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Feed The Birds - Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews)


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It is one of those films where the cast, story, and performances all come together to make a great film. Emma Thompson's depiction of PL Travers is perfect. Plus another top Tom Hanks film. Heartwarming and emotional. Only disappointed in the poetical licence exercised regarding the facts of the story. This is a truly amazing film! One of the best films I have certainly seen in an extremely long time! Absolutely loved it. Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins Returns. The Disaster Artist.

Turning Red. Read full review. The Telegraph David Gritten Oct 20, Joe Neumaier Dec 12, The slick but moving Saving Mr. Banks transcends its corporate pedigree to become a great Disney movie about making a Disney movie. Richard Roeper Dec 12, This is a lovingly rendered, sweet film. Joe Morgenstern Dec 12, Edges have been softened, harshness has been transformed into happiness sprinkled with eccentricity.

And the paradox, of course, is that we're glad to be seduced. As Disney films go, this is a good one. Genevieve Koski Dec 10, Banks, while those who resist it—the Traverses of the world—will choke on the heaping spoonfuls of sugar the film ladles onto its story. David Edelstein Dec 23, A fair number of people have responded with tears and laughs to Saving Mr.

Banks, but I found it interminable. User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. KNDNumbuh Dec 25, I think "Saving Mr. Banks" is a best movie that is based on the actual real life events that took place in the making of the classic "Mary Poppins". AwesomeReviewer Dec 25, Banks" is easily one of the best movies to come out this year.

It feels like a companion piece to the beloved classic. It allows us to appreciate the trials and tribulations Disney had to go through to make his magnum opus. However, it is also more about P. Traverse and why she loves her character so much and why Mary Poppins holds such a special place in her heart. Director John Lee does a great job of making this film something truly special. He balances witty humor with emotional depth, but does so without being too sappy or melodramatic.

The film is also well written by being more personal than just being a movie about making a movie. The themes of letting and moving on are handled well and really becomes relatable to anyone watching. The performances are top-notch. The real standouts are Emma Thompson and Colin Farrell.

They give strong dimensional performances that makes us truly care and sympathies with the characters. Its individual parts may not be the years best, but as a complete film it is the whole package. It is a movie that is equal parts heartfelt, witty, charming, entertaining, and emotionally satisfying.

MrMovieBuff Jul 8, A sweet, fluffy biopic about a firm woman who doesn't want to give up her creation to a money printing idol. That's what 'Saving Mr. Banks' is. The film follows the story about an author named P. Travers Emma Thompson , who is best known for writing the widely acclaimed and beloved A sweet, fluffy biopic about a firm woman who doesn't want to give up her creation to a money printing idol.

Travers Emma Thompson , who is best known for writing the widely acclaimed and beloved "Mary Poppins" that delighted many children and adults. She lives in London all by herself and her agent persuades her to give Walt Disney Studios the rights to adapting "Mary Poppins" into a feature-length film.

For all the world to adore. But Travers is dismayed at this decision as she is worried that the studio will transform her strict and firm character into a twinkling, fairy-like princess that churps musical numbers every now and then. She is also worried that they may make it into a silly cartoon, basically she is worried that it will become a typical Disney film. She does decide to travel to L.

We get flashbacks of Travers' past that involve her loving father, Travers Goff Colin Farrell and their relationship of how he was all loving and caring despite his alcohol problems. If you go into 'Saving Mr. Banks' looking for historical accuracy, then you will be mistaken, as it is a Disney film about the making of a Disney film and Disney is one of the main characters in the film.

Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks do a wonderful job at portraying P. This film is kind of like 'Finding Neverland' with Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet's chemistry and the story of how a writer brought a famous fictional character to life. I was surprised at how overly sentimental this film is, it may be a problem for some cynical audiences who expect historical accuracy. But I was taken away by the chemistry between the two leads and the sweet nature of this film.

I found it to be one of the most wonderful films of DrewtheDude85 Mar 29, Banks is an excellent film. It contains a lot of heart and soul and I really liked it. I liked the acting and locations in this film; Tom Hanks did a great job playing Walt Disney and Emma Thompson did a great job playing P.

The only problem I have in this movie were Saving Mr. The only problem I have in this movie were some of the errors in this film like there are a few things you'll see in this movie that may have been after it's time like in the Disneyland scenes, I may have seen an attraction or two that may have not been open yet.

But if you ignore those errors, you will find Saving Mr. Banks to be a very good movie that tells the story of the making of Mary Poppins. TVJerry Dec 27,

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Saving Mr Banks - We share a celtic soul you and I. saving mister banks money torrent

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