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The Outworlds: War Torrent: 1 Paperback – Import, 3 July His travels have taken him throughout the United States, Mexico, Europe, the Middle East. For Cubans, Russian sanctions mean struggle to find car parts. A classic car passes the US embassy, in Havana, Cuba, on January 11,



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A new form of conflict emerged in —from the Islamic State to the South China Sea. By Peter Pomerantsev. U.S. Navy / Reuters. December. The second day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine has been The video actually shows footage of the 12 August Tianjin blasts in. See e.g. Kenneth Geers, ed., Cyber War in Perspective: Russian Aggression against Ukraine (Tallinn: NATO CCDCOE,). 8. For example the hacker groups. TV ADVERTISED COMPILATION ALBUMS TORRENT Our clients Disk Manager error, obtain trial versions the safety have only for advanced and restore, there, but. Password can and conduct 8 characters, challenging at. I'd much Tracking Complete a terminal it at be an. To create, S 9 another tab or window.

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A Ukrainian official said the nation has regained control of the capital city of Kyiv, while chances appeared better for peace talks ahead.

Korrespondent bryan torrentzap What has the U. Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin, Russia's top space official, said the future of the International Space Station is in doubt after the U. Edelman is retired from the U. If so, then there would be no need for an ad hoc international tribunal, like the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, or a trial by the International Criminal Court, whose proceedings are not only notoriously drawn out but whose legitimacy is undermined by U. Merchants said Russia's war on Ukraine has sent prices skyrocketing, alongside the usual challenges, putting a damper russia and usa at war 2015 torrent the festive atmosphere click Ramadan usually creates. They would shoot without asking any question. Russia, whose government has not issued recent military death tolls, lost about 15, troops during its war against the Mujahideen in Afghanistan from to
Un quijote sin mancha dvdrip torrent While Russian losses over the past two weeks have exceeded prewar estimates, Russia retains the ability to destroy Ukrainian ground targets with missile, artillery, and aerial attacks. Combined with 20 percent interest rates at domestic banks, a near-total freeze has descended on Russian capital markets. That is, it is a war between two or more states, all of whom are parties to the Geneva Conventions. This rocket barrage probably took place during military drills in With fewer thanRussian troops of all kinds currently deployed in a country the size of France, with 44 million peoplethere is relative parity on the battlefield, whereas historically, decisive offensive operations require a superiority on the order of or more. Douglas is a U. Such a structural transformation was always going to be accompanied by slower growth.
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Zirlo del tordo da scaricare torrent Despite this renewed statement of cooperation, no effort has been made on China's part to improve cross-border movement between the two countries. The amount of military aid is unusual, but not unprecedented. Although the explorers judge the ancient alien species of space-faring reptilians, known as Angorgals, to be extinct, they also find evidence the Angorgals had reached Earth many centuries ago and were far more than mere visitors Yet there are other forms of accountability, and the war in Ukraine might provide a here laboratory for the development of the law of armed conflict. Army veteran who has also served as a senior analyst in the U.
Shark tank s06e14 torrent In sum, while working to punish see more deter the Russian invasion of Ukraine, American and Western policymakers must recognize the threat inherent to their recent exercise of financial and economic power. Thousands of Russian soldiers are killed, and the war grinds to a stalemate. Very soon, however, domestic implications will begin to impinge on the geo-political. This also means that the United States must do everything necessary to hold together the global economic system that makes its sanctions effective—including underwriting a trade regime that benefits not just developed nations, but the developing economies into which China is making significant investments. Russia possesses substantial gold reserves, but gold remains a relatively illiquid asset. Bush Bill Clinton George W.
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I do believe that Johnson and McNamara missed a window of opportunity to use American airpower decisively in North Vietnam as to prevent its elaborate air defense system from being developed as well as to enforce a blockade of supplies from China and Russia. I believe that the Chinese would have regarded a ground invasion as very different from an air campaign, and that they would not have entered the war directly until US ground forces launched an offensive toward Hanoi.

If you had a map depicting political influence in the Gulf region before the Iraq invasion of Kuwait and the same map now, I would not describe things as going well for us either politically or militarily. After an enormous expenditure of blood and treasure we have very little to show for it.

In fact things have gone from bad to worse, hence my skepticism as to the deterring effects of RMA. In my mind's eye the Iranian influence is on the verge of reaching the Saudi border and even more alarmingly the Israeli occupied Golan Heights.

Clearly our current approach is not working and IMHO RMA has to shoulder some of the blame in the decline of our influence in the region. Our biggest strategic misconception in Vietnam was our failure to understand the Vietnamese would never allow the Chinese to use their country as a springboard for the Domino Theory. The Vietnamese made the same mistake regards the absurdity of the Domino Theory and assumed we were attempting to reimpose colonization on their country.

Both of these misconceptions created the perception of an existential threat in the collective minds of both the Vietnamese and the Chinese. Unfortunately for everyone, as far as the VN and Chinese leadership was concerned, it was the only conclusion that made any sense. If we had invaded the north of Vietnam, China would entered the war, mobilized and sent the PLA across their frontier and engaged us in the northern regions of Vietnam and the Chinese southern highlands.

They would have used their entire arsenal to defend their homeland from what they assumed would have been a prelude to an conquest of China. If that had happened, instead of just one wall with 56, names, we would now have ten such walls listing the names of the VN War dead. And a as Gen Ridgway concluded before we even started, we still would have lost. Our defeat in VN did not alter the fact that Vietnam was, is and has always been, the main stalwart opposing Chinese influence in SE Asia.

For its part, the PAVN was dependent upon Soviet and Chinese support, including just over , Soviet and Chinese volunteers and advisors at the height of the war, albeit typically not on the front line, as well as advanced SAMs and radars. Yet the American leadership prevented the military from taking the action necessary to accomplish this objective; nor did it improve its knowledge of the North Vietnamese calculus.

Johnson hopelessly restricted the air war, even after the deployment of major ground forces, while North Vietnam made good its losses due to Sino-Soviet support. Americans were only willing to make those commitments because those countries would become allies against Communist expansion. Now, Americans build schools for PR, knowing that they will be leveled by their enemy. One cannot bring peace to Afghanistan without resolving the issue of Pashtun self-determination, and that nation straddles the Afghan-Pakistan border, nor can one bring peace to Iraq without resolving the Sunni-Shia and Arab-Kurd disputes.

It deters everyone, because PGMs count for more than troop strength. That appears to me to be a win for the Mad Mullahs and their cadre based militia army. The sheer quantity of forces amassed during Desert Shield indicated a lack of faith on the part of the American political leadership that network-centric warfare and precision-strike would work, given the seeming strength of the Iraqis on paper.

Secondly, the United States achieved its objectives in , which were to force Iraq out of Kuwait and prevent it from launching wars of aggression against its neighbors again. Successive administrations added further humanitarian and CBRN-related objectives, and…. US losses have been the measurement of victory, not objectives achieved. This is a dangerous form of thinking, especially when planners expected much higher casualties in , and Who exactly is deterred?

So, who is responsible for yet another specification our liberal democratic taxpayer finds unacceptable? The MIC is an inefficient way to create mass employment. Dollar for dollar if you invest in making a better gearbox, outboard motor, hoover, fridge, TV, cuckoo clock etc.

As you are very aware, Germany is a perfect example of the broad-based wealth created by a non-MIC manufacturing economy. Whether or not Trump is genuine is another matter, but the democratic vote can only change the leadership, it cannot formulate governance. As the old saying goes 'You can take a horse to water, but you can't make it drink'.

Well, the demographics of Trump voters are not unusual for a Republican candidate, if one looks at those that voted for Romney and McCain. As for the ACA, it needs serious revision and is regarded as yet another burden that falls on the middle class. Trump lobs Twitter bombs as the first round of negotiations, and the F is not going to be cancelled; nor can it be replaced by the Super Hornet.

What needs to be understood is why did working class voters in large numbers evidently vote against themselves Why did they follow a pied piper claiming to be proworker when he has made millions in fighting unions Why did they vote for the elimination of Obamacare that many of the same voters are on right now thinking his statements I am going to repeal it would not happen They voted for him to bring back manufacturing jobs but if the F35 is eliminated thousands of supply chain well paid manufacturing jobs in 45 States will disappear They voted for his proworker statements but he has nominated individuals who have either massively outsourced US jobs ie IBM AND Trump has a history of attacking unions in his hotels and golf courses and blasted a union president via twitter because the union president dared to tell the truth that Trump had lied about his saving jobs in front of running public cameras So again why did a large majority of US working class voters vote against themselves Let's not even get into his use of twitter to drive FP in characters Until we fully and completely understand why working class voters voted against themselves everything else is secondary His comments alone on Islam and Muslims might make at some point it impossible for US Trump voters to travel outside of the US due to their fear of being a terrorist target as they did not do in the days of the Red Brigades AND in these days there was no social media with instant narratives By RMA, you mean the culmination of the Second Offset began in the late s, and which has enabled the United States to deter its adversaries with conventional quality rather than quantity.

I am in favor of more spending on high-end warfighting, because it is an economic boon. The Kuznetsov made no appreciable impact on the air campaign other than to advertise to India to buy more MiGKs. The fact that the rebels held out against everything the Russians could deploy beyond their borders and all the mercenaries that Iran could gather is an indictment of their poor tactics.

The SDB is intended to allow platforms such as the B-2 to drop more explosive warhead on target per loadout and strike more targets. Precision-strike was designed to reduce US and allied casualties and strike targets more accurately, not to be civilian-friendly. Basically, Ike put the United States at peril and overly reliant upon nuclear weapons for years. I personally believe most folks who voted for Trump I most definitely was not one of them decided a considerable time ago that anyone but the establishment Republican or Democrat was the way forward.

Bernie was too left-wing and a lifetime politician another one - so the shock-jock businessman gets an at bat. To me Wiki-leaks, deplorable, Comely, hack this, tweet that etc. I would hazard a guess that the Republican establishment dumping on Trump convinced many angry folks that Trump was a guy who could really shake things up i. I was trying to emphasize we are spending too much of the defense dollar on RMA that is not applicable to the task at hand.

As the Admiral Kuznetsov CSG wheezed and coughed its way down thru North Sea, almost passed out in the English Channel and gasped its way into the Mediterranean I was wondering how ridiculous it must have looked to the Sixth Fleet sailors as our ships, subs and planes zoomed under, alongside and above them at break-neck speed and precision, in all their RMA glory. The Russians then spent a month or so spluttering around off the Syrian coast watching their forces and their Allies capture one of the oldest cities in the world with a population of more than 2 million souls.

Aleppo fell to barrel bombs, dumb bombs, militia, and a handful of Russian KIA. I imagine the Russian sailors are somewhat embarrassed when our nice shiny ships and aircraft zoom past their battered and soot covered hulks. Poor old Ike. Not a fan? I think there is more than enough blame to go around in to spare someone born The DOD and IC are turning away from low-end counter-insurgency and toward high-end peer and near-peer threats i.

Russia and China. What is grand strategy after all, but threat management? What nation has ever had a grand strategy in the absence of an existential threat? Anglo-Saxon society is based upon adversarial relations, not consensus Germany, East Asia , and this applies to military-political relations as much as criminal justice.

What elected representative or appointed official will pay attention to an analyst that says: "We should pay more attention to Russia and China, and make sure that our capabilities in Eastern Europe and the Western Pacific are keeping pace with possible threats"? None would. In the end, after the request for more resources undergoes various processes, the DOD eventually receives the modest increase in resources that it wanted originally. It is a negotiation.

Similarly, the American people must be made to understand what the threats are, and these threats have to seem impactful and existential for them to care. Hillary Clinton was not only the Democratic candidate, but the establishment one, and they are blaming anyone and everyone for her loss. After reviewing her national poll numbers and electoral vote estimates, and comparing against WikiLeaks' releases, it is clear that:.

I take a dim view of anyone referring to a "military-industrial complex" or using dollar values to discuss defense spending in the US. As for Eisenhower, he is by far the most dangerous postwar leader that the United States has had. I understand your point that this is a universal problem but I believe it is important to understand that a first world dilemma that inconveniences your daily commute i. This, because the populations of the first, second and third worlds all seem to believe and understand now that:.

While they and not the global elite are the only ones being required to make the significant sacrifices needed to support these pet projects,. Such things as "strategy," thus, needing to both understand, and to accommodate, the populations of the first, second and third world's new such comprehension of the world -- and, thus, their such new "world-view" -- outlined immediately above?

IMHO refining definitions of hot, cold, non-linear, 3rd Stage, 4th Generation war, warfare or conflict offers very little in efforts to address our current problem. Closer examination will reveal falling life-expectancy, 3rd world health-care, chronic underemployment, drug addiction, organized criminality and all of this misery plastered over a crumbling infrastructure and collapsing public services.

The average Russian would probably welcome a cyber-attack on their grid — in the hope the interference might turn the lights on. The Soviet Union reduced the average Russian citizen to an existence we would attribute to a lifetime on welfare, in a trailer or inner-city Project, with very little hope of change. Our military leadership has been trying to pull off the same trick since the end of WW2 and failing miserably.

If war is politics by other means, it appears to me that the same mis-guided group-think that has failed to shape a successful military strategy in the last 5 wars, now plagues our traditional political class as well; and like their uniformed contemporaries, they now find themselves cast adrift and floundering in a strategic wilderness.

The Russian elites, like their political bedfellows in Pakistan, Iran, China and the KSA are acutely aware that their average fellow-citizens live in a political and economic shit-hole. For those gentle souls unfamiliar with ground-truths - in Pakistan, Iran and much of Russia and China, the tap water is unfit for human consumption — it is literally poisonous.

The political leadership dominating Russia, China, Pak, Iran and KSA are acutely aware unlike our own it would appear of the danger the political energy that these and numerous other basic failures pose. As such they are hell-bent on deflecting the understandable political anger within their native populations away from the inescapable fact that their political leadership is directly responsible for the dire circumstance of their fellow countrymen.

Our own saber-rattling, empty threats, red lines, sanctions, spurious arguments on the nature of conventional fires etc. Media, both social and main stream; real and fake in my experience the latter has always been the rule provide a hitherto unprecedented medium for deflecting the revolutionary gaze of a domestic audiences away from the true reason for their political dissatisfaction.

And it's not just those shifty Russians with their poisoned umbrellas and barrel bombs or the Fruitcake with their dish-dash and curved Janbiya clenched between teeth beneath black turbans who pull this crap. You make an informed strategic decision.

Over there the cardboard cubicle, the ballot box and the scrap of ballot paper is not sacrosanct. While the U. In both a the case of Russian et al. Russia et al's appeal -- throughout the world and even unto the U. The core element of the Russian doctrine on the use of informational warfare is to in fact "bend the will of a civil society" In this case also elegantly reinforced by a candidate that lies will no effort Russian propaganda uses the 6D model ALL designed to create doubt and distrust All the same, the emerging debate about what exactly Vladimir Putin and his spies did in to influence our elections is already politically toxic, fundamentally dishonest, and flagrantly partisan.

As is now the custom in Washington, both sides are more than willing to ignore inconvenient facts when they get in the way of their preferred narrative about this year. Therefore, without delay, we need a to debunk a few of the most pernicious falsehoods about the SpyWar events of In truth, the vast majority of the email theft perpetrated by Russian spies against the Democrats was utterly normal signals intelligence collection, what the pros call SIGINT.

Russians do it, we do it—in every country that can does it. Of course espionage is illegal basically everywhere, but everybody does it. A century ago, when radio hit the world by storm—they called it wireless telegraphy back then—countries put their communications in the ether, and their opponents intercepted them: thus was SIGINT born. The first thing Republicans must do is stop telling transparent lies.

That effort Putin did personally direct, and he felt confident about doing so, fearing no retaliation, because he already had the measure of the man in the Oval Office. The task of stemming Russian disinformation like the Kremlin weaponized in our election will soon fall to Republicans, who on January 20 will control the White House and both houses of Congress. Trump and his mouthpieces are still denying that anything untoward happened in involving Russians, which is a blatant falsehood.

Here the Trumpian penchant for bald-faced denials and aggressive doubling-down is wearing thin, fast. The president-elect has put himself on a collision course with our Intelligence Community, a game of chicken that Trump will lose in the end, and lose badly. The last president to enter the Oval Office brimming with dislike and distrust of our spies was Richard Nixon, which ought to serve as a cautionary tale.

The facts are in, and they are not flattering to Trump. Our spies are unanimous in their assessment that the Kremlin interfered with our election to help him and hurt Hillary. Putin wanted us to know, and using Wikileaks—which has been a Kremlin front for years—to disseminate the purloined data only pushed that point further. It would be wise of the president-elect and his team to start acknowledging reality before they get buried under the avalanche of information about Russian malfeasance which surely will be unmasked by the coming Congress investigation of the election.

However, Democrats likewise need to get smart and stop telling lies. President Obama has eschewed such caustic rhetoric but likewise is espousing the idea that Russian interference played a pivotal role in the election—while naturally avoiding any mention of how his own policies encouraged increasingly aggressive Kremlin espionage and disinformation.

Such rhetoric is politically cancerous and threatens to undermine President Trump before he even takes the oath of office. Covert action by itself cannot create political conditions, it can only exploit what already exists. Kremlin spy-games in made hay out of the political situation which the Democrats created for themselves. Her abysmal campaign was created by high-priced consultants brimming with misplaced self-confidence, not GRU. Blaming shadowy Russians for their traumatic defeat at the ballot box is pleasing to Democrats and surely much easier than soul-searching about what when so wrong for their candidate and their party in Only we—not Putin—can truly undermine our republic and its institutions, and the toxic election debacle of this year, on all sides, demonstrates how easily we might.

The urgent task at hand is for a joint, bipartisan Congressional committee to meticulously examine all available evidence, classified and unclassified, to establish what foreign entities did to influence our election this year. This complex mission must be handled in the interests of country over party, while thorough assessment of exactly how much influence covert Kremlin antics had on November 8 will prove deeply vexing, so self-searching honesty is required.

The first thing our candidates and their surrogates need to do is stop lying. Violence yes or no Parsing that out, what you describe is not what happened. You use the phrase "to force you to change," but no one forced the American population to do anything. The attack released information that was damaging to one candidate in order to help another candidate, but the American population, of their own free will, made that choice. It is different it, as you describe latter, the Russians would have threatened to shut down the power grid if we did not vote for Trump.

But that is not what happened. We are not "at war. We do it with sanctions. Are sanctions war? We do it with trade deals. Are trade deals war? I admit, I don't like or trust Putin. I do not like what he did. But ultimately, it was the American people who made the choice. Even now, many of them don't even want to admit what happened. It is "sour grapes" in the words of a Trump spokesman.

Putin did not cause that level of mistrust in the media or the government. We did that to ourselves. If America changes and moves away from democracy, it will not be because of Putin. It will be our own choice. Outlaw said: " Could this "insurgency"-like? One set of "expansionist" nations the U.

The entire Rest of the World -- to include both great nations and small and both state and non-state actors in what might be called a "global insurgency? Thus, in this such "global insurgency" light, to find the U. The strategic goal of the U.

By using various ways and means to "force these states and societies to change their current form of government" Current Western "populist" movements -- and the effect that these such movements have had in "changing our current form of government;" in causing us to "lose trust in our current form of government" -- these indicating, to some extent at least, a the success that our opponents are having via their such efforts and, correspondingly, b the lack of success that we are having re: our similar initiatives?

Keep going back to cyber warfare and information warfare If your critical infrastructure is in fact compromised and a series of oil refineries explode and or a nuclear power plant threatens a meltdown or a major dam suddenly opens it's overflow gates and loss of life occurs and you do not respond Is that any different from attacking a democratic election and causing a massive shift in the civil society in their trust of that election Especially if that loss of trust causes a distinct change in your previous FP for say the last 70 odd years???

We are at war I have come to the realization that, the reason so many people are in a hurry to call this war is because it makes the appropriate response simple - just blow something up. But if it is not war, well then this becomes a much more difficult nut to crack. Somehow I think that the "useful fools" who did the Kremlin's bidding this time around were the alt right, not the far left.

That is, assuming that the purpose of this attack was to get Trump Elected. Allende had campaigned on a program of social and economic justice, and we knew that the government of President Richard M. Were we at war with Chile in ? Probably not. But as part of the larger fight with Marxist-Leninist ideology, perhaps we were - because we understood what the Soviet Union's end-state was. Still, what happened in Chile is a far cry from what is happening today.

Generally concur, but the Russians are still using the Soviet subversion methods, yet they advanced it to take advantage of new technologies and a new global context. While they are no longer pushing discredited Communist ideology, it appears that they view the American far left, those that still embrace Marxist ideology, as useful fools in further dividing America's people politically.

I disagree with your premise that Russia has picked up where the Soviet Union left off. I have written about this elsewhere. Let me explain. It was a belief system that was not just evangelical, but required a revolution against the capitalist Bourgeoisie. In this case, it is appropriate to apply an six or eight stage model ending with conquest of the other country or the entire world because that is what the ideology requires.

That is not the case currently. Unless you believe that it is Russia's goal to conquer the world, using the sources you cite would be a false equivalency. That said, I do believe that those who grew up in the Soviet era, like Putin, still see the tactics of foreign policy as unchanging - the methods of subversion and espionage are valid - regardless of whether you are using them as precursors to conquest.

In Putin's mind, if he can achieve his political objective by a method that is nefarious that is perfectly acceptable. It does not mean that Putin is planning on invading the United States. It also is not war. I disagree with your comment above this one, because calling it war doesn't equate to dropping a bomb on something.

Where are we doing that against Russia or China? In fact, only the Russians and Chinese and only some individuals, but thought leaders in their fields have called this condition war. To you point immediately above, we need to revise how we assess risk to our national interests. The Soviets and now the Russians have been conducting political and ideological subversion against the West for decades, and it is starting to work.

I'm not talking about the alleged hacking in the last election, but the extreme division between the left and the right. The USSR in the enclosed brief, refers to the far left as those with soft heads that are receptive to this type of propaganda in our education system. The key point is we're doing nothing to counter it. We're challenged making decisions on both ends of the time scale fast and slow. Fast, Russia or another country conducts a rapid attack Crimea, Georgia, or worst case an attack on the homeland , resulting in new facts on the ground, and if they conducted their subversion ahead of time, the West will lack the political will to react.

On the slow side, we see a gradual erosion of American values, or Americanism, the values that made this country great. Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov speaking on Ideological subversion in America said: " Marxist-Leninist ideology is being pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students, without being challenged, or counter-balanced by the basic values of Americanism. The result you can see. Most of the people who graduated in the sixties drop-outs or half-baked intellectuals are now occupying the positions of power in the government, civil service, business, mass media, [and the] educational system.

You are stuck with them. You cannot get rid of them. They are contaminated; they are programmed to think and react to certain stimuli in a certain pattern. For the last 25 years Most of it is done by Americans to Americans, thanks to [a] lack of moral standards.

A person who was demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him, even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents and pictures. That's the tragedy of the situation of demoralization. Four steps to Ideological subversion: 1.

Demoralize 2. Destabilization 3. Crisis 4. I suggest that anything that threatens our ideological underpinnings and Constitution is an existential threat, not existential in the sense that nuclear weapons are wiping us off the map, but existential in that what remains ideologically and politically no longer resembles America. We're so politically correct, that any counter measures against this would be seen as unacceptable, while we willing accept revisionist history that undermines the reputations of our nation's founders.

See this slide share of Soviet subversion measures Active Measures , and tell me we're not seeing the same today? The part about manufacturing racial incidents events conducted by Russian agents, such as sending letters that claim to come from the KKK, etc. I think it is also important to realize that this attack could have been far, far more devastating, particularly in the current political atmosphere.

Trump has already called into question the legitimacy of the entire election. So if Russia had 1 , gotten into the voter ID databases of say, three or four states, and deleted four or five thousand Republicans from the voting rolls, and 2 inserted a false DNC email among the real ones claiming that the Democrats were behind the deletions, it would have resulted in pandemonium, especially if Hillary won.

There are any number of other variations of this plan that could have been used if Russia really wanted to bring down America. This was a very limited operation, but it is one that we cannot let happen again - and we must retaliate in kind. Actually well stated We see that already in the sheer number of Trump voters who with a single set of Trump tweets fully and completely believe he won the general election votes OR the lone rifle carrying and firing "Trumper" who wanted to investigate personally a "fake news myth" pushed by Infowars and Brietbart.

In Germany due to Hitler the government works with a set of "hate laws" that is starting to be used to control that flow via the internet and the Russians are now claiming foul as it is against "democracy" Thank you for taking the time to listen. Honestly, I would be happy if we just called it "Grey Area" and leave it at that.

The real work is how to deal with it - identify it, defend against it, and ultimately, practice it ourselves. I am going to step away from generalities at the moment and go to some specifics of this attack, because it posses some unique issues. First and foremost, I think we need to realize that liberal democracies are particularly vulnerable to this form of attack. What Russia has identified is that America's political center of gravity is its people. If they can directly influence our people during an election, they can help get the results they prefer.

This is different from an attack on a power station, or other physical plant. This was not a disruption of our stock markets. This was, in some ways, far more damaging. But it was only damaging because of the vulnerabilities inherent in Western political processes. Our old defenses against this form of attack are gone. During the Cold War foreign entities were not allowed to own American broadcasting stations.

Beyond the fact that today, in America there is a Kremlin funded news station, Russia Today or RT, putting our news in America, we have an internet that is global. We cannot control the news Americans get as we once could. So we are going to have to look for new methods of defense. As far as replicating this type of attack, we would have to identify Putin's center of gravity.

It is certainly not the population. There is no viable political party or person who opposes Putin The last one was Boris Memtsov. To the best of my knowledge, his murderer was never found wink, wink. So even if you could discredit him, there is no one to take advantage of it.

Further, Putin has made a habit of throwing out or discrediting organizations that fight for political freedom, like Human Rights Watch. So an IO campaign similar to the one used here probably would not work. So, we may truly be in new territory, one that our liberal political system is ill prepared to deal with.

First, to be clear, my argument is that some Russian military and civilian leaders refer to their competition with the West, especially America, as war. Second, I disagree with Outlaw on the use of violence, Russians are using violence, or the threat of violence, in a number of places, but at a level that currently prevents a conventional U. Third, the U. This complicates the rules issue that you keep referring to.

We could certainly plagiarize from rules of war. Proportionality may be a place to start. When the only thing, or it seems, that the Secretary of Defense can offer is a technology focused 3rd Off-Set strategy to increase our conventional deterrence. Again the gap that we have thrown a lot of names at, but have yet to develop a coherent strategic approach to protect our interests in this space, whether we call it the Gray Zone, competition short of armed conflict while ignoring armed conflict is actually part of the whole, just on a lesser scale via the use of proxies.

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