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Our list of the best torrent sites will help you avoid fake torrents and malware - while letting you access millions of P2P files. Well I tried most of the bigger torrent sites. But that was my computer playing tricks on me so it doesn't count.):lol.



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Post by Bromoc » Wed Jul 26, am. Post by jscamba26 » Wed Jul 26, am. Post by oogs » Wed Jul 26, pm. Post by cas » Wed Jul 26, pm. Post by sleek » Thu Jul 27, am. Post by cathexis » Thu Jul 27, am. Post by cas » Thu Jul 27, pm. Kerberos Productions Terribile monstra devastantem Skip to content. Quick links. Download your demo torrent here Talk about all things to do with the acclaimed 4X title. Download your demo torrent here Post by sleek » Wed Jul 26, am Yeah, can we have one or more?

Please please please pretty please. That would get the game a wider audience IMO. Last edited by sleek on Wed Jul 26, am, edited 1 time in total. Post by Mecron » Wed Jul 26, am I am surprised its not out on one already. Anyone out there seen it? Post by sleek » Wed Jul 26, am Well I tried most of the bigger torrent sites. No luck so far. So I'm downloading from filefront I hate having to signup for an account fileplanet just to get one demo I'm interested in.

I'll set a torrent up when I'm done. Post by sleek » Wed Jul 26, am anyone wishing to give this a try? I'm not sure if it works or not. Please tell me if it doesn't. SOTS demo torrent cheers. Post by unholypoo » Wed Jul 26, am The torrent is working, thanks.

I really hate fileplanet right now and you just saved my life. Post by Mecron » Wed Jul 26, am good karma for sleek! It should get faster when we have more seeders. So you see the artwork, reviews, and ratings all in one place. It's very polished and a good representation of the new-generation torrent search engines.

Even though this website brings a generic name and a somewhat boring design, trust us that this is one of the most powerful torrent sites right now. It's been around for some time and gone through several iterations, and the current one is definitely the best one yet. This is a huge library of torrents from just about any category imaginable. You can download movies, TV shows, music, books, and pretty much everything else.

Every torrent comes with a detailed description, including the information related to its health. Lastly, even though 'Torrent Downloads' brings a nice selection of P2P files, we strongly recommend it for downloading music. Thanks to the site's handy filtering options, you'll get access to advanced ways of downloading high-quality audio files. TorLock is known for offering verified torrents only. In other words, this torrent site's owners are doing plenty to avoid malware and other less-than-desirable consequences of unsafe torrenting.

This is something you should really keep in mind, and this is why we recommend using TorLock - especially if you're new to the world of P2P. This torrent repository brings a wide range of torrents from any category imaginable. Before you download one, you'll get to see all of its information, including metadata and the release group behind that torrent. All of that comes designed to give you peace of mind, and we have to say that Torlock succeeds in its mission.

The entire global torrenting community felt the impact once the original KAT KickassTorrents disappeared. This was a brilliantly designed website with millions of daily visitors. So, it's not surprising to see that numerous clones have appeared. However, this also means that many malicious clones are targeting your privacy, so you should be extra careful to avoid malware.

This is a clone of the original website, where you won't be able to tell the difference. You can download movies, TV shows, games, software, and anything else in between. There's also a highly active community if you want to talk to like-minded individuals. To make our list of recommended torrent sites as helpful as possible, we wanted to include something a bit different as well. So, we'd like to introduce you to iDope, a gateway to millions of magnet torrent files, many of which are incredibly quick to download.

You can think of iDope as a torrent search engine, giving you access to movies, TV shows, ebooks, software, games, and adult content. However, we especially recommend iDope to Mac users, as it provides a wealth of macOS games and software, which has become incredibly hard to find lately. There are multiple ways to filter and organize its database, allowing you easily pinpoint a healthy torrent file, no matter how old that file might be.

While even the best torrent websites look alike, there are some that stand out thanks to their intuitive design. In fact, this is a torrent search engine that scrapes information from many highly active repositories. Even if you don't know what to download, this website will provide numerous suggestions. You can see what's popular online, and what other people are saying, and everything is broken down into easily digestible categories.

This website also brings a list of mirror URLs, which is hugely helpful, considering that many torrent sites are blocked in different parts of the world. When choosing a torrent site, you need to pay attention to its age, reputation, content library, and more. So, let's reveal additional information on what makes a good P2P site.

A torrent is a file that comes with instructions on how to access its data. As such, torrent files don't come with any content on their own. If you've downloaded torrent files in the past, you know that they're very small in size you download them in under a second, typically.

That's because torrent files are meta-info files, which means they contain metadata about files and folders, trackers, and similar. Let's say that you want to download a movie torrent file. You can find movie torrents across any of our previous recommendations. So, you can go ahead and search for a specific title and then download that specific torrent file. However, you'll only download instructions activated when you open the torrent file using a torrent client.

That's when your torrent client will start to connect to other computers from across the world. Those computers already have the movie you want, so you'll download bits and pieces until you have the complete movie on your device. With that said, we hope you now understand the difference between individual torrent files and the content they're associated with which are two different and separate things.

Torrent sites are repositories of torrent files. In other words, they allow P2P users to share upload and download torrent files from any platform or device. As explained just above, torrent files don't come with any content. They're merely instructions for your torrent client, pointing to where their content is found. That's precisely why it's said that torrent files are decentralized files, as their content is never found on a single device only.

As such, torrent sites don't host any content, which is how they manage to evade laws related to copyright infringement as most of their content is copyrighted. Using torrent sites, you can download movies, TV shows, music, applications, games, e-books, and other types of digital content. If a certain type of data can be shared on the Web, it can also be shared via P2P.

There are practically no limitations there, which is what makes torrenting so interesting. That means that you can even share 3D models over P2P, which you can then "print" and turn into physical real-world objects. You can use torrent sites just like any other website. Launch them using your Web browser, browse their library, and download any torrent file you want. When you download a file and open it with your P2P client, your computer starts connecting to other devices that already have that file.

By connecting to as many devices as possible, you'll get to download bits and pieces until that file is fully stored and ready to be used locally. There's also another side to torrent sites. Any of us is free to create a torrent file. If you send someone that file, that person will connect back to your computer. However, if you decide to share that torrent file via a torrent site, you'll easily create a P2P swarm a group of devices or users on a global level.

If you'd like to dive deeper into this topic, you can check our no-nonsense guide to BitTorrent. And once you're ready to learn more, here's our ultimate torrenting guide. Those articles will provide you with the needed knowledge before using torrent sites. At the moment, the fastest torrent site for movies is YTS. And if you're looking for the fastest torrent site for other types of files, you should try X. In general, the fastest torrent sites are those that are most popular at the moment.

With that said, if you want to download files as fast as possible, you need to pay attention to the number of seeders and leechers. If you find searching for "healthy" torrent files to be tiresome, we recommend checking out private P2P communities, such as IPTorrents. They typically force their users to seed files for an extended period of time risking disabling their accounts if they don't , ensuring that everyone gets to download files as quickly as possible.

A number of torrent sites are blocked across the world due to piracy. After all, torrent sites are today used most often to share copyrighted files. That includes commercially available music, TV shows, movies, software, games, and more. As you probably know, sharing copyrighted files is illegal in most countries. That's the reason why we've seen torrent sites being blocked in Denmark , Spain , Sweden , Italy , India , Brazil , the Philippines , Australia , and many other countries. Accessing blocked websites including torrent repositories isn't against the law.

The same can't be said for sharing copyrighted files. So, if you use a VPN to visit blocked websites more on that below , make sure to stick to your country's laws. Yes, torrenting sites are blocked across India. Not all P2P sites are blocked in the country, but the majority of the worldwide-popular ones can no longer be accessed. During the last couple of years, we've seen India trying to regulate the Internet by blocking access to certain types of websites, digital services, and applications.

Then, the country proceeded to block access to more than pirate domains in It's also interesting to note that India's government is trying to deter people from using VPN services. On many occasions in the past, the country announced its intent to prevent VPNs from working - in cooperation with widely used ISPs, such as Jio and Airtel.

With that said, if you're reading this article from India, know that you must be careful about which VPN you'll choose. To help you with that, we've produced a guide to the best VPNs for India , based on our hands-on experience.

Yes, torrenting sites are legal to access and use. However, in some cases, their content might be illegal to download. So, let's explain that more clearly. There's nothing wrong with using your Web browser to access torrent sites, no matter in which country you reside. If your ISP Internet Service Provider has been ordered to block torrent websites, you'll see a message displayed explaining the situation. However, know that you won't be doing anything wrong or illegal.

However, the truth is that torrent sites are primarily used to distribute copyrighted content. So, using and sharing that content leads to copyright infringement, which is what's illegal about torrenting. As long as you don't download copyrighted files, you'll be safe. And in terms of their safety, know that torrent repositories can spread malware.

That's because they are hugely popular, with their files being shared among millions of users. So, if a malicious actor uploads infected files, those files could easily spread. That's what makes them such a desirable host for malware. With that said, it's a good idea to use an antivirus app. And also, make sure to use common sense when picking files to download.

Go for popular files only, with plenty of seeders, and make sure to inspect comments, if that option is available on your favorite P2P site s. If you're "caught" downloading torrents - first, make sure not to panic. You need to plan your strategy in a calm manner, making sure not to harm your "defense.

Downloading copyrighted files can lead to receiving notices and settlement letters. It's crucial to read that document carefully, seeing whether any identifying information is present. More often than not, you'll receive a settlement letter from a "copyright troll," which is usually a legal firm that earns by targeting pirates. If you receive a notice from your ISP, that will probably be just a warning.

In that case, make sure to avoid visiting torrent websites, as your traffic might be monitored more closely. We also have an additional tip for you. That's because the moment you reply, you will confirm that you exist and maybe even admit your fault.

There's no need to harm your defense, so make sure to stay calm and review your options. If you're in the United States, EFF Electronic Frontier Foundation offers helpful subpoena defense resources , alongside a list of attorneys that can offer assistance. No, you will not go to jail for torrenting. Even in countries that are very strict in terms of punishing copyright infringement, you will not end up in jail.

However, copyright infringement is still an offense punishable by law. Therefore, if your ISP manages to identify your illegal online activities, you might be forced to agree to financial compensation based on what you downloaded and how many files. Staying safe and avoiding fake torrents can be quite easy - if you take your time to check the files before downloading them. So, here's what you need to keep in mind.

If you'd like to check additional tips, here's our guide to spotting fake torrents. You'll find ten tips in there, helping you avoid malware and fake torrents with plenty of success. In general, you should avoid obscure torrent sites. Differently said, you need to focus only on the most popular torrent repositories that have been around for a while.

When searching for torrents, you should never turn to Google or a similar Web search engine. That's because you'll see a long list of results, many of them leading to websites that pretend to host torrent files. Instead, rely on lists of the best torrent sites, like those found above. Then, visit those sites directly. You can also rely on torrent search engines , letting you run searches that cover dozens of individual torrent sites at once.

There could be three ways to access a private torrent site - by registering, asking for an invite, or donating money. In most cases, you will need to be invited by an existing member. So, do your research online and check social media websites or discussion boards, trying to find someone willing to invite you. Also, know that private torrent sites that employ that method are usually the best option for finding "healthy" torrent files due to their strict supervision.

Some private P2P communities might allow you to register from time to time for example, once a month. And finally, some might ask for your money, which helps them stay on top of their expenses. Be wary of P2P communities that ask for money, and make sure to check if they're credible and trustworthy by searching online. A torrent file works by connecting you to other P2P users, which is how you'll both download and upload files, taking part in a "swarm.

When you download a torrent file to your device, you'll download only a set of instructions. So, once you activate that file using a torrent client, you will contact a tracker specified in the torrent file. That tracker as its name implies keeps track of the connected devices by using their IP addresses. In other words, using IP addresses, your device will connect to other devices and users and then start sharing data. That's what is called a "swarm. To download torrent files from the Web, you must use a torrent client - a specialized app for P2P data transfer.

Here's a general overview of what this procedure entails. To dive deeper into this procedure, check our guide on how to download torrents on Windows. It really pays off to use a capable P2P client, especially if you want the fastest possible download speed.

So, you'll want to check the best torrent clients for Windows. And then, here are the best torrent clients for macOS. When it comes to torrenting safely, you need to pay close attention to what you download, as well as where you download those files from. Here are some tips:. Yes, pretty much anyone out there can see what you download. That's because when downloading torrent files, your IP address gets exposed. Know that your IP address can reveal your precise location, download history, and more.

In the past, we've seen many cases where individuals were targeted through their IP addresses - and yes, we're talking about criminal and legal cases here. To remind you, we'll say that torrent files are nothing more than instructions for your torrent client. So, once you activate start downloading any torrent out there, your torrent client will contact various types of trackers.

Those are nothing more than publicly facing servers - listing your IP address. That also means that your IP address will be exposed to other individuals who download that same torrent file. And finally, that data will be visible to your ISP Internet provider. You might wonder right now whether it's possible to change or hide your IP address, right? Well, you have that option - so, keep on reading to find out more! Yes - you absolutely need to use a VPN if you plan on downloading torrent files.

That's the only way to hide your IP address and hide from everyone else on the Web. By using a VPN, you can stay anonymous while downloading torrents. In case you didn't know, VPNs work by encrypting your Internet traffic, which essentially hides what you do online.

And more importantly, they hide and even replace your IP address. That means that your location gets hidden, alongside your Web browsing history, P2P activities, and more. You should also know that downloading torrents with a VPN is quite easy.

VPNs are standalone applications that you can install on any computer, smartphone, tablet, and more.

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