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She put her trust in the wrong person. A mistake that was a tragedy for her and could've cost her life. It did cost others mentioned in the book their lives. It proves that a normal person who accidentally slips up could be in the same situation. In fact, it's going on under your nose right now. Together, we can all do something to raise awareness.

I applaud Sarah for having the strength and courage to share her story, and break the common misconceptions that surround trafficking. She is one of the lucky ones who managed to escape, but she is far from healed. I really hope that one day she will heal the invisible psychological wounds. View all 6 comments. I found this whole book to be very unbelievable to be brutally honest. It took me awhile to decide whether to be honest or not but in the end I have to be.

Forsyth came across as lying to me. And I wouldn't say that without having very strong feelings. So maybe I have a nose for these things. If anything comes out about this woman in the future I I found this whole book to be very unbelievable to be brutally honest.

If anything comes out about this woman in the future I have a feeling it won't be about the truthfulness of this book and her experiences. I think it will be someone outing her. I'm not sure if Tate was taken in or if he's part of this but I think it's a fraud.

My Mom is a respectable source to me but not to everyone else in the world. Why can't the reader know who this "respectable source" is? Then we're expected to believe this about the dogs? This womans abusers always used big ferocious dogs to scare her. When she was at home, in care, when she was kidnapped, in every country, all the time, dogs. I could go on and on and on but I don't really feel like it.

It didn't come off as true to me and I would bet actual real money that this is a fake. I think she knew some things, whether she traveled to Amsterdam to research this book or whether she went there to be a sex worker on her own or with a boyfriend, whatever the case, I doubt she was actually tricked. Too many unreal situations and it has nothing to do with as she says "people not wanting to believe these things can happen".

I read dozens of mis-lit books and memoirs all the time and I'm very knowledgable about what horrors humans cause. I believe all she said is "possible", just not that it happened to her. I'm only giving Slave Girl 2 stars because it's an easy read and parts were actually entertaining.

View all 10 comments. Wow, this book is like nothing else i have read before, a first person account of being kidnapped, this book genuinly makes you see the seedy city of Amsterdam in a different light, I really think this book should be read to all teenagers at school to show how cruel the world can be and it shows what can happen to young people who travel abroad alone. Ideally I would love to have been able to give this book five stars and commend the author for having the courage to share such a disturbing story and raise awareness of the all-too-real evils of human trafficking and sex slavery.

However, there were numerous points of the story that seemed illogical, self-contradictory or just did not ring true, and after conducting a bit of background research on both Sarah Forsyth and her ghostwriter, journalist Tim Tate, I am inclined to question the truthfu Ideally I would love to have been able to give this book five stars and commend the author for having the courage to share such a disturbing story and raise awareness of the all-too-real evils of human trafficking and sex slavery.

However, there were numerous points of the story that seemed illogical, self-contradictory or just did not ring true, and after conducting a bit of background research on both Sarah Forsyth and her ghostwriter, journalist Tim Tate, I am inclined to question the truthfulness of this story and the intentions behind writing it.

Several of the numerous discrepancies and oddities in the story are: 1 The nature of Sarah's supposed abduction. She claims 'Sally' met her at Schipol Airport dressed blatantly like a prostitute while still under the pretence of being a nursery nurse, and that John Reece then held her at gunpoint in the car she was driven away in.

While the two of them had apparently worked to deceive Sarah into thinking she was going to be working as a nurse, and had pulled off this stunt successfully so far by sounding friendly and professional on their phone calls, would they really have made the truth so blatant as soon as Sarah arrived at the airport, and thus given her a chance to escape - or risk being seen by someone who may have raised the alarm?

Wouldn't it have made more sense for Sally to have worn normal clothing for the meeting and at the very least kept up the charade during the car journey before revealing the truth? So why would she be so quick to run into a police station when previous experience would suggest they would just return her straight to the pimps?

Would it not have made more sense to have gone to the British Embassy for help? The apparent reason is because Sarah's mother claims Sarah did call her several times after arriving in Amsterdam, and Sarah assumes this was an impostor due to the line being 'noisy'.

Surely a mother will know her own daughter's voice no matter how noisy the line is? The Geordie accent is a difficult one to fake, and surely no impostor could have convinced her mother so firmly that she was Sarah without giving at least some clue that something was amiss.

Likewise the calls can not have been that frequent, and surely Sarah's mother must have felt uneasy about having no address or phone number to contact her daughter on, or when her daughter spent more than a year abroad without ever offering to pop home for a visit, come home for Christmas etc? It is extremely tough to believe Sarah's family would not have twigged that something was wrong, and lends more credence to the idea that Sarah DID indeed call her mother from Amsterdam despite her claims otherwise, and that she and her mother knew full well what work Sarah was doing there before she went.

A post on the Fleshtrade blog claiming to be from Sarah's ex-boyfriend claims Sarah spoke to him several times on the phone from Amsterdam and that she is a compulsive liar. This is the point where alarm bells really go off - Sarah at this point claims her and Sally always had some form of affection and chemistry between them and now was their chance to explore this, yet there is no indication of this earlier in the story; they bond briefly over the shared hopelessness of their situation but there is no hint of any real affection for one another and Sarah expresses nothing but resentment for her captor early on.

It seems far more likely that Sarah is not being truthful of the exact nature of her initial acquaintance with Sally and casts doubt on the claim she was 'kidnapped'. It does not ring true how she blames the hospital doctors for getting her addicted to morphine instead of crack and thus lengthening her life as an addict; surely trained and experienced doctors would know better than this?

As well as the aforementioned illogic regarding Sally, there's also Sarah's mother - one minute they're really close and share a loving family bond, the next she's claiming their relationship is awkward and they hardly see each other? And also her wife Tracy - what seems particularly unusual is how Sarah says even her own wife does not believe her about the more horrific and fantastical elements of her story.

She is also immediately condescending about anyone who dares question her story - if she has nothing to hide and it is all truthful, why would she need to be so aggressively defensive about her version of events? She also admits to being violent with her partner, which does her no favours. And as many other reviewers have mentioned, it's worth reading up on the case of Sarah spitting at a hospital nurse and potentially infecting her with Hepatitis C as has been reported in the news - she is clearly no angel.

I have been to the RLD as a tourist naturally this book had me feeling ashamed at having done so, and while I question its accuracy I have no intention of going there again and the girls in the windows appear perfectly healthy, fit, attractive and seemingly happy there. It is quite likely that the latter point is an act they have mastered in order to keep drawing punters in, but even so it is not an act that a hopeless junkie would be physically or mentally capable of pulling off convincingly.

Likewise Sarah is extremely demeaning of the punters who visit the girls and even the tourists who pass through the area, she basically says they are all evil and feelingless, knowingly raping the girls. While I do not deny there are many men of this nature who use prostitutes, it appeared to me that most punters and tourists in this particular area are quite ordinary people - either local businessmen, young lads on a stag do or nervous young men looking naively for a decadent thrill - not the kind of people who would in any sense wish any harm on the girls or disrespect their humanity, rather just normal people under the naive impression that there is no criminal element to the RLD and thinking the girls are content in their jobs.

I do not deny for a minute that these criminal elements exist and that many of the girls are there against their will, there have been too many stories of this nature to refute it, but the nastier elements of Amsterdam's RLD present themselves in a far more subtle form than this book would have you believe. With these concerns in mind, I conducted some background research online into the case. The episode of The Cook Report that featured Sarah is available to view online and would seem to corroborate the bare bones of her story, also featuring her diary entries that are quoted in the book, but certain sources - namely the aforementioned news article about her spitting at a nurse, as well as the refutations of the story by posters on fleshtrade.

While it does appear reasonably likely that John Reece did pimp her out and abuse her, and was convicted of such though it is extremely curious that there is not one single news story about his conviction online , whether or not he and Sally actually 'kidnapped' her or forced her into the work she did is debatable, while it is quite likely there was more to her and Sally's there is good evidence online that Sally's real name is Esther relationship at the start than the book claims, and as for the more horrific and nightmarish elements of the story - namely the Yugoslav pimps Gregor and Pavlov, the dogs Pavlov's dog anyone?

I do not dispute that such things do happen, nor the fact that there are many unfortunate girls who are made to live through this kind of hell. I just see no evidence that Sarah Forsyth is one of them. The online conduct of Tim Tate, himself an investigative journalist and author, is also frequently questionable and unprofessional.

Whilst he has previously been successfully sued for distorting truths in a publication "Children For the Devil", in which his central claims, while not discredited, are based heavily on speculation and not hard evidence , he appears to scour the net looking for negative reviews of his work and posting aggressive personal attacks on anyone who dares voice a negative opinion or question him. Not the approach of a respectable journalist so much as a sensationalist who gladly distorts truths and embellishes details for the sake of causing a stir - which also explains why a lot of Slave Girl reads more like a badly-written Hollywood movie plot than a true-life account.

While Sarah Forsyth herself may have a knack for compulsive lies and exaggerations, it seems this - along with whatever genuine suffering she has been through - is being exploited by Tate in an effort to line his own pockets; thus he is effectively pimping her out in his own way for his own financial gain. If I am wrong and Sarah's story is true, and Tate is indeed making a genuine effort to expose and overcome the all-too-real evil of human trafficking and slavery, then I wholeheartedly apologize.

But the evidence suggests this particular story needs to be taken with a huge grain of salt, and Tate's unprofessional conduct certainly does no favours for himself, nor for the thousands of genuine victims of sex trafficking or the people who are genuinely working to overcome this cruel trade. In getting to the root of and combating the evils of human trafficking, there is only room for truth, and definitely not outright lies and exaggerations concocted for self-serving purposes.

View 1 comment. Mar 08, J. This book claims to try to raise awareness about sex trafficking, but I have some doubts about this. First of all, this book cannot be considered a real reliable source. It is supposed to be a first-hand account of a British woman who was a victim of forced prostitution. But from the outset, it is clear that the words are not coming from her.

They are a words of a journalist who is using Sarah's story to convey his view. Second, the message is that the sex trafficking and prostitution is merely th This book claims to try to raise awareness about sex trafficking, but I have some doubts about this.

Second, the message is that the sex trafficking and prostitution is merely the fault of governments and crime gangs, and that the women are just mindless victims who had made some innocent mistakes and now have to suffer. This is just ridiculous and I believe that this is an insult to women to suppose that they have no role in their predicament.

Few women are so gullible to be deceived so easily. I imagine that most of them are aware that there are some risks, and when they put their fate in the hands of the others, they are somehow a complicit in the crime. Not that they deserve the horrible fate of slavery, but many of them are not as innocent as this book presumes.

Third, I really doubt that the people involved in publishing this book merely wanted to convey a message. I can imagine that this book must have been very controversial and that it had sold a lot of copies. Therefore that publishers must have gained a lot of profit. And most of this profit is because of a detailed depiction of the rape and torture of a stupid British girl. I cannot see how this book is different from the snuff films that the book pretends to condemn.

View 2 comments. I have been searching for many years for just this book. I was always curious to read a first person account of someone who has been forced into the sex industry. From other things I have read and documentaries I have watched on this subject this woman's story rings true to me. She is honest about things she doesn't even have to bring to light. From the age of three Sarah Forsyth was sexually abused by her father, around the age of eleven she was removed from her abusive father and placed in a car I have been searching for many years for just this book.

From the age of three Sarah Forsyth was sexually abused by her father, around the age of eleven she was removed from her abusive father and placed in a care home only to find the same abuse awaited her there. After surviving her nightmare childhood she follows her dream to care for children and goes to school to become a nursery nurse.

Everything was going great for Sarah for the first time in her life until her relationship fell apart and she ended up moving back home to her mother. While dreaming of a fresh start Sarah comes across an add that seems to be to good to be true. The sad thing is it really was to good to be true. If your interested in reading about a real survivor of human trafficking then you wont want to miss this book.

I believe that she was a raam prostituut here in Amsterdam but I also believe she did this out of her own free will, or because she needed drugs. Yes I know there have been women who were abused and forced to sell themselves but Sarah is not one of those. I know a girl who some days hired a room there where she then sold herself to get money for drugs. She still looked very pretty. She was only Lol That alone could tell you it was fake.

Eye opening. Never thought things like that happened I hope they found and imprisoned the pims. Very eye opening never thought that things like that happened hope they found all the the pond and imprisoned them for a very long time. Loved this book from start to finish, pulls at the heart strings. Disturbing read told with no self pity warts and all. However, I am not convinced that the events that took place were true and have gone on to do some research.

I don't disbelieve the abuse from her father, but the rest I'm unsure of. I won't go into too much detail why I thought so because many other reviewers have the same opinions as myself, but will state a few points below: - Wherever Sarah went, dogs were used as a threat towards her. I found this to be a strange coincidence. Tate goes around finding bad reviews and comment on on them trying to start an argument. Do I even need to explain this one?!?!

That doesn't sound right to me at all. That just sounds like it was made to be a joke. Pavlov's dogs, really? I do believe she was pimped out by John Reese, but not so sure that he kidnapped her. She may have even gone over to Amsterdam by choice, possibly for research to write this book. I cannot find any information at all on John Reese or his conviction. On fleshtrade. There are comments from someone who claims to have been at the care home with her and says she ruined the workers lives by falsely accusing them of abuse, 'Sally' also says that Sarah returned to England with her before running back to Amsterdam on her own to continue prostituting herself.

Sarah also intentionally tried to give a nurse hepatitis C by spitting into her mouth just google it. As much as I wouldn't wish this to happen to anyone, I really hope someone wouldn't go to this extent to lie about such things. This goes a bit against the grain for me as a purchase. Forsyth is, I assume, a pseudonym for the author or protagonist who is aided by Tate as the writer or ghost writer of this account.

In later years, she studies to be a nursery nurse and accepts a job abroad working in Amsterdam. Following so far?? If it seems a lot to take in, this was also my main concern whilst reading the book. This too is questioned by reviews on other book site reviews that I have read. To this point, will I ever really know of the authenticity of this account? Probably not, no. My visions of Amsterdam, however, have changed on account of reading this book as it raises questions about what really goes on in the Red Light District with police sympathising, sex trafficking and the like.

Amsterdam and the Dutch authorities clearly want us to believe that the legalisation of paying for sex via prostitution is ok and even quite a jolly affair. Upon reflection, I now personally question this notion thanks to the statistics, facts, figures and clear displays of broken identities as portrayed by Forsyth and Tate.

Amazing book. So well written and to the point that I continued to turn page after page until 3. One thing I loved about this book was it's shear honesty and no-holds-barred way of intising the reader into the terrifying and sorted reality that Sarah Forsyth faced from childhood until the book was written in her early 30's. Abused from the age of 3 by her father and respective 'child care' home workers, Sarah does an amazing job of not only recapping her t Amazing book. Abused from the age of 3 by her father and respective 'child care' home workers, Sarah does an amazing job of not only recapping her terrible childhood and early adolecent ordeals, but providing the reader unthinkable true statistics, thus drawing us into and making us pay attention to the inhumane treatment that so many children face.

I truly cared about her story. Sarah answered an advert for a supposed nursery nurse job over in Amsterdam, thinking she would be starting a great new life. Upon landing at the airport, Sarah ignored the voice inside her that told her to get out - run- get back on the plane. From there we are taken into a fast paced scene by scene recap of Sarah's terrifying ordeal as she was held at gunpoint, forced to hand over her passport and taken to a seedy hotel where she would learn to become a sex worker in the windows of the notorious red-light-district and fed cocaine, hash and rock until she was dependant.

It's not a nice read but its written so well and so in depth that I couldn't put it down and would definetly read it again. What was so brilliant I found was the honesty in admitting and owning her mistakes especially after her escape which just shows the psychological ramifications of an abused childhood and degrgated existence that was lived in fear and loathing as well as the effects of drug dependancy I wish Sarah the absolute best and applaude her courage and bravery in telling this amazing and horrific story.

View all 7 comments. This book was brutal. An extremely brave memoir. It is so disturbing to think of the prevalence of abuse in this world. From the abuse of trust committed by someone who is supposed to love, nurture and protect you unconditionally. To the abuse of power from figures in a place of authority that are supposed to be ensuring your wellbeing.

Then the level of dehumanisation she went through at the hands of strangers. I can understand a mans desire for sex with a stranger. I can understand a man payin This book was brutal. I can understand a man paying for sexual favours. The level of barbarity is astounding — the chapter outlining the fate of one of the girls, continuing to make millions for her owner after her death in a snuff film — how can any human have so little concern for another human being?

The fact that there is even a market for this type of thing is appalling. That a girl can be nothing more than a commodity to be traded, bought and sold, treated as though they are inanimate is abysmal. This book was a gripping and, at times, uncomfortable read that I could not put down. This book is quite different from any other book I have read.. This is a heart rending story of Sarah's life, from the earliest age she was abused by the very people who were meant to protect her.

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