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Streaming torrent client for with web ui. screen capture. Based on torrent-stream, inspired by peerflix. Usage. npm install -g peerflix-. http-server -S Starting up http-server, serving./ through https Available on: Simple, robust, BitTorrent tracker (client & server) implementation.



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live-server. exact match. simple development http server with live reload capability the backend server for the live-torrent project. With each web page, device and browser, testing time grows exponentially. Browsersync will start a mini-server and provide a URL to view your site. Launch a development local Server with live reload feature for static pure-Go web server with Lua, Markdown, HTTP/2, QUIC, Redis and PostgreSQL support. CAIM O HOMEM DEMONOID TORRENT Made possible Chic Fil questions with. Lifting them, user account with blank heavy, make your design a size the will Remote Desktop Connection client when pushing just able edge of so via. This goal the fastest you to at all.

Open Server Crashing with "Cannot set headers after they are sent to the client". Find more good first issues. Open Restify. Read more. Open Additional content-type parameters are thrown away. Open bodyParser ignores maxBodySize and buffers whole file in memory for file uploads. Star 10k. A beautiful web dashboard for Linux. Updated May 2, JavaScript. Star 7. Star 3. Updated Mar 9, JavaScript.

OAuth Proxy. Updated Jun 19, JavaScript. Updated May 12, JavaScript. Sponsor Star 2. Updated Jul 6, JavaScript. Star 2. Updated Apr 1, JavaScript. Updated Apr 18, JavaScript. Star 1. Sponsor Star 1. Updated Jun 10, JavaScript. Updated Jun 27, JavaScript. Updated May 13, JavaScript. Repository has moved:. Updated Sep 18, JavaScript. Updated May 19, JavaScript. Updated May 28, JavaScript. Updated Mar 25, JavaScript. Sponsor Star Updated Jan 13, JavaScript. Updated Apr 13, JavaScript.

Posts with mentions or reviews of Live Server. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. The last one was on We need to do this because JavaScript modules follow the same-origin policy, which means that you cannot import modules from your file system by default. To get a local server with live reload, you can install the npm Live Server package. Check live-server out. It auto reloads the page when you save any of the files html, css, jss in the folder.

You may have noticed the dev dependency live-server in the code above. Live Server is a great little development server that we can use to test the production build of our webpage. Posts with mentions or reviews of alex.

I've been a part of several code clean-ups where giant code bases needed to be changed to considerate language. I've never once encountered a bad actor when the actual work got underway. Part of being a programmer is to question the reasoning behind large changes but any programmer worth their salt understands the big picture if you can clearly explain it. I wouldn't read too much into the actions of a few people in any programming subreddit who are opposed to pronouns.

Those people will always exist. I'm certain that the vast majority of programmers in those subs are either strongly in favour of gendered pronouns or are apathetic toward it. To drive home the point, the fight for considerate language has been driven by developers themselves. All these wonderful tools such as alex. What are some alternatives? When comparing Live Server and alex you can also consider the following projects:.

Live Server vs http-server. Live Server vs bracey.

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Here's an example of a simple server using connect and a few other modules just to give you an idea:. The second argument is an optional callback that will be sent to the LiveReload server and called for the listening event. Passing an array of paths or glob patterns will allow you to watch multiple directories.

All directories have the same configuration options. Alternatively, embed the livereload. Your editor is most likely using a swapfile, and when you save, there's a split second where the existing file is deleted from the file system before the swap file is saved in its place. This happens with Vim. You can disable swapfiles in your editor, or you can add a slight delay to Livereload using the -w option on the command line.

This library is implemented in CoffeeScript 1. It may eventually be converted to JavaScript, but because there are many projects that depend on this library, the conversion isn't a priority. Contributions welcome, but remember that this library is meant to be small and serve its intended purpose only. Before submitting a pull request, open a new issue to discuss your feature or bug.

Please check all open and closed issues. Commit both the Coffee and JS files. Git github. Usage You can use this by using the official browser extension or by adding JavaScript code to your page. Keywords none. Install npm i livereload Repository Git github.

Homepage github. Downloads Weekly Downloads , Version 0. LiveReload JavaScript code that communicates with the server and implements reloading. LiveReload is a tool for web developers and designers. See livereload. To use LiveReload, you need a client this script in your browser and a server running on your development machine.

This repository livereload. The client connects to a LiveReload server via web sockets and listens for incoming change notifications. When a CSS or an image file is modified, it is live-refreshed without reloading the page. When any other file is modified, the page is reloaded. You should use the copy of livereload. Most LiveReload server vendors will serve livereload. This repository contains a JavaScript file implementing the client side of the LiveReload protocol.

It gets change notifications from a LiveReload server and applies them to the browser. We require LiveReload server vendors to distribute livereload. An old version of this script is also bundled with the LiveReload browser extensions, but it's not getting updated and only serves for compatibility with very old clients. This script is published on Bower.

Including livereload. But if you insist and you know what you're doing, you can install LiveReload via npm:. Note that livereload-js package uses window and document globals, so won't run under Node. The reason you need to specify LiveReloadOptions is that livereload. This script is meant to be included into the web pages you want to monitor, like this:. LiveReload 2 server listens on port and serves livereload. A slightly smarter way is to use the host name of the current page, assuming that it is being served from the same computer.

This approach enables LiveReload when viewing the web page from other devices on the network:. However, since location. It also understands some options from the query string: host , port , snipver , mindelay and maxdelay. The currently recommended snipver is version Additionally, you might want to specify mindelay and maxdelay , which is minimum and maximum reconnection delay in milliseconds defaulting to and Alternatively, instead of loading livereload.

In this case, add a host parameter to override the host name. For example:. LiveReloadOptions dictionary. If the dictionary is specified, livereload. By default LiveReload runs external plugins one by one, then tries live CSS reloading, live IMG reloading, reloads chrome extension and as a last resort reloads the whole page, if no plugin matched the updated file name.

If you're using LiveReloadOptions object on page, then define array of plugins:. This means LiveReload will only try to do live css and img reloading, regardless of any external plugins. You can specify external plugins order by adding each plugin id into pluginOrder or just use external to run all external plugins in default order.

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