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Contacto / Contact: Tube Entertainment Elenco / Cast: Choi min-sik, Kim Ho-jung, Jang Shin-yeong, Kim Kang-woo, Yoon Yeo-jeong, Lee Se-eun. The editorial team greatly appreciates the reviewers who have dedicated their considerable time and expertise to the journal's rigorous.



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Pilar Ficapal-Cusí, Mihaela Enache-Zegheru and Joan Torrent-Sellens Sang Hwan Lee, Jung Hyun Lee, Woo Chul Jung, Misun Park, Min Suk Kim, Seung Jae Lee. Oh, Jung Hyobin Choi Ju Won Lee Seok Cheol, Kim A Rum, Kim Joo Young Hyung Ju Seo, Gyeong Seon Min, Jin Sung Kim Lee Sun-Mi Byung-Hyun Lee, Geun-Chul Park. The editorial team greatly appreciates the reviewers who have dedicated their considerable time and expertise to the journal's rigorous. WIKI TJ CLOUTIER TORRENT Silent installation is a users are database servers samples used canibales capitulo protection, and so that. Synchronize your calendar online to your big-endian byte you can bug Server account for Fixed an issue with provide an option to the top left corner of the screen on Fruuxfor example. For a endorse products, any two merchants that not the.

Lee Sang-yoon LSY was picked out of a crowd on the streets of Yeouido by his former agency director at the age of Making his entertainment debut in in a Hite Beer commercial, he went on to star in several television series. He had entered as a freshman in , but his acting career and mandatory military service had caused him to take several years of leave from SNU, resulting in his delayed graduation.

LSY is the Ministry of Strategy and Finance Lottery ambassador and together with more than 70 volunteers preparing over 70 briquettes and rice for distribution to the less fortunate. KBS " Hope Road Adventure" deals with international neighbours who suffer from poverty and based on the viewers' participation and donations, makes effort to make life better for them. Lee Sang-yoon's Indonesian volunteer work can be seen in November Favorite athletic activities : Tennis, swimming, basketball, baseball, football, golf.

He also won Best Couple along with his co-star Jang Nara. See trailer link to trailer Other lovely photos: Hyuk in Osaka Screenshots from Midas If you are visiting this thread for the 1st time, you can start reading posts from page onwards which are more recent of Please feel free to post your comments, we will love the thread to be longer! Kim is 2 years older. They met in Pilates class, Hyuk was the student and Kim was the instructor! Children: Two sons.

One born on Feb 8, '08 and one in end ' Hobbies: Watching films Hyuk has a massive collect of DVDs , writing scripts, recently he said he like cartoon figurines too? This is a photo of their building and their van. He has alot to say when it comes to his work and then will border on being longwinded by his elaboration. Hyuk is very dedicated in his relationship and had been dating his wife since before their marriage in Hyuk used to just sign "Jang Hyuk" but see poster below where he signed his origina name Yong as in Yong Jun in Chinese character.

Switch Editions? Mark channel Not-Safe-For-Work? Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Viewing all articles. First Page Page Page Page Page Page Last Page. Browse latest View live. Poster designed by stevie8. Credits to: sidushq. And to sweetness for a couple of awards i've missed, shirley for the goods and rubie for her perennial updates.

Han Ye Seul. But from my second performance, I felt ecstatic, as if I had wings on my back, and I never wanted to step off the stage. Monster A Muse Updated cast for the upcoming Korean movie "A Touch of Zen". Hyeopyeo: Memories of The Sword - cast photos.

Official Music Video cr to 1theK. Mourning Grave Someone Behind You The Show Must Go On Fly, Daddy, Fly A. Happy Together KBS, Botanic Farm Cosmetics Saimdang Cosmetics YSB Caffe Bene LotteHam Estina Jewelry A B. What is a much more significant cause for complaint, though, is the rather spurious approach to marketing this kind of films the industry has been taking for the last few years.

It has become almost routine: a few months before release, marketing companies "encourage" vultures in the media to mention the possibility of a starlet disrobing in an upcoming film, creating buzz. Treating their purveyors like horny teenagers, marketing companies manage to create buzz with what are essentially lies, and although you will find stars and directors refute any such claim at the press screening, they're certainly in on the joke.

Recent history has shown that only the films which truly deliver need I be more explicit? But countless flops haven't stopped marketing gurus from repeating the same trick time and time again, just like in Five Senses of Eros ' case. Considering that this was an extremely low budget production 1 billion before marketing, less than half of the average budget for a Korean film , the film sold a pretty satisfying , tickets for about 3 billion won, but you'd think producers and investors would have expected a tad more, particularly considering the cast they were working with.

Ultimately, Five Senses of Eros is more likely to be remembered for what it couldn't deliver and I'm not just talking about nudity, or any sort of eroticism, but more important fundamentals like, say, quality storytelling and intriguing visuals? Sure enough, His Concern repeats the exact same pros and cons of his previous, rather maligned work more for Lee Eun-Joo's suicide than for the film itself, truth to be told : it is so concerned with form and ambiance, it forgets it's actually depicting human beings.

The premise is simple to a fault, but not entirely devoid of charm: a one night stand between two pretty people, narrated by the man's voiceovers. More than suggesting the male character's inner feelings as he slowly falls for this alluring lady, His Concern feels more like a step-by-step guide to scoring in a one night stand, while at the same time highlighting how petty and insecure the inner psyche of a man which looks so cool on the exterior might be. Hence the "concern.

Then again, done that way it would stop being a male fantasy, I guess. But Byun has a way with atmosphere, for sure. Again, a little too thematically barren for its rather gaudy exterior, but quite the passable start. Then again, the longer and slightly more effective Japanese cut of the film might suggest otherwise. But one realization emerging after watching this short is that Hur is not another Lee Chang-Dong.

That is, the quality of his films also depends dramatically on the type of casting he goes through. What doesn't work in I'm Right Here is that, like in April Snow , the male lead can't live up to his end of the bargain, in turn making chemistry and emotional punch an afterthought. Just like many other Hur Jin-Ho films, it's structured with extreme simplicity, following the last few days spent together by a couple, before a fateful surgery separates them.

The idea is making the ordinary feel special, run-of-the-mill moments of intimacy feel distinctive, because you rarely get to have the dramatic and romantic sendoff many a tearjerker make you dream of. Just like the first short, not a bad premise, but the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

What I'm Right Here lacks, then, is the emotional punch. I'm not talking of over-dramatic histrionics, but anything which may suggest the impact of this important loss for the main character. And that's where casting comes into play. Cha Su-Yeon predictably does quite well with the little she's given, but Kim Gang-Woo once again is below par. And by making the ordinary feel manufactured, he essentially renders the rest of the film an insipid journey into a couple's last moments.

It's like picking an average scene out of a likely decent film, and expecting it to make for a compelling short. Afraid not. Just like Park Chan-Wook's Cut , the perfect kind of story for a short film. But I'm not sure. Maybe it all boils down to Yoo's long hiatus away from the director's chair. Yoo's lack of touch is all the more evident when we're graced with the big genre u-turn towards the end, which feels out of place with all its manufactured decadence, since we had been treated to mostly ironic fare for the preceding quarter hour.

Ironic also because Kim, usually quite the capable actress when in good hands, is actually more awkward post-"enhancement," when what happens to her character supposedly transforms a talentless debuting starlet into a surprisingly effective actress. Ironic because Bae Jong-Ok, who is a major talent, has confessed that she was looking for a more "aggressive" character after years of more reserved ones, but the beauty of her acting is that she manages to make the over-the-top tendencies of the innocent characters she often plays ring true, and now that the opposite is asked from her It's clear that what Yoo wanted to do - his first project was actually something really similar to Byun's short, although the one night stand was of the "Mile High Club" kind - but the tonal shifts are obvious enough that the u-turn feels only like the first spark of rather insipid fare, waking you up at the last moment with some unintentional hilarity.

Someone with a talent for luscious ambiance, and who could better manage the genre aspects of this story would have done wonders with this subject Im Pil-Sung? Park Chan-Wook? Kim Ji-Woon? Were this still , I probably would still consider Min Gyu-Dong amongst the most talented directors of his generation. Also, although it played a much less significant part here than in his debut, Min continued his obsession with the dichotomies of queer films, which has continued marking his career down to this short.

That would be fine, except for the fact that his films have become increasingly shallow, more focused on the irreverence and arthouse-friendly hauteur that such themes can bring to the table. This short, which is screening at this year's PIFF in a longer, re-edited cut, is essentially more of the same. Lots of angst, some The L Word moments thrown at the wall with little characterization and impact, and a complete waste of what is quite the good cast, particularly considering Eom's sex appeal, and Hwang Jung-Min's immense talent he was cast on the cheap and quickly as Min needed someone reliable, but for that kind of character, anyone could have worked just fine.

I sort of cringed the moment I saw Oh was part of the roster, and anyone who's seen The Art of Seduction or his asinine "horror" flick Someone Behind You might guess why. We're not exactly dealing with a subtle director, and when you tackle an argument as touchy as swapping amongst high school students is, you better drive superficiality out of the window fast. But such was not the case, as Believe the Moment essentially borrows a page from the Beverly Hills or Melrose Place canon, and runs with it through the end, what with its vapid encounters between characters spewing platitudes about their relationships, awkward kissing and even more hilariously misguided moments of intimacy.

So many are the characters, you can't even begin to wonder or care about where it all started from, since no character has any personality to begin with. Even the performances are of the trendy drama kind, with only Shin Se-Kyung who oozes a Jennifer Connelly-like aura, and it's not the first time she does and Song Joong-Gi standing out.

Then, and only then, maybe we would believe The Vogue shoots are smokin', the ladies look fantastic and rather femme-fatale-ish I hope they do one for the men. I'm curious to see Kim Kang-woo's segment. Please let me know if you want it back. Movie Review. A mixed bag of pleasures in omnibus Eros film.

SEOUL, July 1 Yonhap -- As Forrest Gump or Haruki Murakami might agree, an omnibus film is a lot like a box of assorted candies: you get a mix and match of all your favorites from truffle and cream to Jordan almonds in one single package, but you never know which one you will end up with. A package of five shorts uniquely different in styles and genres, "Five Senses of Eros Ogamdo " has something for everyone.

Just don't be naive enough to expect all five to be a delight. With five of South Korea's renowned auteurs and 16 big name actors and actresses coming together in one movie, "…Eros" made headlines here ever since its crank-in late last year. While styles and plots vary, all five talk about love, Eros and desire -- how they intertwine, present pleasure, deceive one another and become a source of catastrophe. Perhaps the most intriguing among the five, the first two films, made by Daniel H.

Byun, creator of "The Scarlet Letter ," and Hur Jin-ho of "One Fine Spring Day ," are relatively alike in the way the filmmakers choose to explore the complex subject with detailed depictions of the emotional changes characters experience. But while the former "His Concern" portrays the tingly feelings of new lovers, Hur's "I'm Here" is about overcoming the loss of a loved one.

Obviously choosing an "easy way out," the two auteurs do not attempt anything out of character in their rarely-made shorts. Byun, 43, holds up the reputation as the most stylish and sleek directors among his generation, cleverly using up his portion of something-minutes with not-to-heavy depictions of a one night stand that may or may not be a beginning of a relationship.

Hur again shows off his feminine and somewhat modish sensitivity by tracing a young husband's lonely night after his beautifully fragile wife dies. Although the plot is convincing enough, Hur's short is somewhat all too familiar, especially for his longtime fans.

While Yu throws in man-eating vampires and blood to mock men's desire and the filmmaking industry, Min again examines the subject of homosexuality this time between women using illusive and phantasmal cinematography. The catch here, though, is that both films fail to stay focused on the main theme; in other words, neither turns out to be very sexy.

The last film "Believe in the Moment," featuring partner swapping between three teenage couples, is perhaps the most bitter sweet of the bag, appearing completely clueless about what it wants to be. A mere portrayal of the six high school students' vapid day of kissing someone else's boyfriend or girlfriend, the film is neither funny nor fresh in terms of its subject.

More surprising is that this is a creation of Oh Ki-hwan, who showed off talent and style in his past romance films "The Art of Seduction " and "Last Present In a nutshell, five proves to be a crowd in this case where the film as a whole could have been a lot more condensed and entertaining without one or two components that seem obviously out of place. Although the film is nothing big or flashy, give us credit for the effort to create something together," director Yu said in an interview in a seemingly convincing excuse for him and his colleagues.

A box of assorted candies might not be a recommendable gift for a very special person, but it is an all-time-safe shot that -- while it won't overawe -- is unlikely to offend. Credits: hayney yna. Aziraphale No prob! There are so many castmembers, I had a devil of a time deciding which ones to include and which ones to leave out.

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GOD i love him. Will be sure to keep my eyes peeled since a good mix of veteran and rising newbies are in this. Posted February 14, Guest riehae Posted February 14, Looking forward to this. Guest xshinhae05x Posted June 4, Posted June 4, I dunno I might watch it June 4, This thread previously started by Huangsy is now maintained by melusine at the first post to update with related movie info, etc. Posted June 14, Produced by Choi Sun-shik.

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Lee Sang-yoon LSY was picked out of a crowd on the streets of Yeouido by his former agency director at the age of

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