit played by the prominent Brazilian drummer Gabriel. This sample library features a set of folk percussion instruments from Brazil. Coming from African roots, the samba band or batucada is a percussion ensemble. PHP DAN MYSQL PDF TORRENT Highlights Troy their basis and Collation. All files this, the is a pioneer of said in on your. All the best stuff.

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Learn more about Kontakt and Kontakt Player here.

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Brazilian drums kontakt torrent Great for performers too, you can have intros, sequences and endings for live gigs. A representative will follow-up with you as soon as possible, typically within brazilian drums kontakt torrent hours of your request. In action Hear how Samba Drums sounds in the context of a full song or naked out of the box with no effects. Check our privacy policy to see how we protect and manage your submitted data. Browse latest View live. Each articulation was recorded with 2 microphone positions, close and far, that you can mix and control independently.


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Native Instruments Drumlab is a perfect choice for electronic producers who are pursuing more organic percussive sounds. Since it offers you a lot of layering options, you have a nearly infinite amount of different grooves that can be produced. Sonokinetic Sultan Drums is a collection of very exotic ethnic percussion instruments. This library offers you shockingly great playability with a lot of articulations, each with its own dynamic layers and round robins. Users like Sonokinetic Sultan Drums for being a unique collection of top-shelf recorded drums that will add a note of mystery from the Middle East to your tracks.

Each of the drums can be found in one of ten styles which expands your composing possibilities even more. Although Sonokinetic Sultan Drums offers you only ethnic percussion, it still can be used in a lot of different styles due to its high playability. Sonokinetic Sultan Drums is a perfect choice for audio producers who are looking for an ethnic percussion library. That being said, it could also be used as a layering tool in various styles of music or as a conventional percussion within more traditional styles.

Wave Alchemy Drumvolution is a very advanced and powerful virtual drum machine that offers you more than 25 thousand various percussive samples and a very capable engine. It offers you polyrhythmic sequencing, a very capable layering tool, a 12 track mixer, and full integration with your MIDI controller. Users agree that Wave Alchemy Drumvolution is a forward-thinking and very versatile drum instrument with an astonishing amount of samples.

Users find it very useful as Drumvolution also offers you more than presets that let you compose any sort of music. Wave Alchemy Drumvolution is truly impressive when it comes to creating custom drum grooves. There is something about this virtual drum machine that makes you enjoy producing electronic beats even if this kind of music is not your cup of tea.

Wave Alchemy Drumvolution is a perfect choice for someone who is looking for a new virtual drum machine. For a reasonable price, it offers you a very mighty drum engine combined with a lot of samples of the highest quality possible. AudioThing Tank Drum is a carefully sampled steel tongue drum library that has 3 velocity layers and 5 round robins per sample.

Users especially like that it was recorded played by both hands, rubber mallets, and brushes. The drum is recorded quite marvelously and is rich in harmonics. We believe that nowadays, every audio producer should have a hang drum in their arsenal, just in case. The only downside to AudioThing Tank Drum is that it is tuned in the key of E minor pentatonic, which limits its usability quite drastically. AudioThing Tank Drum is a perfect choice for audio producers who are looking for a hang drum library specifically.

But considering its extremely low price and very believable realism, there is no reason not to have one for the rest of us. Users say that Heavyocity Ensemble Drums Collection is a mighty collection of atmospheric drums of exceptional sound quality. You have absolutely all to compose the next masterpiece of any style you feel will sound the best.

Remarkable depth of sound and a variety of effects to choose from will help anyone in composing. It has epic loops made of Bass drums, Roto-toms, and Taiko drums. We believe that Heavyocity Ensemble Drums Collection sounds just right, to say the least. You might get the feeling that it is too epic, but can it really be so?

Heavyocity Ensemble Drums Collection is a perfect choice for someone who sees the future in creating contemporary epic scores. This library is sufficient enough on itself but fits perfectly with other percussive instruments as well. Firstly, it offers a very sophisticated but yet extremely usable sampling engine with a lot of additional effects. Secondly, it also has a free version that, despite its limited functionality, still is a very sufficient and viable tool for media composing.

In other words, our libraries could be used in far more than one particular style of music. The other thing that we keep in mind is the ability of those libraries to provide as much customization as possible. It is very important to be able to create your own custom sounds and grooves, but we also wanted to provide an option of producing sounds on the go.

So you could use those libraries as creatively and freely as you would like to. May 30, June 7, May 23, June 7, May 16, June 7, Your email address will not be published. With a modest price tag compared to what you get , this compendium of drum eras is the ultimate sample paradise for acoustic drums.

It pretty much covers up any familiar genre or style in both modern and more vintage-style productions. If you want to, you can use the Groove Libraries to inspire you, with MIDI patterns ready for drag and drop at your project session.

With that in mind, Native Instruments teamed with him to bring this exciting new Kontakt library as a testament to his legacy. The main interface features 16 pads assigned to each piece of the kit S for Snare, K for Kick, etc. At the bottom, you have parameters for six FXs, tune, and level. You also have 16 beats created by Vig, which can be easily dragged and dropped at your DAW. Combining these options with the multitude of controls , you can set particular sounds for the already heavy drums, such as de-tuning or filtering.

The post-recording processing done by Butch brings lots of weight and dynamics to each piece of the kit with the help of distortion and saturation units. Tracks separate them — fills, choruses, verses, etc. All the instruments behave friendly yet maintain a particular sound character that brings personality and superb quality to each sound collection. The macro effect controls available filter, punch, grunge, flair, reverb, delay, tune, and level cover up to 24 parameters and can be assigned at the effects page, all to your taste.

The hard sound present on this package brings a clear perspective to how dynamics and saturation can get a new life to drum tracks while at the same time allowing the user to tweak it to their need. Derico Watson is the drummer responsible for playing on all the acoustic samples, executing 38 individual perfect-tuned drums. Grammy-winning producer Kenny Barto was trusted to make each sample sound the best possible, with both vintage and modern gear and three different recording rooms at his disposal.

And, of course, you have all the drum machine sounds loved by producers and SFX designers right there, alongside the samples. The interface allows for an intuitive and fast workflow , having all the drum selection options and controls available right at the main screen.

The 80 electronic layers of drum machines are edited to have the phases aligned, faded, and pitched accordingly to the acoustic instruments. A visual groove display is shown so you can see precisely where the drums hit lines up , while the number of loops can be used to create fills, hit variations, and much more right at the sequencer screen.

With the best parts of both worlds, DrumLab gets it right by mixing great-sounding acoustic samples with the most iconic electronic drum sounds ever. The customization options are good enough for your beat-productions, but it comes in handy to have it all together on the same screen. The second installment of the Drum Fury library brings organic sounds and a plethora of worldwide percussive instruments with modern and inspiring design. The previous version had opted to bring a massive selection of sounds.

This time Sample Logic went for organic and electronic ones with a choice of unusual instruments. They applied fantastic sampling techniques with less-sampled percussive elements and synth drums. They recorded the contents at multiple locations to offer a variety of tones , ready to be manipulated to your needs in an interface very appealing and easy to use.

Adding reverb or delay to it may bring an excellent drone quality to your rhythm , and you can also shape the amplitude envelope with the ASDR controls. You can stack them to your taste, and the selected samples will play backward or forward. The LFO modulators are a great help if you have multiple dynamic layers on synth drums and percussive elements.

Aside from creating tailored kits for your sound , these sampled percussions can also be tweaked. With samples at your disposal, you can edit each one of them to span the entire range of the keyboard. Adding FXs such as delay and reverb may create striking elements and transitions for your production, with endless customization possibilities.

This library requires the full paid version of Kontakt, version 5. A clear improvement since its first version, Drum Fury 2 excels in blending exquisite sounding instruments with modern sound-shaping options , leading to very custom-sounding elements.

A collection of high-energy cinematic percussions with an easy-to-use interface that promotes fluid workflow and dynamic versatility. Following the success of Action Strings, Native Instruments brings the drum-equivalent Action Strikes as an excellent resource for cinematic production s.

With a hand-selected variety of ensembles , each one meticulously recorded, this library excels at bringing powerful hits that can replicate the strength of a live orchestra. You can change rhythms easily with intuitive key switches by using your left hand to control the rhythm itself and your right hand to handle all the possible variations.

From a light hit to a thundering roll , each can be adjusted by a turn on the mod wheel , so you get real-time control on every fill you may want to include. From snares to bongos, windchimes to hi-hats, and aquaphones to bass drums , each one is recorded with particular attention to the details of dynamics. Instead, you get rhythms that can be combined freely, with five variations per ensemble, 32 playable rhythms, and 12 playable sets of single hits.

The great thing about Action Strikes is the enormous variety of cinematic options you have available, without a single pre-made loop. Drumatic Creator is a sample library designed to bring drum ensembles in a new and flexible way without limiting your creativity. Unlike most drum libraries out there, Drumatic focuses on bringing the experience of creating, controlling, and generating ensembles of your own , with a selection of 40 drums in total, from a single interface.

You have booms, slaps, rim, and metallic hits, clicks, and much more ready for you to create polished drum tracks with much emotion attached to them. Nashville-based In Session Audio created this library to bring the perfect dramatic percussion to your project. The result is a maximized user control over the sound of the ensemble.

Each group can consist of both instruments, loading up to nine of them. They have independent volume, pan, and pitch controls. You can control them with white and black keys , respectively, which can be assigned to trigger fast rolls or trills, for example. However, the delay is not random: you can set it up from 0ms to 40ms , assigned to each instrument concerning the next. A high-pass and low-pass filter are also present. The library is available for Kontakt Player or Kontakt 5.

The main difference between Drumatic Creator and other drum libraries is the ease of creating and arranging different drum kits into one single interface. Although you can choose individual pieces at your taste, this library opts to give the user freedom to adjust everything as a group , so the overall sound will be as expressive as it gets for your cinematic production.

The sample library features six velocity layers and 6 round robin per articulation , with the additional tape recorder noises such as tape noise and button press sounds.

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Samba Drums - Overview

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