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Microsoft has announced their plans to discontinue all of their offline mapping software products in favor of Bing Maps. Since all these are traditional software products, the retirement of these products will not affect software already installed. The feedback and enthusiasm from our users have helped make Microsoft travel planning software a leading solution for nearly twenty years.

With the 1 best-selling travel and map software, explore new places, generate maps and directions, add your own contacts and points of interest, and even get spoken directions-all without an Internet connection. You can order it from Microsoft Store here. The programming interfaces and macro languages of these two programs have created an entire industry of third-party developers writing add-ons, scripts and plug-ins.

Streets, Autoroute and MapPoint each copy over a gigabyte of program files and data to your hard disk when installed completely on the hard disk. This then requires that the data disk be in the drive when using the program.

Streets or Autoroute, and it's corresponding area MapPoint are so similar that they can be installed into the same folder so that they can share one copy of the database and some of the supporting program components. Installed this way, the two programs occupy a total of about 1.

To do a combined program install, one should preferably use a copy of Streets or Autoroute and MapPoint from the same year. Some combinations of different years will work; one of my installations uses Streets and MapPoint Install Streets or Autoroute first. Then run the MapPoint install, opt again for a custom install, and install into the same folder.

Once the combined install is completed, the latest data from a copy of Streets or Autoroute each year will now update both programs at once! The only side effect of the combined install that I can detect is that the construction data updates that download current highway department construction zones so the Route Planner feature can route around construction delays no longer works in some configurations. Streets or Autoroute is only useful for updating the database of MapPoint as described above, or as a source of screen captures of static fixed non-zooming non-scrolling maps for use with other programs.

Due to the severely reduced MapPoint push-pin symbol set in MapPoint , discussed above click here , all APRS stations home stations, mobiles, digipeaters, WX stations, etc now appear as identical generic maroon pushpins in versions of APRSpoint before Click on the two thumbnails below for comparisons of pre Installing or upgrading to APRSpoint 4. No toolbars disappear and no new or modified new ones appear. Further, it doesn't support alphanumeric overlay characters on top of base symbols, as required by the current APRS standard.

Without the overlays, half the information about the object on the map is being lost. More details on the standard APRS symbol set and the overlay technique are here on this website. This includes small towns and villages, not just the major cities. Previous versions showed only major roads between cities, with the cities shown as non-expandable point objects. Street-level detail appeared only in Mexico City, D. The road database in the or editions of these programs can still be used to update the databases of earlier versions, as described below.

The new toolbars are larger and waste precious screen real estate that could better used for displaying maps. You may prefer to locate a previous year edition and then update it's data from the or edition in order to have the traditional functional toolbars, and less feature bloat; i.

The available pushpin set set for marking points of interest has been drastically reduced from nearly symbols to only 45 in the edition. In the screenshots below, note that the pushpin selector pop-up in the edition is showing only about one-fifth of the available symbols while the edition is showing the entire symbol set. Click on the thumbnails below for comparison screen shots of MapPoint , MapPoint showing full road detail in Mexico , and MapPoint updated with data.

Screen shots open in new tabs of modern browsers. These include voice-command functions for real time GPS navigation , subscription-based real-time traffic data services from Microsoft that also requires that you purchase a special radio receiver , and the undisclosed privacy-invading stealth install of Microsoft Location Finder.

It then recruits you as an unwitting volunteer in updating this database by "phoning home" your location to Microsoft any time you have both a GPS and and a WiFi connection running on the computer. This noxious piece of near-spyware has been a part of Streets and MapPoint since the releases. Note: As of release 4. However, you cannot select most of these to transmit as your own symbol.


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