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General News - Top 20 Turn Based Tactics Indie Games. Thursday - August 20, Black Myth: Wukong - Gameplay Demo Video. dc west wisconsin wyoming monkey king wukong anime god highschool journey shyvanna sifu silverback mewtwo sion skarner skin son staff stick stone. Full text of "Retro Gamer". See other formats. THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO CLASSIC GAfTlES MONSTER MASH HCWMASAHIRO UENO CREATED SUPER CASTLEVANIA IV RfflST. PRE-ALLOCATE ALL FILES UTORRENT GAMES You can the VNC Comodo antivirus. For a user will for This. The company also use this app easily access charts from vnc, In multiple features, page to.

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Do you know when the underworld wukong skins will be available for purchase. You said it was legacy, but I am not quite sure when it will be available. Thanks for the review though! Your Comment. Name required. E-mail required. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Wing says:. July 25, at Zero says:.

July 26, at July 27, at Llazart says:. August 3, at August 4, at August 19, at August 20, at Tiger says:. September 24, at September 25, at Jack says:. September 26, at Anon says:. March 24, at Basictiger says:. September 8, at September 9, at Turnus says:. September 30, at UmAdBrO says:.

October 23, at Bastinazus says:. October 25, at October 24, at October 26, at BillyBoy says:. October 28, at ScatteredDarkness says:. February 5, at August 6, at Haruka says:. January 2, at January 4, at Ambrose says:. January 17, at January 18, at Blackhawk says:. January 29, at Tigerallen says:. February 22, at Hugz Not Drugs says:. January 15, at January 16, at February 28, at March 2, at TheTree says:.

August 21, at Edri says:. September 15, at Leo says:. December 18, at January 22, at January 23, at Vladutz De Pe Muscel says:. April 7, at April 9, at Charin says:. April 8, at April 11, at April 12, at DJWhimSy says:. April 14, at April 16, at While the background is just a few rocks and maybe some fire, the foreground shows Wukong aflame and standing on lava sprouting from the ground.

The colour palette is focused on the red-green spectrum which reinforces the fire theme. However, the lower parts of the body, and even the staff, look plain in comparison. Volcanic Wukong provides an interesting fire version of the Monkey King. The armour combines with his body and both unite with the lava lines. This style is more sinister than his usual self which complements the lethality of fire quite well.

Secondly, the flames blazing from his head and gauntlets add a new layer of visual complexity. No matter what Wukong is doing, the flames trail and surround him. The resulting effect is very eye-catching and enjoyable to see. Moreover, Crushing Blow, Decoy and Cyclone leave a staff trail with the classic staff shape. On the whole, Volcanic Wukong does have some flaws but they are minimal and are completely compensated by the excellent flame effects.

It appears as a bunch of clouds to fill the rest of the piece. On the other hand, Wukong is greatly portrayed with complex and detailed clothes. Unfortunately, the implementation of General Wukong is good but not enough to make it interesting. Actually, the armour has an appropriate design and the staff looks solid. However, his face and eyes appear lifeless while the general aesthetic is a bit drab. On top of that the staff trail used for Crushing Blow, Decoy and Cyclone is that of the classic staff.

Therefore, General Wukong becomes an unexciting skin that looks just good. The setting is that of a mountainous region from where a dragon emerges on one side of the scene. The idea is good but background and foreground seem disjointed without any link between them. Atop a pagoda, presumably, Wukong dramatically poses. The comic book style of the portrayal is without a doubt quite attractive. The lines are sharp the textures well realized and the pose effortlessly communicates the physical and mystical prowess of Wukong.

To a point that is accomplished but at the price of leaving behind the sober feel of the actual skin. The drawing is better but the essence of the splash art is uneven: better on the portrayal but worse in the connection to the setting. Jade Dragon Wukong seems like a fusion between the Volcanic and General skins. It has some fire effects like Volcanic and it has a little of the enlightened theme of General.

This combination works better than could be expected: the flames are smaller but add a nice extra visual layer. Furthermore, the clothes with their jade decoration show Wukong as a more elegant and even spiritual being.

The tips have an extremely blunt and brutal shape that the dragon heads barely mask; still it looks adequate. Additionally, Crushing Blow and Cyclone receive new trail particles for the staff that make the aesthetic more consistent. Again, this stands in opposition to Decoy whose staff trail particles retain the classic style.

A cloudy night sky above a rocky region: the setting is as empty and pedestrian as it could be. To an extent it is but aside from looking a bit too exotic Underworld Wukong avoids becoming a pastiche of themes. Nonetheless, while the aspect is certainly different Wukong looks more like a deranged old warrior than an actual apparition.

There are some really great touches but not all abilities shine as they should. Whereas, Decoy and Nimbus Strike seem to just have the necessary, uninspired changes and suffer from all too solid vapours. Cyclone is a case of its own as it looks rather unimpressive for an ultimate. Instead of adding the eye-catching trail used for Crushing Blow and his recall the ability merely has the same old motion blur.

There are new sounds to accompany the abilities but they fail to stand out and add an eerie feel to the skin; unlike the voice-over. In fact, cheaper skins manage to look and have abilities that feel more iconic. Unless you really like the style and are aware of the noticeable shortcomings of the skin there are better options for less.

The background is extremely ambiguous and lets out only hints of trees and, perhaps, walls. However, the curls and coils as well as the specific colours define a distinct identity. Wukong is based off a character in an old chinese tale called "Journey to the West". That is how he is suppose to sound like. Or they need to give Wukong some more attention , haven't seen Riot doing a thing for Wukong in a long time. Wukong is such a great champion , I feel like he's so underrated.

They should make a skin similar to yi like Pupil Wukong or Wujukong idk or the original Kong before he met yi. This is totally the best Wu skin ever. The colors are perfect. The armor makes him look fairly bottom heavy, which looks great. The asymmetrical shoulder pads look insane cool. My only complaint is that the splash art is too similar to default, since the backgrounds in loadscreen are just white, but that is hardly a problem.

You sir do not know this champion, it changes color for your team's perspective so they know who the real one is, the enemy team still sees it as the exact same as the original Wukong. This skin messes up his Decoy , When he decoys he is in jade coloring so therefore the enemy well know immediately that he is a clone If he can grow his stick like that at the begining, why doesn't he always have it that long and have the ultimate poke? You're the idiot for not knowing it's basically the same character.

It's the same thing of saying that Dragon Ball is not Smite. I personally think this is his best one. Jade Warrior looks silly and the Volcanic makes him look like a lunatic. Me personally, I like this skin better than the other ones. I like the well armored Wukong appearance in the skin rather than the effects that spew out of the other ones.

He is a trickster sure, but hell, we have a exiled warrior who gets dressed up as a playboy bunny. People just want what the want which is why I favor Outback Renekton than his other skins. Wukong in league is obvs taken from Sun Wukong the monkey king and is obvs in both games but still based of the same characther.

Pretty sure Sun Wukong is a super strong warrior that can surpass the strenght of Gods, not just a monkey. Sorry, I meant thinner, you know, more basic compared to the classic one. And yeah, he seems larger with this skin's clothes.

Toggle navigation LeagueSales. Create your review. Yes Skin currently Available. Reviews for General Wukong. See more reviews Zirivity any idea when this skin will be on sale?? I know it was last on sale in June last year. Wirelike like if u hate when he put enemie on 10 hp and than dont kill him. Rularuu How come when he ults his staff becomes red all of a sudden?

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SMITE Skin Spotlight : Heavenly Warlord Sun Wukong *Skin/Jokes/Taunts*

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