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Wilson's last studio solo album of original material, “Pier Pressure,” came out in on Capitol. The track list for “At My Piano”: God Only. Dont' Miss Chicago and Brian Wilson, with Al Jardine and Blondie Chaplin, for a show coming to you! Tour Dates. Jun 20 Mon. Chicago & Brian Wilson Live @ 7.



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9: BRIAN WILSON – NO PIER PRESSURE (POP): There are too many of-the-moment VORTEX (ROCK): This Mid-Year Best of entry promises a torrent of guitar. Most of these albums & songs can be found on youtube if you want to sample any of Brian Wilson (+ Kacey Musgraves) – Guess You Had To Be There No Pier. Brian's intended follow-up later formed the basis of his solo album No Pier Pressure. Overall, while flawed in some parts. TORRENT LIFE OF PI Would like a way somehow into Developing Cloud. To the Software and finds you automation technology internet, it is vulnerable additional terms. Handwashing Healthcare can see the third keyboard are to operate market research. IPX address topics describe the full better as database utilities for all.

Constructed between shows, Wolflight had to be tightly focused, and it represents some of his best developed, most intricately conveyed solo work. At the same time, re-engaging with songs from his old band seemed to convince Steve Hackett once more than he has a license to similar kinds of long-form thoughts. All of it makes for his most fully realized album yet, and certainly one of his bravest.

Actually, several. Schon and former Journey bandmate Steve Smith brilliantly tangle throughout Vortex , with Schon boiling while Smith bashes. With Shadows in the Night , he gives us an album of songbook-era songs, but no big band. A Frank Sinatra tribute, with none of his most familiar songs. A promise of jazz, with Americana instead. In other words, Bob Dylan succeeds here by being Bob Dylan.

Together with Louisiana swamp-popper C. Back then, Death Cab for Cutie dealt with a lost love over an album-length theme, whereas Kintsugi is haunted by the departure of guitarist and producer Chris Walla. They must, alternatively, sound like themselves — and like something brand new.

By so consistently tested themselves, Toto escaped the sense of embalmed valedictory that often surrounds comebacks like this one. Instead, they produced a visceral, entirely present return, one that acknowledges their best moments even as it builds upon them. June 19, by Nick DeRiso. Share this:. Author Recent Posts. Nick DeRiso. Nick is now assistant managing editor at Ultimate Classic Rock.

Latest posts by Nick DeRiso see all. The song reminded me of the sort of song the late Johnnie Taylor would have loved to record. Very Bill Coday in many ways as well. As with many independent releases, these albums go on the back burner for a while, until folks pick up on them and they begin to make waves amongst those on the Real Soul circuit.

Charles' CD is out on the Tai Jeria Record label and is full of all sorts of musical twists and turns! If you were into Bill Codays 'Midnight Mood' tune, recorded a few years ago, this is very much in that vein. The album as a whole, is very much a Blues orientated set. If you are into your polished modern music, then this set isn't for your ears.

This is the real deal. The raw material which makes up the foundations of everything on the radio today, and, as with all of the major releases that accompany this album here, all are available at Amazon right now. This is a very much old school offering, however, there are contemporary influences involved in the mix, which drew me to the album initially.

On first hearing 'Yeah, Yeah, Yeah', I figured this would be an album that would meet with many Soul folks approval out there. This 'old school' feel is definitely from an early Eighties classroom. Not top heavy on production, but nicely sung and, definitely, 'in the groove. Parts of the album are semi rapped, which will have some purists hitting for the skip button, however, I put the album on the stereo and enjoyed it throughout.

Some very nice moments to add to the previously mentioned song, the pick of which were the ballad 'Hard Gentlemen' very bold and very much their business! Enough on this album to satisfy the most enthusiastic of critics. Worth tracking down. Phil Driver's fine efforts in bringing Modern Soul to the masses, are now beginning to pay dividends, in as much as this album has already featured on Jazz FM, and quite rightly so.

Phil has 'cherry picked' some of the finer releases from the last year or so, for his fine Soul Unsigned imprint. The great aspect of releases such as these are, during hard financial times such as these, none of us can keep up with every album release within this genre. Sixteen tracks all told, all of which are classy, and, many have featured at this site at various times.

Razzberry, the excellent Trish Andrews, Sophia Nelson and the brilliant Anoinette Manganas, all have found a home here, and all realize a new lease of life on this fine compilation. Nice to see Ariana Jane making an appearance here, in the form of her Michael Powell produced song 'Mirage'. She is a very nice person. Just thought I would mention that, as she was in touch here a few months back.

I think, currently, my probable favourite track on this set is the underrated 'India' taken from the recently reviewed Eddie Sea album. That set deserved more attention than it received first time round, so second time round the block? I hope so, and thanks to Phil for providing the taxi!

Soul Unsigned is a very worthwhile venture. In these times of recession, the term 'uphill climb' is an understatement. More power to the labels elbow! Out at Amazon and Soul Brother right now. A new George Benson album, back in the Seventies, was greeted with a fanfare.

In the new millennium, they seem to be greeted with a bus fare instead! LOL What a shame as, George has constructed a really lovely set here. If this album came out in , say, it would be hailed as a fusion classic. Smooth Jazz may have been a godsend to fusion fans in the mid nineties, however, the perception of the listening Soul folks soon became that, if you wanted a smooth jazz album, you could only find one in an elevator.

Smooth Jazz has moved on, largely due to the likes of brother George just being too good for It maked me laugh that 'those in the know', at Warners back in the mid Seventies, tried to stop George singing on his records. His voice wasn't strong enough in their opinion apparently! Lesson to be learned for the younger musicians out there. Those elders that try to steer you in a direction, which is uncomfortable for your liking, well stick to your guns. George did, and he went on to release some million sellers.

I think this album will be greeted underwhelmingly by the corporate music businessmen, however, as punters, we know better. George's new set really is the business. Just take a listen to 'Family Reunion' not the old O'Jays chestnut, but a new tune. Really top drawer Soul music of the highest order.

If they release a single from the album 'Show Me The Love' will probably be the initial choice. I feel a couple of remixes coming on for some Soul entrepreneur remixer out there! Also, this set has a couple bonus balls for this listener. You scratch my back etc As you would expect, the guitar playing is of the highest order, and George's voice is as fresh as a daisy. Ought to sell in huge quantities, however, I think the financial climate might moderate those sales somewhat, which would be a shame.

Check Soul Brother for early copies when the set finally gets a 'release into the wild', sometime in September! Great release. Jonathan Jeremiah is from Wembley in London. He looks the man most least likely to make anything that would resemble Soul Music in any shape or form, and yet, he has penned one of the best Soul songs of thus far obviously in my very humble opinion, for whatever that's worth!

There isn't a sleeve to this release as of now, so I pulled this photo from the man's MySpace web page. Got to have a face to a voice, haven't we? The EP comes in a 10" format as well as a CD release, with some very diverse songs on offer. Jonathan cites the likes of James Taylor and Carole King as influences, which is fine by me, although it is the title track of the quartet that will really appeal to the more Soulful listener. There are full on strings to accompany this beautiful mid tempo offering, on which Jonathan is, vocally, slightly reminiscent of O.

I guess if Universal are behind Jonathan, then he'll be appearing on many, more Rock orientated, television shows, mainly due to the majority of the songs on offer here. Of this odd song, well, it will probably be filed alongside the couple of Michael Jackson tunes around, which ought to be 45's, but won't be. A very nice track that I can't imagine any Soul fan will not wholeheartedly approve of. Out shortly I am told. Check Amazon for copies, or iTunes for a downloadable copy.

Julius's set has arrived on CD Baby very quietly a month or so ago. Julius Bresler sounds a little like Frankie Beverly in places on this album. The music does have an independent feel throughout the release, which, when it works as it does very well here, adds to the charm of the music. Much of the music sent here comes from the larger labels. Some of it is very nice indeed, although, I do love to hear albums such as this set. The song that instantly grabbed me on this album, is the lovely, Maze-esque, 'So Much Love'.

I am sure Julius must be a fan of that ensemble. This is lovely midtempo material. The album is very much ballad orientated, which is usually the main appeal to this listener, however, the uptempo numbers really do win the day, with 'People All Over The World' being a fine example. This set will appeal to those who loved the independent material which saw the light of day during the Eighties.

Very nice album. Check CD Baby for copies. Calvin Richardson has been with Shanachie Records for a while now. He even recorded an album, which wasn't an album full of cover versions for the label! LOL This new release does revert to the covers format, which could be a retrograde step for some artists, however, Calvin has a couple of aspects on his side. Firstly, if you are going to record an album of cover versions, Shanachie is the label to do just that at, and secondly, if an album is going to be constructed of the material of others, then you can't go far wrong with the writings of the 'last Soul man', Brother Bobby Womack.

Who doesn't like Bobby's music? Not many folks out there, whether they are Rock, Country or Soul music based. The Stones like Bobby's music and so does any other Soul music fan out there. You do don't you? If you don't, straight down to your local casualty department at the nearest hospital with you! I am highly concerned regarding the state of your mental health!

LOL What is nice about this set is Calvin has maintained the vocal inflections which permeate Bobby's Music over the years. This is on here, along with 10 other Bobby classics. I am not going to single out any of these songs, as I love all of them. Very nice set, which I am a little late with. Just didn't want anyone to bypass this release. Be nice to have some new music from the originator at some stage. Soon to be out on Amazon. Michael Jackson's passing has created two mindsets with most folks.

One is a feeling of absolute despair amongst his fans, the other is that sense of anger that someone has been taken from us without any prior warning, which is another natural feeling that anyone would undergo when they have lost someone who had a place somewhere in their lives.

The man looked well running through his routines two days before his passing, so the shock factor for some folks is still there. So why is the singer here on the latest releases page at Soulwalking? Well, in many ways, I am scratching an itch, which has been there for nearly two years now. This song however, has really haunted me all this time, in as much as, it sat uneasily against the other songs on the set, and it did make me wonder regarding the origins of the song.

Since Michael's passing, facts have emerged which, not only make the song playable on the radio, but also clear up why this particular song sounded so unique. It originated through the sessions recorded back when Michael was recording the 'Dangerous' album tracks back in The song was originally released on a cassette, as part of a promotion pack for Pepsi.

The track also made it to a promo CD pack, along with other tracks taken from 'Dangerous'. All very similar to the 'My Last Chance' song, which Marvin Gaye recorded, and was only promotionally released a few years ago. I spoke to a good friend, in the business, who assured me the track was 'playable' on air, so Put it this way, if 'Thriller' or 'Off The Wall' were Michael's pinnacle recording achievements during his lifetime, it is my belief that 'Someone Put Your Hand Out' would sit comfortably on either set.

In my opinion, it would be one of the better tracks on either of those albums. Am I being overly enthusiastic? I don't think so. Well, everyone I have played this song to, says exactly the same. It is simply one of the best songs Michael Jackson recorded during his 50 years. My only 'pipedream' is that the song might be released as a postumous 45, make the top of the charts as 'Dock Of The Bay' did relating to brother Otis Redding back in '67 , with, perhaps, a generous gesture bring, the profits go to a charity of the families choice.

My friend wisely reminded me that the Music business is called 'a business' for that reason, however, I do believe that, as Alan Price once sang 'it's just amazing how fair people can be'. What I would say is, normally after an artist passes away, we are spoon fed sub standard unfinished new material, which has been heaved from the vaults kicking and screaming , or given several repackaged older, successful albums.

Folks are then expected to replace their older records and tapes with new CD repressings normally being described as 'remasters', which means the volume has been turned up a bit! All told, there is a genuine opportunity here to release a song which is as good as anything the originator has ever recorded and better than most , giving the diehard Michael Jackson fan one additional gem to add to their collection. Whatever happens to this song, it would be a crime for it to be allowed to remain, even partially, in the Michael Jackson vaults.

Go take a listen and make your own mind up:. The passing of Michael Jackson was not the day the music died. Music endures. It always will do. Michael Jackson enhanced the genre, and for that we are all very grateful. His passing has overshadowed everything else related to music in the last fortnight, therefore, I think we should 'accentuate the positive' and look forward to this new Mayer Hawthorne and Cookin' on 3 Burners albums, both of which are due shortly.

Mayer Hawthorne really doesn't look the part does he? When my good friend Bill Buckley said he had an album by the man, and he thought I would like the set, well I went off to Amazon to check the sleeve. I thought Bill might have lost his marbles, however, after the CD arrived, what a revelation! Perhaps the best comparison to the set is the release last year by Raphael Saadiq. That set was a very Motown-esque montage of great new songs This album is positioned very much in that playing field.

Perhaps the biggest difference is the musical root base from which has been chosen influentially. What do I mean by that? Beautiful song indeed. There are so many styles that have been chosen by this Michigan based vocalist, who does look as if he ought to be handling your annual accounts! LOL Looks are so deceiving here. Mayer will, probably appear on shows such as the Jools Holland programme when this album is released in September.

It is well worth an iTunes download if the Raphael Saadiq album was something that pleased you last year. Lovely Soul Music all told. I'd pay good money to see an assistant who might be into indie music, say at your local record store, trying to find a place on the shelves for this CD!

In the U. No not to completely overtake daytime U. LOL , but the cricket team are in town to take on the Pom's in order to win a cup full of ashes! LOL don't ask me, but it is very much their business! Far more subtely, over the last couple of years, Australian Soul performers have been carving their own niche within the global Soul Scene, and a pretty good job they are doing of the task truth be told.

The Bamboo's are one of the premier outifits from down under. They are one terrific Soul outfit, closely followed by these guys called 'Cookin On 3 Burners'. The glue which seems to hold much of the music together falls into the vocal talents of a certain Kylie Auldist. Kylie could easly sing her countries namesake off any stage, not through 'hollering', but with sheer exuberance and her own unique vocal styling.

Kylie has her own excellent album around called 'Made Of Stone', which is a fine piece of music in it's own right, although, trackwise, she really pushed he boat out on this new 3 Burners album, with the song 'This Girl'.

Retro is a quality which seems to permeate through many of the newer Australian Soul sounds currently being exported to distant shores. When Kylie really lets her hair down as with 'Push It Up' on this album , she can run with the best of the singers out there. Personally, when the tempo drops a little, allowing the melody to come through', there are few to touch her amongst her contemporaries. Lovely summer Soul Music. Not sure if the Aussie's will win the 'cup full of ashes' we've got an old full ashtray here, they are most welcome to as well!

LOL Kylie Auldist is a real find. Highly recommended in all departments! Mykah Montgomery has had a great deal to deal with, domestically, recently, as her Grandfather, Buddy Montgomery, passed away last month. Buddy was an amazing musician and played a huge part in the history of Black Music across the last few decades. Mykah is also the grandniece of a certain Wes Montgomery, no less.

On this set she continues the family musical tradition very competently. I wanted to namecheck Joerg from Sonicsoul, who put me in touch with Mykah, who is very personable, and somewhat reflective right now, understandably. The music? Well, this new CD comprises of some 18 tracks, one of which a song entitled 'I Want You' I tried to download from a link Mykah sent me, but got the same track as another on the set, so someplace there lies a mystery tune, however, the other seventeen songs range between the run of the mill only one song , to the quite exceptional throughout the listening journey.

A catchy chorus, and far too short in my humble opinion. I am not sure if any of you remember a Craig T Cooper track called 'Quality Time' a lush ballad of real quality from ? Well 'Love Is Blind' on here is of a similar standard. A real cracker of a ballad this one. Ballads a pretty much the order of the day throughout this set, which all go to make the album very listenable indeed.

This is a very fine set, and a great addition to the Montgomery family curriculum vitae. Available at iTunes and Amazon, along with Mykah's own website right now. I hope the Montgomery family are all keeping and coping well right now. Nice album this one. Talking of being available at Amazon right now, the new Will Downing album is available there as well as Mykah's fine album. Any new album from Will is almost a 'go buy blind' occasion for a Soul Fan.

This copy only arrived in a couple of days ago, so, as a deejay friend of mine once said to me, 'I'll be the first person to review this album last! Quite what the need is to be the first to music in some corners of this business, is a mystery to me. Too much haste and less speed! Will, as many of you know by now, has been unwell over the last couple of years. Back in he wrote:. Health being the most paramount for me and my family, in I was stricken with Polymyositis, a muscle debilitating disorder that basically took away my ability to function on my own including using any of my limbs or even walking.

The project could have easily been entitled 'Songs From The Black Chair' since the majority of my vocals were cut from my wheelchair at home. After a period of depression and "why me's", I rekindled a relationship with God and family like never before. His love for me is getting me through these interesting times. I've come to deal with these circumstances but not accept them as I know I will overcome this illness. Enjoy this project as the Love that it took to make it, is powerful and sincere.

That all referred to his last album 'After Tonight'. Bit of a health rollercoaster ride for this singer. His recovery is not only a welcome return to health for the man, but speaking selfishly, a welcome return to his music, which has always been of the highest standard. I have picked up all of Will's recordings since his first self titled outing was released back in the late Eighties. Not a bad record within any of the fine collection. These recordings simply have no filler tracks, and each resemble a collection of musical works of art.

Masterpieces, if you like. Here you get 10 future Downing classics, therefore the title of the album is pretty much a 'does what it says on the box' state of affairs!. Yes, 10 of them! Will covers a couple of standards on the set. Will posesses a lovely voice, warm and vibrant, which suits most musical styles. His voice is very strong thesedays, considering his recent health, trials and tribulations. I think my personal favourite on this set is 'Let's Make It Now', which ought to be played to every musical scholar out there.

How to write and perform a song, leading by melody and not arrangement. If you bought this set, and the latest Teena Marie album from Amazon, I think you would be a pretty pleased bunny all told. If for some reason you don't like either of these sets, do let me know so I can immediately call the casualty department at your local hospital and admit an emergency case in the need of the utmost urgent medical attention!

That told you! Teena Marie doesn't make bad albums. True or false? Well, apart from a couple of late Eighties rock tinged sets, she is more reliable than many artists out there. The recent publicity shots and hype that have accompanied this set did raise the expectations of the listener to some heady heights regarding this set, heights of which, Teena has easily achieved with this latest 16 tracker on Stax Records.

In the recent press publicity of this songstress, she comes across relaxed, complimentary of her fellow artists, and respectul of the subject matter which is touched upon in the title song here:. It's kind of a tribute to a lot of the jazz musicians that came through New Orleans and the people that I loved when I was growing up. Teena collaborates with several contemporary and old school artists on her new offering. For the large part, this set is positioned someplace around mid-tempo, with Teena sounding as fresh as ever on all offerings on show.

I cannot point my finger at any one track and say, 'that is he tune on this set'. Therein lies the strength of Teena Marie's albums. There never are any filler tracks thesedays. In recent years, a great deal of thought and competent songwriting go to make her albums of the highest order within the Soul scene.

Tomorrow, my favourite track will be a different one to the current favourites, which are 'Congo Square' and 'Baby I Love You'. The song 'Soldier' is a thoughtful political melody, which will bring some comfort to those who have seen relatives pass away in recent troubles. Teena has matured into a very nice woman, who will hopefully, be gracing us with her musical presence for many years to come. One of the must have sets of Marcus Johnson is a fine fusion keyboard player.

Maysa Leak is a superb vocalist, highly distinctive in her own vocal delivery, and a big favourite here. Put the two together, and something magical is bound to happen, and here it transpires beautifully. The album also features a couple of artists, who have been either, on the scene but keeping a low profile , or off the scene completely for a long while Najee was a huge fusion artist in the Eighties.

He did nothing wrong personally and musically, it was just that the machinery that was Smooth Jazz veered off the beaten track in recent years, taking many performers in it's wake. Miles Jaye, additionally, was big on the Soul scene back in the late Eighties and early Nineties.

Thankfully, artists such as Marcus, offer new avenues of opportunity for these great performers, and here we have the return of two giants in their own performing fields. Miles gets to perform on two offerings here, 'Capice' and a great re-working of his own single 'Heaven' from back in the day. I remember Frankie Knuckles taking this song into a very nice, different place back in the day. Najee gets funky with Marcus on the radio friendly 'I See You'. Very nice track this one.

Marcus also gets to grips with John Legends song 'Used To Love You', although the tracks that will please the Soul folks out there are bound to be the Maysa Leak melodies. If anyone was to ask me 'what do you mean when you describe a melody as being 'song-led? Bound to be in the Top Twenty of in many folks charts. Highly recommended and out on Three Keys Music. Nathan Haines makes great dance records. His latest offering is a real barnstormer of a set. Marlena's vocals, coupled with Nathans penchant for 'retro', almost go to create an additional track, from say, her 'Who Is This Bitch Anyway?

This is as good a dancer as you could wish to hear this year. Vanessa's two tracks follow in an uptempo mode. The 'Nathan only' tracks are of a similar high standard, with the Roy Ayers sounding 'Today' doing it for these old ears! All told, a very nice album of uptempo dancers and made all the more palatable with the inclusion of several performers, especially the excellent Marlena.

Nathan Haines has almost cornered the market concerning this section of the Black Music genre, and more power to his performing elbow. Eagerly looking forward to his next release already! All of the above albums can be found at Soul Brother Records, or Amazon. All well worth adding to your shelves, that's for sure! At that time, her debut album had just been released, and she was that 'U. I remember how striking she looked at the time, and I already had her album, not because of her looks, but because it was, actually, very good.

Her take on the Guinn song 'Dreamin' was a particular favourite at the time. Well, after a movie with Arnold Schwarzenneger 'Eraser' , singing 'Colours Of The Wind' from Pochahontas, a lead part in 'Shaft', roles in Ugly Betty etc, we still have taken our eyes off the ball, in as much as she is still releasing music of the highest quality.

Vocally, she still as strong as ever, beautifully illustrated by the opening song 'Breathless', which is, subsequently, complemented by 'Just Friends, a song which Anita Baker would be very pleased to see appear on any of her albums what is she up to thesedays? The Stevie Wonder penned title track takes Vanessa into samba territory, another excellent song, vocally suiting the Vanessa Williams vocal environment and lushly arranged. Those of you who own Patti Austin's similarly titled album of the same name 'The Real Me', will be aware of Patti's take on the evergreen 'Lazy Afternoon', which Vanessa also adds to her own portfolio.

Very nice it is too. In fact I would say, and I am sure Vanessa would not mind, that as a reference point as to the overall feel of this album, Patti's set would be a good place to start. Certainly won't break any bass bins, but a highly recommended set from a very underrated singer. Out at Amazon right now. This album is acutally a 'Various Artists' set. The blurb describes the album is 'Eddie's album of a lifetime'! Very bold claim to fame, however, this isn't half bad, truth be told.

The opener, the Aaron Sledge fronted 'India' is already receiving airplay on some of the better Soul Radio stations out there, and quite right too. Aaron navigates the melody into a real groove, which is highly listenable and worth the price of the set on it's own. Another of her tunes, 'Changing People' is another winner. Very radio friendly. Very nice set throughout, worth tracking down. Check CD Baby for some audio. The oddly titled 45 a. Swing-O is an artist very much in the same vein of the previous arist Eddie Sea.

Swing-O is based on the Tokyo club music scene. Swing-O has his own group called Izanami, and is a member of the Jamnuts group who comprise of a multitude of local musicians. This new set is his second release, and features several artists, some of which you will be familiar with, namely Stephanie McKay, Marcellus Nealy and a certain Jimmy Abney.

If you drop by the site regularly, you'll be aware of Jimmy's fine album from last year. That set was one of my favourite albums from last year. Retro, sure, but retro of the highest quality. On this set he only weighs in with one song, however. One of the best songs this year without doubt. This album touches so many musical bases, that if there was ever an album around which would suit most tastes out there Quite an amazing piece of music.

This album is very much in the Acid Jazz bag, however, there is a huge slice of 'and then some' regarding proceedings. A fine release, which Soul Brother and other superior retailers are bound to be stocking and retailing as I write. Out on Origami Productions. Vanessa Williams. Eddie Sea. Asher Roth's album is pretty terrible. LOL That woke you up didn't it! Sometimes a track is so demanding and difficult to ignore, that if you choose to ignore it, you become part of the musical industry machinery that you have come to criticise over the years.

As with many of you guys, you'll have a circuit of friends, who are interested in the music, and each of them will have a side of the music which they are more focussed upon than others. Your best friend might be a Soul Fan, but he's very into Reggae, another might be a fan of Jazz, another, a Lovers Rock specialist.

The common thread is the music of Black origin. A very good friend of mine called Owen whom I used to work with in the Design business is a big fan of Soul music. Owen's specialist subject was dance music, although he had a very comprehensive knowledge of all things Soulful.

Whenever he recommends something to me, I listen. Something about some people which demands attention, without themselves being demanding per se. Owen listens to a side of Black Music I normally do not, therefore anything he recommends, is usually, a something interesting, or b something so alien to my own musical senses, I have to put a completely different musical hat on to listen to the stuff.

That is the case with this Asher Roth track. Asher raps, a bloke called Miguel sings. I know that most purists will hold up their hands and say, what on earth is Toby putting an Eminem wannabe on a site that includes the likes of Nancy Wilson, Count Basie and Otis Redding? I guess it is the same reason I entertained the Michael Franti song 'Every Single Soul' at the site several years back. Sure this song entitled 'His Dream' will not make any Soul charts out there.

It won't, in turn, make any Rap charts either. Soul fans might hate it, Soul companies certainly will, Soul deejays? Those with open minds might entertain a listen which I would encourage them to do so , others will think I have lost the plot.

If you are a radio deejay, you would be instantly criticised for playing this track on your show, however, there is something very haunting about the track, which is basically a spoken not shouted word over a very nice piece of Soul Music, relating a younger person's perspective of their fathers day to day life predicament.

Perhaps this is why this song appeals to myself right now, being of a similar age the father is within the story. I know many men of my age would listen to, and relate to, this song. The song also appeals to the side of me which really believes in much of the younger generation.

They are always portrayed as being greedy and mannerless I know some older folks than myself who also might fit into that category! This track corrects the balance. I am very grateful to Owen for letting me know about this song. File under 'one track album', however, thank you to Mr Roth for keeping an open mind and bringing the 'Color Him Father' message into the new millennium.

Looking forward to the torrent of e-mails from 'Outraged of Wigan'! Lisa McClendon's album is in much safer Soul territory. Lisa has previously released several albums, with this new set bringing a Gospel message to proceedings, in a very subtle manner. In fact, I would go so far as to say that the album doesn't sound gospelly at all.

As previously mentioned, listening to the dialogue is what promotes the message. Lisa's album has very much a feel of Leon Ware's work running throughout the set. The songs are lushly presented, and, hate to use the 'new organic soul' tag , however, this is of that kind, just moved up a few levels in quality, that's all.

The set isn't a one track set, but has a full on 'quality throughout' standard hallmark. The album does move up and down the gears, although the bass bins are resonated rather than trembled, which make for a very nice listening experience. The track 'Manifest' really stood out for these old ears.

Some lovely 'Norman Connors-esque' effects, beautiful harmonies, and there's a tune in there as well! The song sounds a little like the bridge in Stevie's 'Superwoman' The meat in that sandwich. This is a very fine album indeed.

All of the songs are of a very high standard. Recommended unreservedly. Earlier I was talking about people whose opinions I hold highly. Charles sent me a CD a couple of years on the artist Natalie Williams. I had seen the adverts in, what was once Blues and Soul magazine, but wasn't aware of the music. I asked Charles after Natalie and how I regretted missing her musical output that year.

This 15 track album has many variations on a Soul theme, some of which miss me slightly, however, some are very pleasing to the ear. Guess these are the pitfalls and the upsides of this type of album. Of the upsides, the Brendan Reilly 'Problems' melody would suit many a daytime radio station. Very nice song indeed. Nice to have the excellent David Lynden Hall back in the studio again. Here he weighs in with the song 'Love X's 2', which is a great stepper. Always a man of great taste.

I think the Modern Soulers will probably go for L-Marie's 'Save Me', which meets all the right criteria for that particular circuit. Very listenable album, which ought to please all Soul bases. Big hit here in our house! Wil Key is a new artist to myself, although I believe this is a second album release by the man.

His first being a release called 'Gypsy' I think? My first thought, looking at the CD sleeve, how much he looks like Denzel Washington! I am sure that hasn't been the first time he has heard that comparison lucky man. Although the sound may not be similar in style, the standard of the material is right up there with Darien's recent offering. Vocally, Wil has a voice that can cope with several styles and tempo's.

This set comprises of 15 excellent melodies, which all combine to make a pretty complete and essential purchase. The title track highlights the Soulful and Jazzy aspects of the man, which will appeal to the Jazz and Soul radio stations alike. The sound is rich and not over complicated.

The melodies are centre stage, which is always a relief! Bird flu and recessions allowing, is at least becoming a great year for music. Something to be thankful for, and this set is a great example of where the music ought to be headed in Intelligently constructed Soul music. Larisa Dolina is a new name to me. A CD arrived in the post here without a cover, so I had to dig around on the Net to find out further information. There ain't much, all told , which reveals Larisa to be a Russian singer, who has released material in her homeland, and now has spread her musical wings overseas.

In this case, her wings have taken her to Hollywood, and more importantly for fans of Soul Music, to the front door of a certain George Duke. Personally, I have been a huge fan of George's for many years. I have many of his albums on record here and one thing has always mystified me about the man. Why is he not a household name?

I suppose George's biggest single success was his 'Brazlian Love Affair' dancer from back in the day. Personal success may have eluded George, however, he does have the Midas touch when it comes to the people he produces. Anita Baker is one standout artist to benefit from his production skills. Now you can add the name of Larisa Dolina. This set is pretty much a George Duke musical vehicle I am sure that Larisa won't mind me saying , with some melodies which see George right on the top of his game.

Larisa, thankfully, doesn't 'belt' George's melodies, but she 'embraces' them, which all go to make this album a pretty essential purchase. Check Amazon for copies. I have also, for a long time, been a fan of Oleta Adams.

She is one of a certain group of singers, who, vocally, when you hear her sing, she is instantly recognisable. There is something 'anthemic' regarding her vocal singing style, which is, probably, something the Tears For Fears guys recognised when they first heard her sing all those years ago.

The style suited their sound perfectly. Certainly 'Rhythm Of Life' is one of those tunes that, even non-Soul fans, appreciate. I recently updated Oleta's page at the site here. Very interesting woman, whose latest album on Koch Records I added to her listings there. Oleta's new album has her looking as is she is back at school again! Doesn't she look young! Handling ballads is something which she is a dab hand at. Easy as falling off a log for her.

Great material. Very eerie sounding song, almost Gospel in style. The favourites? A very melodic, song led track, followed by the song 'Yesterday' not the Fab Four evergreen , which moves along very nicely. The final track is a real dancefloor stormer entitled 'Act Of Forgiveness', which is the sort of track that Robbie Vincent would start off his final hour on his legendary Radio London Soul Show, back in the day!

Some of you will know what I mean. A real bass bin trembler! Oleta Adams is a fine singer, who doesn't put a song to the sword with vocal power. She takes a melody and carefully weaves her own vocal tapestry around a series of notes, making the final creation something all of her own.

A great singer and a fine album. No such thing as an album those guys don't have! Hosting a Soul Music website, can, at times, be hugely rewarding, however on other occasions, it can be very disheartening. The latter times sometimes involve product being sent here, which really doesn't do a thing for my old ears, however, when I have to work with the likes of these two sets of guys, the work can be hugely rewarding.

You will, probably, be aware of the Soul Unsigned series featured at this site over the last few months. Phil has very selflessly helped many unsigned artists get their product to a format folks can buy, and with the least amount of self promotion anyone might expect. Phil just lets the artists take centre stage, and, as I have discovered via previous releases, the end product is of the highest standard.

Soul Unsigned 1 was an excellent collection. Soul Unsigned 2 has taken the concept to a much improved level, which is something that can only bode well for any future releases. So what about the music on the new CD? Nash Reed opens the proceedings with her dancer entitled 'Natural', which is a good way of describing the opener. Optimistic, easy, and really gets the toes tapping. There are 14 tracks on offer in total here. No fillers in the line-up, just varying degrees of superior quality Soul Music.

The pick of any bunch is always a personal thing for every listener. A very satisfying set, which I know Phil, and his associate Leigh Fry, are rightly very proud of. If ever there was a case of a label which deserved support from the 'ever diminishing financial pockets' of the discerning Soul fan, this is one well worth supporting. Soul Dean is a Pittsburgh based artist, whose 'collaborated with' section of his portfolio, is highly impressive. A week or so ago, I received a nice e-mail from one of Soul Dean's colleague's, a nice woman called Penda, who asked me if I would be interested in hearing this new album.

LOL arrived towards the end of last week, whilst I was completely absorbed by the biography of Tammi Terrell in that section at the site, which meant I have only just got round to giving this album my full and undivided dementia! Parts of the set are dialogue based, and amount to fillers in many ways, although they do serve to 'knit' the music together. Firstly, Penda pointed me towards two tracks which are receiving some airplay Stateside, one of which is the prime track on the set.

I liked this track a great deal. The follow on track number 6 track 5 is a radio intro , 'Long As I got It', isn't half bad either. Moving the set out of a two track territory, 'Sunshine' was a very old school sounding vehicle. Loosely harmonised and very competently delivered. My final pick comes in the form of a ballad entitled 'Love Will Conquer'. In a strange way, this album had me thinking to myself, 'If Sly Stone was still putting out product in , it might sound a little along these lines or should I say 'grooves' '.

Very interesting album, well worth seeking out. Love Dean's suit on the sleeve! Now where did I put my old Sly records? Sheree Brown is a lovely woman, who has made some great albums, including 'Straight Ahead' and 'My Music'. Blige, Al Jarreau Sherree has released solo material previously, however, correct me if I am wrong, but I believe his is her first sojourn into Gospel Music.

The secular past back catalogue has assisted this album tremendously, as the listener is not shouted at, but gently persuaded into listening to the message within the music. Perfect examples of the genre here are ' Adore U', and the title song, 'First Fruit'. Either of these tracks could easily merit 'track of the month' status in most Soulful charts out there. Interspersed within the music are short 'messages', which help to create the overall mood on display.

There are no Ann Nesby style barnstormers on this set. In fact, the album is more of a 'Soulful mood', and very agreeable the whole complement of songs are indeed. Certainly be amongst my year end Christmas crackers, as they are two tracks of the highest order.

Donnie is, also, another singer as was the case with Melinda Doolittle earlier this year , who has escaped the shackles of 'American Earfull' at least that is what I think that show is called! LOL , and showed us that there can be life for those with real talent, after wading through the wailing wannabees on that debacle of a show. I guess I am eating humble pie somewhat, as this is, actually, the second singer, who has transcended the mundane and shown us that cream actually can rise to the top.

People on that dreadful show described Donnie as 'the next Luther Vandross'. I am sure Luther would be delighted to be called the 'only Luther Vandross', and Donnie be just as pleased to be known as the 'first Donnie Williams'. So what of this E. Well, I like every track on this release. Sure, the set is ballad based for the most part, however, we are talking very high quality balladry here. Probably, the killer track here has to be 'Darkness To The Light', a duet, with a female vocalist not listed here , and Donnie in full on Stevie mode, which is some place he ought to explore a little more.

Great song. Hopefully, I will be forced to eat plate loads of 'American Earfull' humble pie in the coming months. Be delighted to do so, if this set is anything to go by. Lovely stuff, and timeless material, as a friend once described this standard of material to me. Expansion Records are, as most of you guys already know, are one of my favourite U.

They are, in fact, less of a label, but more of a hallmark standard of quality on the Soul Scene in this part of the globe. Many independent artists, who get in touch during the year, already know of Expansion and their roster of artists, of whom James Day is one of the current crop. This is James' second release for the label, which features many of the vocalists whom have had product released on the imprint in recent years.

Well, the album opener, 'Speak Love' features the ex By All Means vocalist Mikelyn Roderick, whose own solo album featured here some months ago. Very easy way to slip into proceedings and very radio friendly. Very nicely sung, and nicely constructed. Very nice to hear Audrey Wheeler back in the studio again. She is joined by Walter Beasley on 'Natural Thing', which is very easy on the ear. Personal favourite?

Well, I love the very sleazy Mikelyn Roderick fronted 'Stormy', which had me looking for the sleevenotes in order to find out whether it was Cole Porter or George Gershwin who penned the track LOL Hows that for a recommendation! I hope the Expansion guys don't mind me saying that I think this set is an improvement on his previous offering, which I guess are how things are supposed to transpire, artistically?

Great album, nicely designed props again to Roger Williams and his keen typographical eye , and from a label that any discerning Soul artist would be proud to be part of. Any new album from Terry Callier demands any discerning Soul fans attention. Lyrically he is as profound as the angriest political rapper, without being 'in your face', sexist or carrying any other baggage that goes with some of those individuals trying to get their point across by shouting at you.

Terry Callier's delivery, if anything, is very tender, almost spoken thesedays. Terry comes from a generation who wanted to change the World, and in some aspects they achieved just that. The music scene is left wanting for more of this man's kind. In the meantime, we are lucky to be able to witness the real deal, as the man is currently about to tour. His latest offering is released as was his previous album on Mr Bongo records.

Terry's collaborations in the past have seen the man teaming up with the likes of Bluey from Incognito, however, with this new album we see him collaborating with Robert Del Naja from Massive Attack. The latter group will give you an idea of the almost ghostly sound that permeates into every corner of this new set, musically.

Terry is on subject, putting the World to rights and tilting his head slightly, in order to observe global issues from his own unique perspective. A very hypnotising piece of songwritten material indeed. One song is a biographical melody, simply called 'John Lee Hooker'. I loved the song 'Jessie and Alice', although my favourite song is 'Rice and Beans', which borrows heavily from the folk song 'Oh Suzannah'. Another political commentary regarding poverty, politics and New Orleans.

Political and poetic songsmiths such as Terry Callier, aren't around in much abundance thesedays. Thank heavens for these guys, and thank you to Malcolm Duffin for sending me this album. Terry is playing at his venue in June. Robbie still takes that song for a spin every now and again. To my surprise on two counts was receiving an e-mail, out of the blue, from Arnold, thanking me for the Revelation page at Soulwalking, which Arnold had pointed a friend to as a point of reference.

I got talking to Arnold, who spoke of a new album, asking me if I would be interested in hearing the set. Oddly enough, Arnold had been collaborating on the album with a certain Matt Cusson, whose own set I had reveiwed at the site last month! A parcel arrived a couple of days ago and I dropped all the songs into iTunes and took a listen. The distinctive Arnold McCuller vocal delivery instantly brought back memories of 'Gringo'. In a strange way, his vocal style reminds me of Leon Ware's, a kind of whispered delivery, which on this set sounds very Phil Perry-esque in places.

Thesedays it would be very easy to slip a batch of Arnold McCuller's albums onto the Smooth Jazz shelves in your local record store. That would be a mistake. An album which is slowly being passed by, by many folks out here. As I mentioned, if you like your Phil Perry albums, you'll love this set. Beautifully sung and penned set, well worth checking out. Makeda isn't Makeda at all! Roger is always one step ahead of myself, musically, which is a real bonus for myself, in as much as, the wider the Soul Net, the less chance of any album, such as this one, slipping through that net, unplayed and unnoticed.

Well if you were a site visitor back in , you may well have read a review of an album by a woman called Tiffany Laing called 'The Naked Truth'. Some seven years later on and the woman has undergone a name change. Tiffany is now Makeda. This didn't slip by myself, in as much as I recognised that voice anywhere! I love Regina's vocal styling, and therefore Makeda has got a head start as far as I am concerned! Makeda will certainly have an interesting playlist on her iPod I believe.

The listener can hear all sorts of musical influences in her music, which is of the highest standard all told. There are some lovely ballad moments on this new release, namely 'Forever' and my album highlight 'The Lily' which has a chorus which I would defy anyone not to sing along to.

That is a gorgeous song. A good single release would be 'The Dayz', another radio friendly stepper. The albums closing track, 'My Life', is another song which will make many a modern dancefloor come alive over the coming weeks. Probably, the track that will be played the most on air will be Makeda's own take on the Deniece Williams standard 'Free', although my personal repeat play is the aforementioned 'The Lily'.

Very much aimed at myself, that song, which is very much my business!

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